How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw from Faucet – Do It Your Self


Allen screws are perfect for holding the components of faucets together neatly. However, the issue is when the screws get stripped, you cannot remove them since the screwdriver doesn’t work to pull them out. So, do you know how to remove a stripped Allen screw from faucet? To remove a stripped Allen screw from your faucet, you will first need to ensure that you have the correct tools for the job. Then, use a screw extractor that fits the screw, drill a pit into the screw and place the extractor in it. Then use an adjustable wrench to help pull it out. This article will explain how to remove a stripped Allen screw from your faucet. That way, you can still replace specific faucet components and continue to maintain it that you need to do.

How to remove a stripped Allen screw from faucet

When it comes to assembling faucet parts neatly and tidy, most plumbers prefer using Allen screws. These screws are sturdy and easy to work with too. It is also easy to remove if the faucet needs repair or replacement. However, when the screw gets stripped, removing it will become a real challenge for you. Thus, many people eagerly and purposefully want to know how to remove a stripped Allen screw from the faucet. Well, without much ado, we are putting up the steps and instructions to remove the Allen screw from the faucet handle effortlessly.

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Step 1

You will need a few tools to remove the screw from the faucet. When you begin the screw removal process, these tools must be at your disposal and ready for use. The list includes- Drill bit, Drill machine, Adjustable wrench, Torx Head screwdriver.

Step 2

The screw head of the faucet varies depending on the faucet size. Thus, you have to find a suitable screw extractor or screwdriver to match the Allen screw head correctly. If you have a screwdriver set, you will find multiple extractors or drivers inside it. Each of these drivers comes with size labels. So, pick the screw extractor that best matches the screw head size. If you don’t have the driver set at home, you can still get a suitable screw extractor from online or hardware shops near you.

Step 3

Next, you have also to pick the right size drill bit. Also, remember that the drill bit must make of metal. Likewise, your power drill should come with an assorted drill bit set with the screwdriver set. You can quickly pick the correct size from the box. Also, these are easily gettable from the hardware shops. Lastly, choose the power drill machine and attach the drill bit with the screw head. The drill bit must rightly place at the center of the screw head so that it fits snuggly. Otherwise, it might become loose and fall off from the screw head of the drill machine.

Step 4

Now turn on the drill machine. Allow it to come to your desired speed, and then use it to drill a pit on the Allen screw. It should be 6.5mm in diameter. Once you have prepared the hole, slowly remove the drill bit from the pit inside. You have to ensure that the hole size matches the screw extractor correctly. Otherwise, you can’t remove the Allen screw, and the hole will be a futile attempt.

Step 5

Once you have removed the drill bit and kept it in a safe place, hold the screw extractor firmly. Then, gradually insert it inside the hole you lately created. If you find it difficult to insert the extractor, use a hammer for the insertion purpose. At times, the screw extractor might not fit inside the hole. The reason is that the gap is not cut appropriately. Then, use the drill bit to make the pit a bit deeper. Then, insert and fix the screw extractor accurately in the pit on the Allen screw.

Step 6

Now, attach the adjustable wrench with the screw extractor. Tighten the wrench and then turn it in the anticlockwise direction. The stripped Allen screw will start coming out of the faucet as you twist and turn the wrench set. Continue turning the adjustable wrench set until the Allen screw comes out altogether from the faucet. Alternatively, you can use the pliers set for the process.

Other ways to remove a stripped Allen screw from faucet

You can do a few other things to remove a stripped Allen screw from a faucet, such as using a rubber band to remove the screw.

The rubber band method

To create a grip on the stripped screw, you can place a rubber band over the stripped area. Then, take a flathead screwdriver and drive it into the rubber band. The rubber will help fill any gaps so that the screwdriver can get a better grip and remove the screw as you turn it counterclockwise.

After that, insert a screw extractor of the right size in the screw and remove the stripped set screw. However, this may hard to do if the screw is completely stripped. In that case, you might need to use the screw extractor method instead. This method only works well if the fastener is petite or mild stripping.

Using pliers

Something else you can use is either vice grips or pliers. However, you need to ensure that the head exposes; otherwise, you might run the risk of breaking it, which will make it nearly impossible to remove. Also, the pliers need to lock, making the job more difficult. Latch onto the screw tightly and turn it counterclockwise. The head of the screw should slightly dent to let you know you have a good grip. Then, turn it slowly so that it can loosen out of where it’s stuck at.

Using a flathead screwdriver

Something you can always try is turning the screw into a flathead. This is also easy to do if the head of the screw is intact and reachable. You can use a Dremel or a file to make a minor groove into the head, much like a flathead. When the groove is the depth you want it to be, you can use a flathead screwdriver to attach it to the screw and remove it.

You will need to apply some pressure and turn slowly to get it removed. However, don’t use this method if you don’t want to damage the head of the screw, as it is sure to do that. This method won’t work if the head is too thin or the cut is not in the center, as it will most likely break. Plus, not to mention, you may damage your faucet if the screwdriver slips.

Use a different drive style

Just like turning the screw into a flathead, this technique also will abuse the head of the screw. However, at this point, you’re probably desperate to get the screw out of the faucet anyway. So, you will need to get a driver size and style that is a little larger than the original one. For instance, if your driver style is a flathead, you’ll want a slightly larger one. Then, put the more significant part inside the fastener head and lightly tap it using a hammer. The goal is to drive the screwdriver into the head to latches. Although you need to make sure you don’t do this too hard, otherwise, it will end up breaking the head.

Severely stripped heads

If your screw thread is too stripped, this technique is perfect for you. You could even use a slightly larger Torx driver with a flat or hex head if the screw is a Philips base. However, the flathead screws have sharper edges and will dent faster, so be careful to don’t break anything. You must know that your driver may get damaged if you use this method. Just be careful and take your time doing it. Otherwise, you’ll be left without a driver, and you’ll need to buy a new one before you can finish this job.

How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw from Faucet: Tips

For the screw extractor, you will typically have two choices of style. Make sure you choose the one that best allows you to remove the screw you need to remove. Of course, the screw will drill away, and then you’ll be able to get the extractor in. Don’t worry about how hard you are turning the screw, as you may need to use a lot of power to get the screw to budge, depending on how long it’s been stuck in there. The spirals will help by drabbing the walls to more or less help remove themselves. While screw extractors are excellent, many people don’t like using them because they can destroy what’s left of the drive head. They also make the fastener weak.

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When you have the suitable sized screw extractor and driver set, the steps to remove an Allen screw from the faucet become easy and comfy. Thus, this instruction on how to remove a stripped Allen screw from the faucet should benefit you. You won’t have to call for any plumbers’ help and cost money for such screw removal and faucet repair process once you read these instructions correctly and follow the steps.

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