How to Play Mickey Mouse Darts – Easy Pro Tips for All Intermediate


Mickey Mouse darts may be the right choice if you’re a keen cricket player. Although they look similar, Mickey Mouse darts have some unique rules that can affect poor aim later in the game. Although the name’s origin is unknown, it is well-known that Mickey Mouse darts is a viral dart game in Korea. Mickey Mouse darts are a variation on the viral game of cricket darts. Cricket darts are popular because they are easy to learn and fun to play. However, more experienced players will enjoy the competitive aspect of cricket darts. We’ll teach you how to play mickey Mouse Darts. It’s straightforward to learn! We’ll cover all the rules, scoring, tips, and other details, so you don’t get stuck playing cricket darts forever. Let’s look at how to play Mickey Mouse darts.

How to play mickey mouse darts

You will need to have a strategy to play Mickey Mouse Darts. You don’t just need to throw darts aimlessly. It’s about deciding when it is best to open or close a number. It’s a constant decision between scoring, opening, closing, or going for the bullseye. As they can make the initial decision, the advantage is often given to the first player. Strategy games such as poker allow you to go last and assess all information before making any moves. However, mickey mouse darts players have the advantage of being first and decisive. The second player might want to prolong the game to score more points and increase their chances of winning. Depending on the player’s strategic position, it can last between 5 to 30 minutes. These are some tips and tricks to help you play Mickey Mouse Darts.

Player 1

It is essential to aim for the bullseye as soon as possible. You will have a massive advantage over your opponent if you are the first to play in this game. You should always keep your eyes on the task at hand. It is easy to become overwhelmed and want your opponent to win. It’s a game about strategy. It’s worth taking the time to consider whether it is the right move. Your gameplay could be affected if you make rash decisions. Don’t attempt to close your opponent’s game if you aren’t up enough points. Before attempting to complete, you should be at least two darts ahead. It may be worth trying to score some issues if you aren’t. The winner is the player with the most points.


Although it can be challenging to determine when the bullseye is right for you, winning is crucial. Going for it might be a good idea if you are way ahead of your opponent. You’ll have more chances to score points because they’ll focus on scoring points.

Mickey mouse darts playing rules

A number can be closed by hitting it three times. You do not have to plug it in the same round. Each player will alternate throwing their three darts to complete all the numbers. Any dart that hits a double, triple or open number can be used to close that number. It is worth two points if a double or triple is used in closing out a number. The game continues until one player has completed all their numbers.

How to score in mickey mouse darts

First, mark the numbers 20-12 down the center of the board. Next, add a B for the bull, D to doubles, and T to triples. Then, you can create a column for each player by marking their name at the head of that column. You will keep the target number beside it when you hit it. You will observe a “” for the first point. The second point is when a play is made for any number. To mark the second point, you will keep the / through the symbol, creating an “X”. The number will be closed when the player has scored the third point. The objective of Mickey mouse darts is to open numbers and score before your opponent. Then, close your opponent’s numbers. After all, numbers have been closed and opened. The winner is the player who has the most points.

Variations of mickey mouse darts

You can play the game in a lower order on the board to make it more challenging. This makes the game more competitive and more enjoyable, as it creates a race. You can also play with points. Once a number has been closed, you can still earn points if you land more darts in that number. It is essential to complete all of your numbers to win this game. To win, you must close all your numbers and score a high score. You can also penalize players who accidentally hit segments that have been closed off. This variation allows players to punish their opponents for landing in sections that have been closed off. This variation is not recommended for beginners but can be a valuable handicap if the players have a significant skill gap.

Double/Triple version

Players can use the open space to close a number or a double or three-point dart. A double is used as a closing number. The player gets 2 points. If it’s a triple, they get 3.

Mickey mouse dart tips & strategies

Start by closing out the bull first. You will be placed in one scoring section if you miss the bull. New players might want to start their rounds closer to the middle, even if the bull is closed. A miss in the desired segment will more likely result in another valid number. If you are a beginner, you should take doubles and triples. It will be easier to reach your numbers than to try to hit small targets again.

Mickey mouse darts

You could open a number with your first throw. You can open a number three times if you throw 2 darts and hit a single or double. Your remaining dart can then be used to score once you have opened the number. You’ll score 40 points if you hit a double 20. Now your opponent must make a decision. Will they close your number to prevent you from scoring more points? Or will they open their own number (19, for example) to try and start scoring points? The decision-making process between the players continues until all target numbers are closed and opened. The winner is the player who has more points.


The most popular dart games for all skill levels are between 5-6. There are variations to each game to keep it interesting. You should definitely check out mickey mouse darts if you are a fan of cricket darts. This darts game is excellent for children, despite not having to do with Mickey Mouse.

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