How to Remove Asphalt From Concrete | An Ultimate Guide for All


Asphalt stain is not something you want to see. They are oily and disgusting. Although hiring a professional is an option, it can be costly. They are easy to get rid of and can be done yourself. Start with soap or detergent. This is the most economical option. They are great for oil-based asphalt but not as effective as muriatic acid. You can mix 10% of the muriatic in water to get the job done. Finally, you can also use concrete cleaners. That was a quick answer. We have more information about how to remove asphalt from concrete. Continue reading to learn how to remove asphalt from concrete quickly and easily.

How to remove asphalt from concrete

The asphalt removal process is straightforward. These methods are also simple and don’t require many ingredients. Only what you have to hand is essential. They only require basic household ingredients, but don’t be alarmed. The element for asphalt removal is easily accessible. You can purchase them at any local store or order online. You might give a handshake to a friendly neighbor. One thing to remember is that removing asphalt sealer from concrete is not the same thing. Let’s get back to the point. There are many ways to do this, so that I will list them all at once. Take a seat and take your time to read through them all. Choose any method that makes use of ingredients that you have at hand.

Pressure washing

A pressure washer is the best way to remove asphalt from concrete. Because most other methods of removing asphalt from concrete need deep cleaning, pressure washing is often the first step. Even though the asphalt may be relatively new, the tar will likely remain somewhat flexible, making mechanical removal possible. High-pressure pressure washers can cause substantial damage. Pros will limit the use of high-pressure tips to avoid this.

Pros often prefer to pressure wash a larger area with a more gentle spray tip than trying to remove more material using more pressure. The method can also be used to remove large chunks of asphalt cured. However, some staining may remain. The area is then pressure rewashed, and detergents are used to dissolve any remaining residue. This method is safer for concrete and can be used with fewer caustic chemicals.

Use soap or detergent

This method is easy to use, and I chose it because everyone can use it. Although this method isn’t the best, it’s accessible to all. Soap is an option as asphalt stains tend to be oily. Soaps can be used to remove almost all types of asphalt stains. Note that soaps can only be used to remove asphalt stains. They can’t be used to remove latex paint from concrete. You will need a paint stripper to do this. You can use the soaps you have to wash dishes. Use a bucket to make a detergent mix.

The soap can be used to clean the stained area. Use detergent to wash the area. Allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes before removing the stain. This part is more annoying. Use an abrasive scrubber to rub the stain. It should take between 5-6 minutes. Once you are done, rinse the area with water. After you’re done, inspect the area. Do another round of cleaning if there are any remaining stains.

Mineral spirits and other solvents

As an alternative to or in conjunction with pressure washing, mineral spirits, turpentine and other solvents can also be used. Asphalt is made of petroleum products, so it’s necessary to remove the asphalt oil. Asphalt’s colour is due to this oil, which is also responsible for its sticky nature. The oil in asphalt can often be dispersed, allowing it to flow from concrete. This makes the job of removing it more accessible. You can do this by directly applying the solvent to the surface and allowing it to sit for a few minutes or up to several hours. Although this method requires less elbow grease, it is still safe. These chemicals can cause severe burns to the skin if they come in contact with the user. Professionals will wear disposable clothing and eye protection. A respirator is required as these chemicals can irritate the lungs.

Use muriatic acid

If your asphalt stain becomes too severe, you must take extreme measures. One of the most powerful solutions against oil is muriatic acid. Asphalt stains are petroleum-based so the acid can dissolve them easily. Wear safety gloves and protective headwear. These should protect you from direct contact with acid. This is not a place to use a metal bowl or bucket. Glass or acid-resistant plastic will be required. Put some water in the container you are going to use. The proper amount of muriatic acids is 10% of total water.

You can also use muriatic acid to etch concrete. Just add the muriatic acid to the water. For a better mix, stir it with a stick/ladle. Use great care when pouring the solution onto the stained area. To make the process easier, you can use an acid-resistant sprayer. After you are done, let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes. The solution will foam on the surface. Then rinse the area with the muriatic acid solution. Continue the process if there is still any. You can also increase your solution’s level of muriatic acid. Be careful not to overdo it, as this could cause damage to the surface.

Concrete etching solution

Using strong chemicals to dissolve the concrete’s top layer and stain is a more aggressive way to remove asphalt. This can be used to clean concrete and also alter the texture. Concrete etching solutions often contain some form of hydrochloric acid, which are highly acidic. This solution can cause severe burns, so it is essential to wear protective clothing and safety gear, including a respirator.

Use a concrete cleaner

Concrete cleaners are a fast solution. These cleaners are made with special chemicals that dissolve almost any substance. You can choose which cleaner you prefer and start using them! You can make a homemade concrete cleaner. This requires only washing soda and vinegar. This is an excellent alternative to buying a concrete cleaner commercially. Spray the concrete cleaner onto the stained area. Be sure to not leave any spots behind. Allow the cleaner to work for about 5-6 minutes. To get rid of it, wash the area well. Concrete cleaners can be used for any kind of stain. It may not be very effective against the asphalt. Repeat the steps 2-3 times to remove it altogether. These methods should be able to remove asphalt from concrete. These methods can be frustrating, so call an expert to discuss your problem.

Muriatic acid

Most materials, including metals and plastics, can be disintegrated by muriatic acid. However, there are some exceptions. Apply a solution of muriatic acid mixed with water to the surface. Allow it to foam up, and then rinse off with water. There may be instances where it is necessary to neutralize the acid, such as accidental spillages or drips. It is possible to neutralize muriatic acid with readily available products such as baking soda or lime.


This was how I removed asphalt from concrete. These should have helped you to understand the problem. A pressure hose can also be used to get rid of the stain. It is not practical for removing hard stains. It’s worth a try. Have a great day!

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