How to Reglaze a Kitchen Sink – Expert’s DIY Methods Must Surprise You


If you don’t have the money or time to renovate your entire kitchen, it may be a good idea to fix one appliance at once. The kitchen sink is an essential kitchen appliance that doesn’t get enough attention. With use, the kitchen sink can wear down and become less beautiful over time. If you don’t want a brand new sink, you have options to bring your old one back to life. This is possible if you reglaze the kitchen sink. This guide will teach you how to reglaze a kitchen sink. To learn details about it, continue reading.

When kitchen sink needs reglazing

The glaze is the finishing touch on any ceramic kitchen basin. The glaze seals the sink against staining, protects it from stains, and gives the sink an attractive shiny look. Glaze can be worn down, cracked, or faded over time. The glaze is highly durable and robust but can become damaged over time. Which can make a sink look old. The Bath Business also says it can make a bathroom look dirty, even after cleaning it.

According to St. Charles, Refurbishing states that reglazing your sink is a great way to experiment with a different colour. If you want to change up the kitchen’s look but don’t have the budget for a complete remodel, reglazing may be a good option. Older porcelain sinks are more likely to need reglazing. Dennies Repair claims that by resurfacing an antique kitchen basin rather than replacing it, you help to preserve its history.

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How To Reglaze A Kitchen Sink

Supply to reglaze kitchen sink

You must remember to protect your kitchen’s rest when you reglaze a sink. To prevent glaze from getting everywhere you don’t want it, you can use a transparent plastic sheet and seal the area with masking tape. To prepare your sink, you will need to clean it well with dish soap. Then, use a Palm sander to remove the old glaze. An acrylic primer also requires.

How to reglaze a kitchen sink

The cost of hiring a company to refinish the sink is high. You can save money if you decide to reglaze the kitchen sink.

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Prepare the sink

It is essential to seal the sink with dirt and grime, even though it may seem obvious. Make sure you clean your sink well before you reglaze. Use the cleaning products that you are familiar with to clean your sink. This will vary depending on the material. When you complete, you need to get rid of any silicone caulk. To quickly and thoroughly remove silicone caulk from your sink, you can use the silicone digester. It would help if you also used an acid solution to clean the sink. This will get rid of any stains or residues from your previous cleanings. After you have finished using a degreaser, your sink will be ready for reglazing. This will improve the chance of it going smoothly.

Protecting the surrounding area

You might not want to reface your sink completely. Protect any areas with potential damage by covering them with plastic sheets. Make sure you cover the floor, as well as any fixtures or walls nearby.

Get rid of all fixtures in the sink

You will need to remove the metal drain from the area around the sink. Also, take out the spray hose from the sink by unscrewing the tub from the top. Then through the horse guide, pull it off under the sink. It is also necessary to remove the nut holding the drain and metal flap in place. Turn it counterclockwise. You can remove the plumber’s epoxy from the drain flange by using a screwdriver. Put a bucket beneath the drain, and then remove the metal drain from the sink. You will not make a mess because the bucket will catch any spills that may occur during your sink design.

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Prime to sink

Prime your sink with epoxy primer. It’s up to you whether you prefer spray primer or a brush. Spray primer should be held away from the sink so that paint doesn’t pool or drip. If you decide to use a paintbrush, blend any excess paint into the brush. When you are done, allow the primer to dry. The time required to dry the primer will vary by brand. However, the instructions provided by the manufacturer should give an approximate idea.

Sand the sink’s surface

Use sandpaper for sanding the edges of your sink. Repeat this process for the interior and rim. Continue buffing in small circles to cover the entire sink. Continue this process until all areas of the sink roughen to a smooth finish. This will ensure that epoxy finish paint sticks to the sink when needed.

Reglaze your Sink

This is the moment you can glaze your kitchen sink. Spray on acrylic-urethane resin the same way you would spray primer. Finish the job with polyurethane.

Clear the sink

Use a tack cloth that has to soak in water to wipe away any excess sandpaper and dust around the sink, interior, and rim. This is important for proper application.

Attach the epoxy point at the sink

The instructions on how to prepare epoxy paint display. Once it prepares, pour it into an appropriate tray. To protect your skin from toxic fumes, wear a face shield. Use a paintbrush or a paint roll to apply an epoxy finish to your sink surface. Be sure not to leave any overlapping areas. Allow the first coat to dry for one hour before applying the second.

Topcoat for the kitchen sink

Apply an acrylic finish to the surfaces of the sink. You will get a shiny finish with an acrylic topcoat. It can apply with a roller or a brush. Smoothen the paint by working in one direction. Let the paint dry completely before you apply a second coat.

End the Job

Apply caulk to your sink after it reglazes. You will need a caulk gun to do this. You will need to hold it at an angle so that the caulk will apply evenly. Once you are done, lift the caulk from the joint with your finger.

How much it cost to reglaze a kitchen sink

You can do a kitchen sink that has been reglazed for a fraction of the cost if you do it yourself. In this instance, you’ll only need to buy the tools and materials. But, you can also use the services of experts by hiring a company that specializes in this process. The service would cost you as well as the materials and equipment. In some cases, experts will also give you a budget containing the total cost for the service and equipment.

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You can use the same process to reglaze any type of kitchen sink. It would help if you remembered that streaks could cause sink problems. It would help if you were careful when painting. Also, the paint will take time to dry so that your sink can be used for at least a few days. Don’t rush the process. Also, make sure that you completely shut off the water supply before you start the whole thing. You don’t want the water to be turned on again after you have done all the work. It’s worth it! A kitchen sink can be reglazed to make it look great. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful it looks and for only a fraction as much cost as if you replaced the sink.

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