How to Play Pool on Game Pigeon – A Full Informative Guide for Beginner


Game Pigeon is one of the most widely used iMessage apps that allows you to play games with friends and family. On your iPhone/iPad, you can play more than 20+ games, including basketball, chess, and mini-golf, on your iPhone/iPad. 8ball is the most popular of all the games. Game Pigeon offers a variety of interesting games via iMessage. Sometimes, the games can be quite difficult, and you may need help. 8-ball pool is a popular game that many people try to beat their friends at. With enough practice, you can quickly become an expert at the 8-ball pool. You can also use 8-ball Pool cheats to beat your friends in this iMessage game. You can unlock new levels and pass difficult setups with cheats. This guide is full of the instruction on how to play pool on game pigeon.

How to install game pigeon

  • Make sure that your friend who you will play eight ball pool with has an iPhone.
  • Ensure that you have enabled iMessage under Setting -> General-> IMessage
  • Now, open the messaging app and begin an iMessage conversation. If both users have an iMessage, the iMessage conversation will automatically start.
  • You will find the Appstore icon at the bottom of the iMessage chat window.
  • This will open Appstore on the bottom sheet
  • You can search for the game that you are looking for. If you’re looking for an 8-ball pool, Game Pigeon is the best place to search.
  • Install the Game pigeon.
  • Return to the App Drawer screen. Find the Recent Download Game. Click on it to install in iPhone iMessage.
  • This screen will allow you to choose between a 9-ball or 8-ball pool game.
  • To send an invitation or start the game, tap on the blue button.
  • After your friend has played his turn, you can start your turn.
  • To play the game, drag the stick to the table and hit all the balls.
  • You are now ready to play.

How to play pool on game pigeon

To start the game, just open iMessage, and on the apps, find 8-ball Pool. It can be sent to the contact you wish to play with, and the game will start. Before you can play, your competitor must have installed it. The rules for the iMessage 8-ball pool follow the same rules as the modern 8-ball pool. First, arrange the balls and then aim with a V-shaped indicator. The white ball will strike the balls, and the sequence continues only this time, starting from the current position.

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How to play 8 ball pool on iPhone

Eight all this is a very addictive and popular game on GamePigeon. Eight-ball can be played using cue sticks and 16 balls on a pool table. It isn’t easy to learn how to play 8 Ball if you don’t have a manual.

It’s an iMessage-based game, so that it won’t have the same features and controls as other high-end games. These are the steps in detail.

  • After your contact accepts your request, they will make the first move.
  • You will receive the next move once their move has been completed.
  • Move the cuestick by moving your finger across it.
  • After you have adjusted the direction, take the shot.
  • The power meter is displayed when you take a shot by pulling back the cuestick.
  • You will be punished if you hit the white ball.
  • This link will help you if you’re a beginner or don’t know the basic 8 Ball principles.

How to uninstall game pigeon from iphone

You may become bored with the game pigeon and want to get rid of it. It may be difficult to remove game pigeon off your iPhone because there is no icon for it on your home screen.

  • OpeniMessage app on your iPhone.
  • Click on any message you have received an email in your inbox (You must select messages received from other iPhone users and not simple statements.).
  • Select the icon for AppIf apps are not visible, place the icon in front of it
  • The bottom: Swipe the icons left.
  • More information…(Optional)
  • On the next screen, you’ll findGamePigeonOption in their apps section.
  • ChooseGamePigeonOption andSwipe to the left.
  • HitDeleteApp and button will be removed from the iMessage app.

How to play pool on game pigeon tricks

  1. When the opening play, aim for the second ball in the row. After you have desired the ball, power up to the full bar, and release the shot, you will pocket at least one ball and have the rest lined up for easy pickings.
  2. To find game settings, such as sound, music, and images, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen. These settings can be disabled to save data and battery.
  3. To find the ideal angle, you can use a ruler. To accurately aim for the holes, angle the ruler so that it is in the right position.
  4. Before you take any shot, make sure to inspect the aim circle. Do not attempt to take a photo if the aim circle is distorted in the middle. Instead, adjust the aim until the lines disappear.

Although there aren’t many 8-ball pool tips, the ones listed above will give you an advantage when playing. You can combine the information to achieve the best results. If you don’t have a ruler, find an item with straight edges to align the shot.


This article explains how to play pool on game pigeon. With proper strategy and choosing the right groups, you can win this game easily. If you find this guide helpful, then share this article, and if you want to share an idea with us, comment below.

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