How to Prevent a Vizio TV from Turning Itself Off: Pro Tips to Follow


Television watching can be a fascinating experience. It’s easy to lose yourself in the show and forget about the time. In the end, it’s unusual to not be able to keep track of the amount of time that has passed when you’re watching. However, this could result in the Vizio TV shutting down after a certain period of inactivity. There are some solutions to prevent a vizio tv from turning itself off. The good news is that many electronics include user-controlled settings that can help prevent another repeat issue of your Vizio TV shutting itself off. First, you should determine if there’s a timer setting that could have been the cause of your Vizio TV shutting itself off. If there is, you should be instructed on how to modify it. Here are some suggestions on how to prevent a vizio TV from turning itself off.

What are the most common issues that Vizio TVs face?

The following are possible problems to provide you with a better understanding of the range of issues you could encounter:

  • The Vizio is on, but the display is empty.
  • On the screen of the Vizio television, you can see a blinking.
  • The Vizio remote lacks responsiveness.
  • It is not able to connect to Wi-Fi
  • The Vizio television is not working.
  • There isn’t a way to install software on the Vizio TV.

Why is Vizio TV turning on and off by itself?

A few of the most frequent problems that can be fixed are power issues and a short sleep timer or interference with other devices. The following are the issues that are discussed in greater specific detail:

  • They could interfere if you have several Vizio TVs in your house and other remotes. For instance, someone hitting the power button in the nearby room might be turning the TV off or off.
  • Vizio Televisions are CEC-enabled, allowing other home entertainment devices to switch on and off the TV by sending the power signal. Examples include media players, cable boxes, and game consoles. You need to remove the CEC function on your device that you want to disable or turn it off in the TV’s settings.
  • All modern TVs, even Vizios, can turn off the TV after a specified time. You can look up the duration of the limit, deactivate the timer or deactivate it entirely in the TV’s settings.
  • A loose power supply, failing power strip, or surge protector could cause power problems. Examine the power plug in your outlet and adapter to ensure it is connected correctly.
  • Most Vizio TVs are compatible with Google Chromecast and Miracast, which allows devices connected to the network to broadcast content onto the TV. It could be or not interfere in the transmission.

How to prevent a vizio TV from turning itself off

Perform a reset on the hard side

A hard reset can be accomplished by shutting off the TV quickly before switching it back on. This procedure allows synchronization between TV and screen by erasing any errors caused by weak or intermittent Wi-FiWiFi signals or slow internet connections. It could be necessary to change the batteries on the remote of your Vizio remote for your TV. If the remote on the Vizio TV stops working, the TV will shut off. This can cause the TV to switch on and off by itself.

Deactivate CEC features

Televisions can control external devices such as Blu-ray players and cable boxes. However, if you are trying to watch an episode with the TV remote, sending commands to another device could be very distracting.

Tests of the power button are mandatory

Is it possible to bypass an unusable remote control? Unfortunately, remote controls designed for Vizio televisions are one of the most broken around the globe. If your remote is jammed, immediately check it by pressing the power and other buttons. Then, test each button individually to see if any are blocked or do not respond to the standard.

Change software consistency

You must keep the firmware of your Vizio TV up-to-date to maximize its use while avoiding issues and missing features. You’ll require an update to fix the issue when your Vizio TV does not stop turning off without warning. If all is working, Vizio may also add new features.

Verify that all components connected are functional

If your television shuts off suddenly, it could be an issue with the tv or the cables that connect it to other electronic devices. Maybe an update made your device inoperable, or a critical component was unintentionally disconnected. An issue affecting one or more devices connected to it could cause your Vizio TV to cease to function.

Turn off the auto-shutdown option

Vizio TVs are well-documented for their tendency to turn off when idle. This concerns Vizio’s Auto Off feature, intended to shut down your TV when you set a timer.

How to fix a Vizio TV that turns on by itself?

Your Vizio TV’s Auto-Off feature could come on, which causes it to stop working abruptly. Utilizing the remote instead of the auto power-off feature to switch channels and alter the volume may help solve the problem. Repetitive shutdowns of the television could be the result of electrical issues within the home. Your Vizio television might suddenly shut down because of a defective input device, total internal memory issues, or a malfunctioning remote control. Likewise, CEC activation or power surges, damage to the mainboard, and many other causes could suddenly make the Vizio television stop working.

Remove the TV from the walls!

Try shutting down the device and restarting the device before continuing. If this is not the case, disconnect your TV and hold your power switch for 10 seconds before reconnecting it to determine whether the issue persists. The risk of interference is eliminated when you remove any surge protection and connect the device directly to an outlet on the wall.

Disable the HDMI-CEC

If it’s working correctly, it’s an excellent time-saver. But, incorrect interpretation of signals could cause your television to shut off and turn on at random when it’s malfunctioning. So, check that turning off CEC in the settings menu of your TV resolves the problem.

If you decide to use CEC, you should turn off CEC on all those devices until you identify the error signal’s cause.

Disabling Wi-FiWiFi

Contrary to what many believe Contrary to popular belief, many “smart” TV functions make televisions less intelligent. For instance, if your TV connects to smart home devices like SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home, and Logitech Harmony, your TV can instantly turn on or off. If your TV has it and your TV has built-in casting, that feature might be turned on when you try to stream a YouTube clip on your smartphone.

Look at the TV’s timer to shut off the television

A lot of modern TVs come with the ability to set a timer that allows the TV to turn off or on at a specific date. Pets or children could have accidentally programmed the TV to turn on and off frequently through your remote. If you see the option to schedule power on the menus of the TV, turn it off.

Replace the batteries in the remote

If the remote’s battery is not functioning correctly, the power could fluctuate, which can cause it to transmit false signals. If the batteries inside your remote are depleted, replace them. While you’re doing that, you must also clean the buttons. Saying soda onto the TV could be as easy as keeping the power button at the press of a button and then shutting off your device.

Explore local televisions

But, TVs manufactured by the same manufacturer might be able to detect the remote controls of each other. So if, for example, your Vizio is a TV in the living room and another across the hallway, their remotes could be in conflict.

Your TV set to Eco Mode

Many modern TVs do not stop working when you press the power button. Instead, they go into sleep mode to save power, making many of the features mentioned above available (like the ability to turn on when you cast YouTube videos using their mobile).

Execute a hard reset

If all else fails and nothing else works, then setting your TV back to factory settings might be your only option. It would be best to return the complex environment to its original state. If you decide to reverse your settings, do it gradually and in a time interval between each modification. If the issue persists, the configuration parameter that caused it will be explicit.


Vizio TVs are now famous due to a particular flaw that many users have complained about. It is because many models have a common problem that they either turn off or switch on on their own. Although it’s a problem that isn’t too difficult to resolve, it could be pretty annoying. Now you can prevent a vizio TV from turning itself off.

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