How to Play Nine Lives Darts | Expert’s Instruction to Play The Game


You can tell by the name Nine Lives darts is an adaptation of the loved game for beginners – Around time darts. The game’s aim is the same as being the first player through the board before your opponent. What’s the problem? If you do not hit a number, you’ll lose a life. Players will only have three lives each game. That’s nine darts. It is a more challenging game that players with experience will enjoy. It’s also an ideal game for novices who, after becoming more comfortable in their game, can hit numbers with precision but are still susceptible to making a few misses. If nine darts that live are a game you’d enjoy, then follow me down below to learn how to play nine lives darts;

I’ll go over how to play nine lives darts, tips, and strategies that will give you an edge over your rivals and win the game with your lives intact.

How to play nine lives darts

Nine Lives darts is a survival game where each player has only three lives. While the name may seem confusing, the game is straightforward. The objective is to hit every one of the numbers on the board in the correct numerical order. Every player begins with a goal of hitting the ball directly on one, after which they will move to 2, up to 20. After 20, it’s time to hit the bullseye.

Each player will receive three darts. You may make more than one dart during one turn. For instance, on your 1st turn, you may hit 1, 3, 2, and 3 so long as you do them in numbers in the same order. If you can hit the 3 and then 2, then the 1, only the third shot counts. You’ll have to repeat the picture the next time to get the 2, after which the 3, and so on. If a player cannot complete all three throws during the game, they forfeit the chance to live. If the three lives have been lost, the player is eliminated from play.

Nine lives dart example game

You’re engaged in Nine Lives Darts with three of your buddies. The first step is to decide what the order of play to be. You may want to play alphabetically if you’re all identical in age. After you’ve determined the order, you’ll have to arrange to score. Note all four of your names on the uppermost point of your paper whiteboard. Make three marks underneath each name.

The first player to throw three darts and hits 1, 2, and 3. The third dart they throw blows 7, which isn’t considered a win. Because they hit both 1 and 2, they live their entire lives. The second player fires all three darts and scores 4 but does not hit other numbers. The shot isn’t considered a count because there is no numerical sequence. Therefore, they’ll lose a life.

The third player fails to make any progress, so they cannot claim a life. The fourth player can hit 1 but cannot match the two other players. They can remain on the board if they get the first numerical number. The process continues until someone has made it through the board in time to strike the bullseye, thereby becoming the winner.

What are the rules in nine lives darts

Nine Lives darts are played the same way as Around the Clock Darts. But, in Nine Lives Darts, if you do not hit the correct number using all three darts on the same turn, You lose one life. Every player has three lives. The first thing to decide is the order in which the players play. It is possible to do this in any way you’d like; however, the most popular is to do it alphabetically or by age. Once you’ve worked the order out, the first player will attempt to land on the number 1 using their three darts. If they achieve number 1, they now aim at number 2. They’re reduced to just two lives if they are unsuccessful on all three darts.

If number 1 is not hit and darts are left at the end of each player’s round, the players may shoot for number 2. The same applies to number 3 if they hit number 2 in their second attempt. Once one player throws all three darts and their turn is complete, the second player will do the same. The process continues until one player gets all until 20 can hit the bullseye and wins the match.

Each round, a player has to be able to hit at minimum one figure to remain on the field and preserve their life. You must make the darts in the correct order. That means you can’t get only a 3 on the first three darts since this will not count. You’ll need to make a 1 to save your life. If players lose all three lives, they’re eliminated from the sport. Because there is the possibility of hitting three numbers in a round, a skilled player could take the title in just seven rounds.

The scoring system for Nine Lives Darts is straightforward. It is as simple as writing each player’s name on the uppermost part of your piece of paper or a whiteboard and creating three lines beneath each title. When a player loses their life, then you erase the line.


Nine Lives is already a somewhat challenging game. You’ll lose your life if you do not hit one of the numbers. You can incorporate additional options into the game to make the game more fun. First, you can include the doubles and triples in the game. This variation would mean that the double 1 will take you to 3, while a treble will take you up to 16,… The interpretation will ensure that players with more experience can perform better. If they are good enough to participate in this type of game, one other option you can consider would be to reduce the amount of life each player is entitled to.

If a player fails to hit an amount, it could be their last chance, making the game more difficult for experienced players. Another suggestion is to only play the game by making trebles or doubles. This is an excellent option for experienced players. Having three lives can be challenging, and you may want to increase your stamina to 5, depending on the game and your skill level.

When it comes to specific rules to play this sport, the most important thing is to be safe and ensure that you hit a particular number with every throw. If you’re playing according to traditional rules, you cannot use trebles or doubles for a skip of a forward number, so it is essential not to miss the throw. It sounds simple, but it’s straightforward to lose focus and inadvertently end a person’s life.

For those who play with advanced rules, the guidelines are more pertinent and include:

  • Trebles 1 Double 4 Double 9 is an excellent first throw.
  • Treble 6 will take you to 19
  • Double 5 or 6 do not provide any real benefit.
  • Treble 3 will take you to 10 but put lots of pressure on getting double 10. If you do not, you will need to continue to 11-20 without being able to skip numbers.


If you’re looking for a casual game of darts with a moderate challenging aspect, nine-life darts are the ideal option. Like around-the-clock darts, nine-lives darts are an even more difficult variant where players lose lives if they miss the number. We hope you learn how to play nine lives darts.

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