How to Play Mulligan Darts: Pro Tips & Advice for All Beginner Player


Mulligan darts are a variation of the wildly popular darts game known as cricket darts. The significant difference between Mulligan darts is that participants will throw for random numbers in each round instead of the traditional 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 beds. In this regard, I’d suggest Mulligan darts is a variant best suited for players with more experience or who can perform with a reasonable level of accuracy (meaning it’s probably not the perfect game for someone who is a complete beginner). Since it’s a variant of an old game and a popular sport, I’m going over all rules, including scoring, tips techniques, and tips, in this post to provide the complete guideline on how to play mulligan darts. If you’re a cricket dart lover and believe you are an excellent player, then this game is for you!

How to play mulligan darts

The players determine the order of play by throwing a dart at the bullseye. Whoever is closest to the target wins first. In the event of an unofficial tie, players throw another. Then, everyone chooses several numbers randomly. It is possible to do this by throwing darts using their weaker arm on the board, and each participant making the numbers or every team throwing darts. If you want to learn about another variation of dart then read now about how to play baseball darts.

Three times is the object

Starting from the beginning, the player must hit three trebles on each number and three bullseyes to be the winner of the game. It is unnecessary to complete all three trebles within the same game, but you must complete the number before moving for the following. This variant is geared towards more skilled players because it’s difficult to consistently hit the treble bed of every number, particularly when the numbers are randomly arranged as they are when playing Mulligan darts!

Basic flow of play

As soon as the game starts, the first player will throw an object into the triple ring on one of the numbers on the table. The other numbers won’t be counted until the player has closed one number. The next player moves up and repeats the process until someone has completed all six numbers. The game ends by hitting the bullseye.

Mulligan darts variation

It is possible to play Mulligan darts with anyone, but if you have players of different skill levels, You may want to arrange group play. While the more experienced player will assist the novices and allow the novice players to have a go at the game and understand the rules. Instead of choosing random figures, Mulligan becomes a more specific game of practice when you pick your personal number. You can concentrate on the most famous Triple 20s, 19s and 18s (even repeating them) or choose any number you wish to improve.

Example of this dart game

Let’s say Players 1 and 2 want to play a game of Mulligan darts. Every player will throw a dart to see who wins first. Player 1 is the one who hits most closely to hit the bullseye. Thus, player 1 will be the first, with Player 2 the next.

Starting off

At the top of the board, the name of Player 1 is first, followed by the name of Player 2. Then, both players pick three numbers for each of the six random numbers. In the interest for illustration, the numbers are 4, 10, 20, 16, 3, and 11.

Player 1 fires three darts towards the treble 4 but none of them get there. Then, Player 2 shoots and can hit a triple 4 with just one dart but misses the other. At this moment, there are no marks will appear under the name of Player 1. However, there is an “/” under Player 2’s standing beside the number 4.

Scoring for player 1 against Player 2

The game is then reverted to Player 1. He gets two darts into the treble 4 but fails with the third. The game then goes back to Player 2. He receives the final dart. This means they have finished 4 and moved to 10 by making the following two darts. However, he can only make one dart to the 10. The scoreboard should now display the name of Player 1 with the letter “X” by the 4. For Player 2, there are two letters: an “O” next to the 4. There will be an “/” next to the number 10.


It’s now the turn of Player 1, and they don’t close the treble 4. However, they hit the 10, but it will not be counted. You must hit four three times before they can move on to 10. The scoring marks won’t change, and they aren’t able to move to 10 until they’ve completed 4. When the two continue to play the game, Player 2 can hit each sequential number three times with the bullseye before Player 1 gets there. This means that Player 2 takes the lead in the game.

Rules Of mulligan darts

Before you can begin playing the match of Mulligan, you have to choose the numbers to play. You could choose random numbers or have the players throw darts using their own hands and choose the number they are landed on. It is up to you to select a set of six numbers. The final target is the bull in the middle. After the numbers have been established, the players can throw three darts at the initial number. A player must finish the number by hitting 3 triples on that number to move on to another number. The 3 triples do not require to be part of one round.

After a player completes the number, they can move on to the following number down the list. As with cricket, the closed number remains active for other players, and they also have to end the game before they can proceed. It is imperative to close the numbers in the correct order. If you score an oblique triple on some of the numbers further down the board, it doesn’t count. The first player who closes out all six numbers, and also the double bull, is the winner.

How to score

After the numbers are chosen, you’ll draw the player (or groups) names at the very top, the numbers in play and the bull on to the left. If a player makes their first triple with the active number, you mark it with a / beneath their name. It will also be placed beside that number. They are awarded a (making one an) if they get their second triple. After the player has made the 3rd triple, you circle the X using an O. Then, they will go on to the following number. The process continues until one team or player has shut off the bullseye.

How to play mulligan darts: Tips

The Mulligan darts are definitely an examination of the ability and precision. The challenge is considerably increased because the game’s purpose is to throw triples instead of singles. The first thing to remember is not to participate in this game if you don’t have the skill to consistently hit a Treble. It’s not meant to be a boastful statement, but if you do not possess the accuracy required for the quality of this game, then it can result in an extremely long and drawn-out game. It won’t be enjoyable for the players who are involved!

Another essential thing to remember is that the numbers will be randomly assigned before each game. This makes the games more equitable (meaning the two treble 19 and treble 20 experts won’t have an obvious advantage), but it also means it can be used as a training game to master the trebles you may not normally throw for. This is an excellent way to complete the practice or get more comfortable scoring in other board sections.


Mulligan darts aren’t very well-known or a well-known darts game, mainly because it’s a variation on cricket darts, that is, however, the most popular darts sport (2nd most played darts game in the world). While there’s no awaited dart game, that’s not to say it’s unprofitable. Because of the difficulty of the game’s rules, it’s a great exercise (or amusing) game for experienced players. The competition aims to target different areas of the board, and throwing the trebles you would not typically practice on creates the challenge and an opportunity to practice.

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