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Are you searching for an easy and fun darts game that is suitable for beginners? If yes, a few games will be more effective than high-scoring darts. The goal for learning about how to play high scores darts is specific, to get more excellent points over your opponents. High score darts work similarly to counting darts. However, they differ in one important way: it doesn’t matter how many points you’ve scored at the end of the game; all that is important is that you score an exact number before your opponent. If this is the kind of game you’re looking for, a race with no end to the finish line, then continue reading to discover how to play high scores darts by using some basic techniques and tricks that any player can utilize. You can also learn about the best dart games for a large groups.

What is the high-score darts

The High Score Darts game is an easy, fun, and entertaining game played by dart players with all levels of experience. This fun darts game aims to be the first one to score the specified score. There’s not much strategy to employ with High Score darts. The setup of the game can be pretty straightforward. The players choose a point target. The players take turns shooting for the most points possible using three darts. The player who hits the goal first is the winner! It’s straightforward. Once you know the meaning of High Score, we can discuss how it plays, the game’s rules, and scoring.

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How to play high score darts

High score darts are a simple game and it is very simple to play high scores darts. There aren’t any special rules that make the game more complicated. Follow the steps below to play high scores darts.

Begin by selecting a predetermined maximum score that the players are expected to achieve during the game. The most common score is 1000; however, it is entirely up to you. If you’re looking for a short game, choose a lower score. If you’d like to play a longer game, go for the highest total score.

Every player has to throw a dart towards the dart to determine who goes first. If the dart gets in the middle (or close to it) becomes the first to get its turn. Note the names of each player on a board to keep an eye on the score. It is best to note their names in the same order you play to facilitate everyone’s participation. Each player will give three darts per round.

There are no specific areas to target when throwing darts. The goal is to aim to hit the darts in the top spots. The players should try to get doubles and triples to get a score of high first. The darts made by a player during their turn count toward scoring on the board. Players won’t penalize if a dart miss by the scoreboard. The game will go on with players taking turns in a set sequence. The player who scores the highest score wins the game.

The number of players

Two or more players. The High Score Darts game is an activity that requires two or more players to play. Every player plays separately.


High Score darts are easy. The goal of a target point determines before play starts. The order of play determines throwing a single dart towards the board. Gameplay order determines using the dart nearest to the bullseye. Participants will shoot three darts around to score the most points they can every time. Every three-shot total is noted on the scoreboard and added to the previous round’s score. If a player can reach the point of the game, the game is declared won, and the game has ended.

High score darts rules

The goal for learning how to play high score darts is to become one of the players to get an exact score that set. The most popular score players aim for is typically 1000 points. However, players can agree with any score, which could be 2800 or 180 points. Of course, the higher score indicates that the darts are longer. Every player throws three darts each turn. The single area hit worth the amount that was hit. The two-area is worth twice the number hit, and the triple is worth triple the amount hit. There are no rules to the game.

It is unnecessary to make a double or finish with the exact same score set beforehand. If, for instance, you’re racing to get 1000 points, and you’ve got 980 points, and then you get to the triple 20, you’ll end up with 1040 points, and you will be playing the game. This means that it is more accommodating than the previous games. The rules are clear and straightforward: scoring as many points as possible is the initial to score the highest.

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High Score Darts Example Game

Let’s review an example game to better understand the high score darts system. In this game, there will be two players. Each player decides on a set high number of points, 1000. Players A and B have a turn throwing darts at the dartboard. Player A is closer to the center of the board and is the first to take the turn. Player A has three darts. The first falls on one 20, the second on a double 16, and the final one hits double 18.

Scored 88 by Player A in one round. Play B throws three darts. They land the first on a 19, the second one on a double 18, and the third with double 20. They are awarded 95 points for this round. Player A plays another round and is rewarded with single 20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20 and triple 19. They score 117 points this time, bringing their total score to 205.

Player B plays their turn and scores only a single 16, a treble 18, and a treble 20. They earn 130 and bring their total points to 225. Player A begins the third round. They hit the single 18 and double 19 or double 20. The team scores 96 points, bringing their total to 301. Player B plays, and they score double 16and, double 18, and triple 20. They earn 128 points, making their score 353 points. The game continues in this manner until one player has reached 1000 points. Every player is trying to score doubles and trebles to achieve the highest score. If a player hits the bullseye’s outer edge and can land on it, they will be awarded 25 points. If they hit the bullseye, they’ll find 50 points.

There isn’t a set procedure to finish the game of darts with high scores, and if a player has more than 1,000 points (or the specified score), the score will count as a win.

How to play high score darts: Tips

High score darts are manageable. You just need to reach the score earlier than your opponent. The primary strategy is to get more points than your opponent. Therefore, an emphasis on higher and trebles is essential to winning.

Also, you must be consistent. This might sound like common sense, but if you get 60 points on each throw, you’ll be finished with the game by the 17th throw. If you attempt to throw the single 20 but fail by a single dart per throw, scoring 45 or more, you’ll have to wait until the 23rd attempt to complete the game.

Therefore, you should first focus on stability instead of scoring huge numbers but failing.

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If you learn the above rules and tips, you must know how to play high scores darts. Darts is not a game that requires extraordinarily competitive and tactical. Many games will find that can play to have fun, and high score darts are among the games that can play for fun. High Score darts are an easy game that can play by all skill levels. It is an instructional tool that can assist beginners in improving their accuracy and aiming and also a way to enhance the skills of advanced players.

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