How to Remove a Broken Dart Shaft – DIY Methods You Must Follow


The most irritating issue when playing darts is an accessory that is broken. It can be costly to replace damaged components. It is time-consuming and fiddly to replace damaged parts. Still, the most frustrating part is when it’s impossible to repair the damaged part since it’s stuck. This problem is typically encountered when it comes to dart stems/shafts, primarily ones made from plastic (nylon) shafts. The shafts are prone to snapping due to collisions or bounces. When this happens, the threading could become stuck inside the barrel of the dart and is challenging to get out if you’ve never attempted it before. So, in this post, we’ll show (and demonstrate) how to remove a broken dart shaft.

How to remove a broken dart shaft

The breaking of shafts is common for casual and professional dart players of all ages. But don’t worry you can remove a broken dart shaft. Although the fingers on the stem (the part that supports the dart’s flight) are more susceptible to break on the stems made of nylon and aluminum, Thread breakage is a totally different issue. A broken shaft inside the dart barrel can render the dart inoperable until it can be taken out. There are, however, simple methods to get rid of the shaft of a broken dart. If you are considering any of these suggestions, you should take care. The tool for removing darts is the most secure method. it comes with a specific product designed to safely take these stems off. If you have any other suggestions, you should follow the steps at your own risk, so be cautious.

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Using a dart point

This method is only effective on a damaged shaft that isn’t firmly seated inside the barrel. This method is done by piercing the shaft using darts and then twisting it to loosen it. For smaller shafts, it’s pretty simple; however, If the shaft snag in a tight spot, this technique won’t be effective. You can also employ an end of the dart tool to penetrate the shaft and then unwind it. But this only works on shafts that haven’t been firmly seated inside the barrel. Also, be cautious when using this technique since the point can fall off.

Using a designated removal tool

This is the most straightforward method, and it works best with dart shafts encased tightly within the barrel. A tool to remove broken shafts is made to easily cut the broken shaft and then turn it to loosen. The tool is inserted into the shaft using an edge of metal. It provides enough leverage to remove it from its barrel. These tools are incredibly inexpensive, and the initial expense of purchasing one can help save time and stress when it comes to the removal of not just broken shafts but also soft tip points that can become stuck inside the barrel.

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Using a heated screwdriver

This process is based on heating the small screwdriver with a flat head in the flame in an open area for about 1 minute. The screwdriver is then pushed into the damaged stem. The heat produced by the flame will make it easy to cut through the dart’s stem. This method operates similarly to the previous two methods; however, care recommends since you’re employing the flame in an open area. This isn’t a technique we’d suggest to anybody (we’re only listing it here since people use this method, and it does be effective). A heated needle might work. However, its smaller size and the narrower entry point make it more difficult. This is only a possibility for the stem that is loose stuck.

Using vinegar

The last method is to only employ in cases where time isn’t an issue. This is because this technique can require some weeks to perform rather than the minutes it takes using the tool to remove a damaged shaft. This is accomplished by placing white vinegar in the container, which is sealed, and ensuring that the barrel is completely covered. The natural process will then take its course. The vinegar breaks down and disintegrates in the container until the substance can be removed easily. This is definitely a lengthy process, so most people would believe this is the final option or try it for fun to determine if it is effective.

How to remove a broken dart shaft from a barrel: Tips

There’s nothing more frustrating in darts than to have the shaft break and leave a portion within your barrel and not be able to remove it. Luckily, the bandit is from No Bull Darts has come up with a solution to eliminating it. All you require is an item commonly used in your home! The tiny devices manufacturers of darts sell to take the damaged shaft out are pretty useless. I’ve yet to figure out how to get one working with one of these. All you require is two people, a lighter and fondue sticks. Place the barrel with the broken shaft in front of the flame until the shaft’s plastic is a little softer.

This shouldn’t take much time, just a few minutes, perhaps 10. Next, you need to push the other prong of your fondue sticks through the shaft made of plastic. If it isn’t able to go in the shaft, it’s not sufficiently melted. You may notice the dart barrel turning black as the flame blazes over it. But it’s easy to rub off after you’ve finished. After you’ve finished, take a few minutes to cool, then slowly turn the fondue stick until you can remove the shaft that was broken. It’s done… it’s now ready to get back to throwing darts (as long as you’ve got the spare shaft)! For us, this is better than a tasty dessert with fondue. For those who need an evening out when you can be at The Gran Board!

Why to dart shafts keep breaking

A damaged shaft is the majority of cases, a simple repair. The good thing is that flights and shafts are both parts that can be reused on darts, and they can be replaced at a relatively low price. Although it can be a nuisance, it’s necessary to play. The primary cause of this problem is the collision between the pointed edge of the dart – called the point – and the tip of the shaft. This indicates that your dart’s clustering is likely to be superior. In our previous 101 posts, our shafts were constructed using a rigid polycarbonate material which is the primary material used for manufacturing shafts globally.

Consequently, it is the standard for the industry. If a broken shaft is becoming more commonplace, consider other materials such as alloy, which might be suitable for an advanced playing level. We advise players to have spares to get through these times to get back to playing immediately. If you’re unfortunate enough to see a shaft of your dart break and then leave a piece of it inside the threads of your barrel, it can be repaired with tools like our Shaft Extraction Tool, which has a crisscross groove at its end, allowing you to take shafts that are broken and clean them.

It can also use to remove broken soft tips. Securely hold the barrel of your dart by putting it in a vice or other solid object so that it doesn’t slide. The tool equips with four sharp points. Rock the sharp tips into the broken shaft, then screw it out! If screwing the material from the shaft is becoming an issue, we suggest that you check out the video below by our colleagues on the Darts Review Channel, which shows various other excellent tricks to assist you.

What dart shaft should people use

As a rule, short shafts are more likely to shift your dart’s center of gravity towards the forward of the barrel, which is perfect if you keep your darts near the front of the barrel. Long dart shafts can shift your dart’s center of gravity to the back, perfect for darts held at the rear.

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A dart shaft that breaks can a very irritable issue. It’s not a common occurrence; however, with frequent bounce-outs or a mishap, the majority of dart players with shafts made of plastic can experience this in regular practice. But it is also easy to remove a broken dart shaft

Removing a damaged dart shaft may be difficult, especially if it was the first time you experienced this. However, you are aware of the problem encountered by many people. Even though there’s a tool designed specifically to address the problem! This is why an instrument for removing broken shafts is the most efficient and fastest method to take out a broken dart shaft. Many other options are using a product. Simply purchasing one of these products can be beneficial in getting rid of broken shafts and damaged soft tip points (if you are using these).

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