How to Prevent Having a Swimsuit Disaster – 9 Unforgotten Tips


Nothing can ruin a sunny day like a slip, losing your bikini bottoms to the ocean, or another type of swimming-related disaster. It’s good to know that these accidents do not have to be an inevitable aspect of summer enjoyable. It’s just a matter of being well-prepared. 02:46/06/30:30 25.5K The Amazing Transformation of Dolly Parton From finding a dress perfect for making sure you’re wearing the best, I asked some style experts to share their top tips on how to prevent having a swimsuit disaster. Consider them your fashion security guards. Make sure you go through this advice!

How to prevent having a swimsuit disaster

Follow the below tips to prevent having a swimsuit disaster.

Don’t be a sluggish person

Fashion stylist Erica Paige thinks that if you’re trying to cut costs on your swimwear, you will need to shield yourself from the wrath of a swimming suit. The price isn’t an investment in the long term. She said that the fabric is thin and does not fit properly. “We often see people on the beach or swimming in a flimsy swimsuit. ” The solution is to put your money elsewhere and invest in your swimwear, “Don’t be cheap when you’re buying the swimwear you wear. Nothing is more embarrassing than a suit that suddenly looks see-through when you’re wet.

A more expensive, high-quality case will prevent you from experiencing problems with your wardrobe. ” Paige equates high quality of fabric with high-quality fitting. “The fabric tends to dry quicker and is more comfortable to wear. ” She suggests looking for swimsuits constructed from anti-odor materials that are patent-pending. For all, she states, “There is nothing worse than sitting in a bathing suit which has the ocean’s odor smell for the entire day. “

Consider your body type

Levine believes that women with pear-shaped shapes, big busts, smaller busts, curves, or athletic bodies could have the most trouble finding suitable swimwear. If you’re a pear-shaped body, Levine suggests balancing out your proportions. “Find the right coverage for the lower half of the body. Avoid boy’s shorts, heavy-banded bottoms, and anything else that could draw attention to your lower part. Pears are also great to wear in sleek, plunging monokinis. Highlight your shoulders and your upper body. ” For big-busted women, She suggests you ensure your breasts are supported enough. “Underwire and thicker support and molded cups are the most effective options. It is essential to search for bra tops or halters and anything else that provides your chest with some extra care and support. ”

The model also loves monokinis bras suitable for more prominent busted women if they come with built-in support. Although women with smaller busts may feel excluded, Levine suggests they can enjoy a lot of fun in the water, “You don’t have to be concerned about your girls too much! You can dress them up with decorated tops, ruffles, and prints. ” If you want to give the appearance of an extra lift, she’s got some tips. “Go wearing a dress that is padded or pushes it up. Triangle tops can also give illusions of curves. ” Levine says women with muscular physiques should choose swimming attire that showcases their curves. She prefers bold patterns or monokinis and ties bottoms with frills to suit this type of body.

Think about function, as well as fashion

Although Levine typically favors style over function in the case of swimwear, she recognizes that it’s not always feasible. For instance, while you could wear the same swimsuit to play beach volleyball while sitting on the beach, the reverse can cause you to be arrested at the hands of the Beach Patrol. Levine says disasters can be avoided by planning. “Many women don’t realize that making an appearance, as opposed to diving into the blue ocean, is something they need to consider. While sunbathing and relaxing, you can wear a tiny bikini with the smallest lower part, light strings and a sheer material. ” However, when it comes down to swimming in your swimsuit, Levine suggests putting more thought into the design. “When you’re in the water, it’s essential to consider the material and how it will fit. If you’re not opposed to the occasional slip.”

Make sure you feel comfortable

Confidence is essential. If you don’t feel confident in something, or it doesn’t look right, it is likely to be self-conscious for the rest of the day or end up with a swimming-suit malfunction. Paige thinks the best method to feel confident in your swimwear is to opt for solids and stay simple. “I am inclined not to go with the fierce patterns and consider simple swimsuits attractive.” She suggests selecting the appropriate swimsuit right from the beginning. Don’t be tempted to buy something that isn’t going to fit your body, no matter how much you would like it.”

Buy swimming wear that is flexible as well as breathable and comfortable! You shouldn’t be worried about having to adjust your swimsuit every day long. ” If your swimwear isn’t accentuating your best features, Paige keeps it real and recommends that you be honest about yourself. “If you know you’re in a challenging area, you’ll surely be more self-conscious when wearing a swimsuit.”

Double-sided tape is recommended

But regular tape can’t do the job right. So what’s the use of tape when it doesn’t hold? Levine says, “Double-sided tape is necessary to keep your girls on track or to prevent them from slipping out. It’s your ideal friend. ” While you can utilize ordinary double-sided tape, a styled tape specifically designed for this purpose is perfect. There are a variety of brands that manufacture this type of product, and it’s easy to find at all drugstores. Don’t forget that tape isn’t foolproof, so be sure to test it before you hurt yourself after a day of sun all day long or swimming in the water.

Put on the appropriate outfit at the right time

When you purchase new swimming wear, it is perfect for you -and it doesn’t? Maybe you’re putting on your bikini top, and your bottoms are stretched out the next day. Likely, you’re not taking care of your swimwear in a proper manner. It is delicate and needs to be handled differently than other clothes. Danielle Pergament of Allure recommends rotating your swimwear if you wish to keep your swimwear in top shape possible. If you’re planning to go out for a weekend getaway or more, you should bring more than one outfit.

Ultimately, you don’t want to wear the same outfit each day. There is also the hot tub component. Chlorine, hot water, and other chemicals can be harsh on clothing. Pergament suggests having a unique swimsuit you use to use the hot tub or simply avoiding going for a dip that is warm in your most expensive swimsuits. It is also recommended to wash your swimsuit with hot water and mild soap (even those soaps you put on your body can be used in some pinches) immediately after you enter. Even if you’ve not been in the water, sweat and sunblock can damage the fabric.

Glue your backside

While a slip in the nip area is not a good thing, letting your bottoms slide off could be more embarrassing. Fortunately, Paige has a great solution. She suggests using “butt glue,” which was one of her best weapons as a former contestant in a pageant. “If you frequently have difficulty getting your swimsuit to stay in place, you must use butt glue. It’s a type of fabric adhesive that is water-proof, will not ruin the swimsuit, and helps keep your swimwear where it’s supposed to be. ” Before you begin Googling, “butt glue” isn’t a product, but is rather the name of a pageant contestant for various skin-safe adhesives for fabric. It can prevent accidents and keep your “wedgie” free. Just remember that you used it after you got up in the bathroom.

One size doesn’t fit all

Paige adds that when you’re trying on swimwear and come across a label that reads “one size fits all,” take it off and leave it immediately. One size may not suit all. It is suggested that regardless of what you think of your swimsuit, you must think about how it appears in your body shape. She told me, “There are dozens of designs available to emphasize various areas on the body.

If you find that a particular swimsuit does not fit, do not buy it regardless of how adorable you think the design is. What you wouldn’t want is a bottom with gaps in the front or a waistband that is too tight. ” There are many options to choose from when shopping for swimwear. With sizes ranging from small to large, there’s no reason to wear something that isn’t fitting correctly. It’s possible to test several suits, but eventually, you’ll discover one that fits and looks good on you.

Check your skin tone for your best look

The most common cause of swimsuit malfunctions is fashion blunders. A suit that doesn’t match your natural appearance can cause disaster. Paige suggests thinking about your skin tone and finding the proper case to match your skin tone. “It’s exactly like buying foundation to cover your skin. If you’re a yellow-toned person, do not buy a pink-toned foundation. It’s not a good match and just does not look nice.” Paige explained that each skin tone has its unique color, which is most harmonious. “If you’ve got cool-toned skin, such as red, pink, or blue tones, you’ll want to stick with cool tones. Think of mint, hunter green, maroon, royal blues, and purple. If you’ve got warm-toned skin with yellow, tan, and golden undertones, go for deep, rich colors, whether light or dark. Red, dark yellows white, burnt orange, or even vibrant colors can be much more appealing. “


Swimsuit problems can be easy to avoid. However, if your swimsuit doesn’t fit perfectly, or you aren’t confident in what you’re wearing, don’t be ashamed to treat yourself to something new. The design of swimwear doesn’t last for a long time. It is necessary to replace things at some point, and fashions constantly alter. Also, the worst thing that can happen to your swimsuit isn’t always a nip, slip, or tear. It’s equally not feeling as great as you could in your clothes. Now you know how to prevent having a swimsuit disaster. You’re entitled to be the beach babe you are!

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