How to Remove Bathroom Faucet Handle | A Conclusive Guide


Modern faucet makers today are producing a mysterious version of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Grohe, as well as Moen, are leading the way in this regard. Therefore, the process of removing or replacing the cartridge and valve of the two brands could be somewhat complicated to many people. This is why we’ve put together all the necessary information to remove the bathroom faucet handle inside this post. This will prove extremely helpful to you. So, let’s begin.

How to remove the bathroom faucet handle

Follow the below steps to remove the bathroom faucet handle.

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Things you’ll need:

Turning off the water source

Locate the source of the water under the valve or shelving unit and shut it off. The switch for shut-off is clearly identifiable because it is constructed from sturdy copper piping with two knobs. The knob is turned to get the state of shut-down.

Loosening the handle

Make sure to turn on the hex-key and let it rotate counterclockwise at about 4 to 6 times close to the handle of your faucet. The key will then let the handle loosen and the stopper to make it easy to remove.

Removing the handle

After you’ve loosened the spigot and handle, remove the bathroom faucet handle from the valve. The cartridge will reveal before you.

Remove and replace the cartridge

Then, you can use the wrench to pull out the cartridge that you use previously. It will be helpful by turning the wrench counterclockwise to take the cartridge off. When you’ve removed the old cartridge, replace the cartridge holder with a brand new one. Then, tight it by using a wrench in a clockwise direction.

Replacing the handle and spigot

Replace the handle and spigot using the Hex key. When you’re satisfied that they are securely fastened, you can turn on the main water source.

How to remove a screwless faucet handle

Find the faucet cap and take it off

Most often, faucets with screwless handles come with a button or cap, typically located on the faucet’s side or on its top. When you have located the cap, grab the screwdriver with a flat head and insert it carefully into the hole between the cap. Then, gently push it along the edge till the cap comes up. Remove the cap and place it aside to ensure it does not fall into the drain in the sink. Take care when removing the cap since they tend to be prone to cracking.

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Turn off the water

Before removing any other parts, make sure you shut off any water source attached to your faucet. It is done by finding the valve underneath the sink and then moving the lever to the left. Be sure to keep turning it until you can’t turn it anymore. You could also accomplish this by shutting off the water to the whole building that is typically found within the basement. Then, turn on the faucet handle once more and let the remaining water out. This will ensure that the system can release any pressure within the line.

Remove the inner set crew

After you’ve removed the cap, you will find an invisible set screw under its place. Grab your screwdriver and take out the screws. It is helpful to place an old towel or rag in the sink before completing this step to keep screws from falling into the sink, which can happen frequently. If the screw falls off and it falls down the drain, you will not be able to reconnect to the handle of your faucet. In this case, you’ll need an Allen wrench or the spanner.

Take off the faucet handle

When you have removed the screw set, grab a rag or towel and put it over the base of the handle to keep it from scratching it before the removal. Then, take a gentle hold and pull the tap handle out of its place. It is best to do this using a puller for the faucet or pliers since you’ll require a firm grip to force it to move from its place.

Clean the faucet handle

After taking off the handle, grab your white vinegar that has distill or metal cleaning solution and rub it on your clean cloth to get rid of any dirt, hard water stain, or other particles that might have built upon the faucet’s edges. Also, you should take this opportunity to inspect the faucet for fractures in the cartridge that could cause leaks shortly.

How to take apart a grohe bathroom faucet 

Like other common ones, Grohe bathroom faucets are equipped with screws attached to the handle and an attachment for the faucet. The screws are typically hidden under the lever or concealed in the cap. To disassemble the Grohe faucet for bathroom use, it is necessary to first take it off the handle. Fortunately, the removal is fairly simple. It is possible to remove the handle using your hands, using your hands to flip it on the handle. However, if you spot any screws, you can use the screwdriver to take them out.

Make sure you apply enough pressure to take the handle off. Then, remove the faucet’s screws to eliminate this from the sink. Doesn’t that sound easy? How do you feel about it? If, however, you are having trouble identifying the screws or aren’t sure if you’re able to remove the faucet using the hand or otherwise, you can seek out an experienced plumber.

How to remove a stuck faucet handle

Things you will need: Screwdriver for a slot, Phillips screwdriver, Lubricant spray, Rag, Hammer, Penetrating oil, Scrap wood, Faucet puller

Before you can fix the valve on a faucet first, you must take the handles off. This is usually not a daunting task. However, suppose the faucet is damaged or is located in a high humidity area. In that case, corrosion could cause it to become stuck. In most cases, you can get off the stick without causing damage to the finish with the tools and equipment available at home. The rare instance that you can’t get it to move, then you might need to visit a hardware store and buy an appliance to pull the faucet. Take off the faucet cap using a slot screwdriver, and then remove the screw that holds the handle in place using the help of a Phillips screwdriver.

If you’re having difficulty getting the screw to turn, you should avoid cutting the head. Spray lubricant onto the screw, let it sit for several minutes before trying again. Repeat if necessary. Take the handle in your hands and pull it away from the stem of the valve. If you’re stuck and you can’t get it out, wrap a rag around it and Give it some tapings using a hammer, and then try it again. Spray a few drops of permeating oil or spray lubricant in the area between the handle and stem of the valve. After a couple of minutes before you tap the handle before trying to remove it. Set a scrap of wood onto the body of the faucet.

Use the tip of a screwdriver slot under the handle’s base and use it as a support to pull the handle up. This could cause enough force to release the handle. Get a faucet puller in case the other options fail. Open the puller, place its central shaft in the screw hole located in the center of the handle, and then attach the puller’s arms beneath the base. As you turn the handgrip clockwise, the puller will raise the faucet’s handle off the stem, just like the corkscrew used to remove a cork from wine bottles.

How to install a grohe bathroom faucet


  • Then, you’ll need to insert the tubes into the hole for the basin mixer.
  • Attatch the watertight seal to the basin. Then, secure the mixer using the seal.
  • Then, you can take an adjusting nut and place it in the threaded rod. As you do this, you should position the seal toward the nut.
  • Then, make use of a screwdriver or wrench for tightening the bolt using the rod.


  • Cover the plughole by using a watertight sealant and then place the plughole in the drainage hole.
  • Attach the threaded portion of the plughole into the basin.
  • After that, you must carefully insert the rod into the mixer in your basin.
  • Connectors are used to connect the rods on the flat side with the rod that pops up.
  • Check securely and connect the hose plugg in. It is possible to use a 10mm spanner or wrench to ensure the tightening is perfect.
  • With a metal saw to remove the extended section of the plughole as well as the locking rod.
  • Before stopping, check to make sure that you install the seal of the plug-hose has been properly. If it is not, use a different waterproof seal to fix the plug hoses seal.

How to take apart a moen kitchen faucet 

Shut off the main source of water. The external housing of the valve with the screwdriver. Be cautious not to scratch the casing. Remove the screws that are holding the handle of the valve to remove it. With a wrench, remove the nut, removing the spout from where it is. The next step is to take the clips out of their holders. Utilize a needle-nose plier remove the clips that hold them, and then pull your cartridge out.

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How to remove bathroom faucet handle, how to remove faucet in your kitchen or refilling the cartridge -and refilling the cartridge – all of this is explained in this thorough step-by-step guideline. If you have difficulty performing one of these tasks, take a look at this step-by-step guide. Your stress will ease in a flash.

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