How to Play Knockout Darts: Do You Know The Real Secrets?


It can take time to finish dart games, especially for large groups. This is because each player gets only three throws per round. This is not ideal if you are playing darts in a group. It’s essential to choose fast-paced dart games which can be completed in a given time, no matter how skilled or unprofessional the players are. Knockout darts are one example of such a game. Knockout darts are a game where players will lose one life each round. This intensity makes knockout darts an exciting game for all skill levels. Here are some tips and tricks to help you play knockout darts.

How to play knockout darts

Knockout darts can be tricky, regardless of how simple the rules may seem. You could lose the game if you score less than the person ahead of you. Let’s look at how to play Knockout darts. To determine who goes first, each player will throw one dart. The player who hits or is closest to the bullseye will be the first to throw. Each turn, all players will be awarded three darts. The first person to throw all three darts will win. Each player’s score will be added, and the next player will attempt to throw a higher score than the previous player.

The second player who doesn’t beat the first player’s score will be given an X. If they score higher, the next player will need to beat them. Each player will attempt to beat the score of their opponent. They will be awarded an X next to their name if they fail to achieve this score. A player is out of the round if they receive 3 X’s. This will continue until there’s only one remaining player.

Knockout darts rules

You can play the knockout dart with any number of people, but you must have at least two players. Each player will throw the dart to achieve the highest score. The first player to throw three single 1s will not be penalized. The 2nd player is now allowed to throw a dart. The aim is to score more than the previous player. The 3rd player must score higher than the 2nd, while the 4th must beat the 3rd. This loop continues until you reach the final player. The last player must beat the first. A strike is given to any player who fails to score more than the previous player. The strike will be placed in front of the player’s name on the scoreboard. Any player who receives three strikes will be removed from the game. The last remaining player will determine the winner.

Round 1

P1 scores 60. Now, P2 must score more than 60 on their turn. P2 scores 85 points and succeeds. P3 must beat P2, who scored 85 points. Now, P3 is unable to beat P2, scoring only 65 points. P3 gets one strike in addition to their name on the scoreboard. Two more strikes, and they are out.

Round 2

We are now back at P1. P1 must beat P3, who is 65 points. P1 wins and scores 120 points. P2 must now beat P1, who is 120 points. P2 fails to win and scores 105. They get one strike. P3 is next; they must outscore P2 with more than 105 points. They win and score 120 points.

Round 3

The game will continue until all but one player is eliminated. If P1 is eliminated first, the game will continue between P2 and P3. You can see that the score increases if you play with more players. The score can still fall to a manageable number, even if one person throws 180. This number only affects the next round’s thrower. This is only applicable to the player who throws 180s every other round.

Knockout tips

The rules of knockout darts are straightforward to score more points than your opponent. It’s hard to devise precise strategies because you have such a narrow goal. Your focus should be on scoring as many points as possible each time you throw. To make the game fair, you can change the order in which the players throw each game. The best player will always throw after the worst player, so they’ll feel less pressure each time they throw. This can be avoided by changing the order of each throw.

You can also make it difficult for your opponent to throw after you. Although this sounds obvious, emotions can often drive your concentration. Suppose you score 140 points, and your dart hits the treble 5, scoring 15. While you can’t beat it now, you will still lose a life. You can score 135 if you add 2 x triple 20s to the score of 15.

Strategy principles for knockout darts

Given the simplicity of this game, there is not much to worry about. It doesn’t matter if you are the first or the second player to start. Even if they win the round, you still have to play them. In a game with knockout darts, the only thing that matters is scoring as high as you can each turn. Be aware of the skill levels of other players. You may not want to score as many points as possible if they are skilled. Don’t get too nervous. This is a game. It can be played as a practice game. There is nothing more important than that. Being nervous can impact your throwing style and play style.

Knockout darts example game

An example is a great way to learn how a game works. This is an example of Knockout Darts. In this example, there are three players. All three players will throw darts at the board to determine who goes first. To keep track of their score, the players write down the names of all three players before starting the game. When a player fails to beat the previous score, an X is assigned to their name. The first player gets their turn. They each throw three darts and land on single 14, double 16, and single 18. Their score is 64.

Player B is now ready to take their turn. They can throw single, single and double darts. They have a 72. It’s now Player C’s turn. They each land one dart on the double 14 and 16 for 25 points. Now they have 69 points. They are the first to get an X. Player A must beat Player B’s 72-point score. They each throw three darts, landing a double 17, single 19, and double 20. They score a total of 93 points. Player B takes the initiative and starts to play. They each throw three darts and land on the outer bullseye (double 18, double 20, and double 18). They now have a score of 101. Player C is now ready to play. They hit single 16, single 20, and triple 20 darts. They receive an additional X, even though they have 96 points.


Few games offer a more entertaining and fast-paced game of darts than knockout darts that large groups can enjoy. Now you read how to play knockout darts. This game is easy to learn and suitable for all levels of play.

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