How to Play Tennis Darts: Secret Information from Pro Players


If you’re familiar with darts games such as Baseball darts, Cricket darts, and Golf darts, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that there are as well Tennis darts. What may surprise you is how the fundamental mechanics of darts adapt to the structure and rules of racket sports such as tennis. Tennis Darts is a straightforward game to master and play. But, like other games discussed above, darts have the highest skill level, providing players with many opportunities to grow. So, whether you’re trying to master the fundamentals of Tennis darts or would like to expand your understanding of this enjoyable sport, you are bound to get some helpful tips in this guide.

Tennis darts

It is possible to play with two or four players in a doubles match like in tennis rackets. The goal of Tennis darts is to get the set. To achieve this, the player has to beat the highest of six service games. Also, the first player who wins 4 Service games is the winner of the set. Similar to tennis, the game will play between the two sides of the board players trying to score on both sides. To score, players must adhere to the same pattern of numbers and also score 15, 30, or 40 before playing a Game.

How to play tennis darts

If you’re a sports enthusiast, generally, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to enjoy playing a unique darts game. If you’ve played one of these games before, most likely you’ll like playing tennis darts. Darts for tennis is pretty simple for those who want the longest game they can play. Learn about tennis darts and some tricks and tips to impress your pals. Tennis darts need the participation of a minimum of two people, but you could also play two-player doubles with at least four people instead. A typical game lasts about 25 minutes. However, it is possible to play a game with 55 or more by doubling the amount games you take part in.

Step 1

First, the server should begin from the left part of the table and attempt to strike in the play area before switching to the right-hand side, trying to strike in the play area. If the server cannot succeed in their second and third throws, they lose the point to the player. The objective is to score as many targets as possible to achieve the highest possible score. The other player called the receiver, then attempted to hit the target number to beat the scores from the server. The player with the highest score during the set wins the points. If there’s a tie, the server will throw for a new goal score until a winner is chosen. Set.

Step 2

After winning the set, the play area is changed, and the server throws again. To win the game of service, players must get points of 15, 30, or 40. When the result is 40-40 or deuce, the result is the possibility of a Deuce Tiebreak. The server is awarded points for making a double by hitting one dart or an Ace or hitting more targets than their rival. After the game is finished, players swap roles between the receiver and server.

Step 3

A player can win the Deuce Tiebreak by playing the bullseye and 25 rings. The server is the first to throw, and when they land on the bullseye, they earn the point. Then, the server determines the score for the goal, and the player must attempt against it. The score with the highest number is the winner. A player is awarded a Set Tiebreak by playing on the 25 rings and the bullseye. A server in the first game is the first to throw. After that, except for the initial point, every player plays with two successive points. The rules are the same as in the Deuce Tiebreak; however, the first player to score is declared the winner.

Example game

There are various examples of players playing different “tennis darts.” Still, it doesn’t appear popular enough to offer video clips or other evidence of the match.


Rue 1

To determine the order in which the game begins, every player has to put down one dart. The player with the highest score gets the title “server” for the initial game. It also affects the timing of the Set Tiebreak should it be required (more tiebreakers to follow). The score should be recorded on a blackboard or whiteboard and include the player’s name at the top and ample space under each player’s name to score every Service Game.

Rule 2

Every Service Game starts on the left-hand side of the dartboard. This means only numbers 5, 12, 9, 14, 11, 8, 16, 7, and 19 are allowed. Due to the rule of alternating sides, the player’s next point must be on the table’s right edge. This means that only numbers 1, 18, 4, 13, 6, 10, 15, 2, and 17 are valid. The numbers between 20 and three are considered in”the “net.” Therefore, any player who throws a dart in these numbers will lose points. Another method to lose points is who fails to hit an active board during the first two darts.

Rule 3

The player serving must hit a valid number. This is your Target Numeric for the remainder of the match. Doubles on the first dart is an “Ace” that instantly wins the player throwing. The server will keep aiming at that Target number, trying to get as many points as possible, and each dart makes the player’s score. If the server cannot reach the desired number, the game will be passed to the next player.

Rule 4

The second player must utilize his darts to score the desired figure and beat his server’s score. When the player fails to beat or surpass the goal number, the player who served gets the point. After a player has scored one point, the playing area is switched to the opposite side, and the next player is the server. The players will play until one has been awarded a Set by winning four Service Games.

How to score tennis darts

When a player successfully wins an event, he is awarded one point. Similar to tennis, the scoring system is as follows.”

  • 1st point is counted as 15.
  • The 2nd point counts for 30.
  • 3rd points count as 40.
  • The 4th point is the winning score.

If the two players tie in the score of 40-40, referred to within the Tennis world as a Deuce, a Tiebreak is required to be played.

The points will be awarded to the player who serves an Ace on their first attempt or scores more than the target number. If two players tie the set, with three games each, the Set Tiebreak will determine the winner. The only difference between the Tiebreak set Tiebreak, and a regular Tiebreak is that the serving player has to score 2 consecutive games.


Sporting enthusiasts will always enjoy the thrill of darts, and among the most fun are tennis darts. Like a typical tennis game, the goal of darts in tennis is winning a set. It is achieved by scoring 15, 30, 40, and game rounds. Aces and deuces can be found in the game for those who want to play according to the rules, and the last point I’d like to make is that this isn’t a “short” darts sport. So take it on when you’re in the mood!

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