How to Play Chase the Dragon Dart Game – Pro Tips & Recommendation


One of the main characteristics of darts is their ability to score a lot which means that you have to be in a position to hit a triple. As you progress in your game, you must be capable of hitting trebles to be able to finish in the face of checkouts of more than 100, which requires three darts. Everybody likes practicing on the treble 20, but it’s not the most effective way to become proficient at darts. That’s why you have to learn how to play the chase the dragon dart game.

It’s a darts-practice game, but it can also play as an enjoyable game with the same idea as daily darts or Shanghai-style darts that concentrate on the trebles. If you want to increase the ability to hit trebles while playing darts, follow us below. We will explain how to play the chase the dragon dart game; it is a game created to assist in scoring various numbers and one that will help players practice hitting trebles to prepare to improve their checkouts.

How to play chase the dragon dart game

Play chase the dragon dart game is a darts practice or competition game that allows players to train on their high scoring Trebles. The goal of chasing the dragon is to hit all trebles between the numbers 10-20 consecutively and then hit the bullseye. The first player to accomplish this declares the winner. The reason it is a good game for practice is that it lets players practice trebles with high scoring. This is crucial to hitting checkouts that are 60+. Especially when checkouts require three darts for completion, generally for scores of more than 100. In this article, we’ll go over all the regulations and scores of Chasing the dragon. It’s an easy game to play, making it the perfect game for novices and veterans alike; however, it’s also a simple dart game for a few players to have fun playing.

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Scoring for the chase 

The format of progress and advancement determines the scoring system to play chase the dragon dart game. This means that once a particular number reaches, you can move on to the following number in sequential order. The players cannot move on towards the number after number they want to hit first. To win in the chase the dragon darts, it is necessary to hit the trebles ranging from 10-20 in sequential order. For instance, when you throw and hit treble 10 and then proceed to treble 11.

However, you throw three darts but miss the treble 10. You’ll have to wait until your next turn to throw another dart for 10 until the treble is hit. The game progresses from treble 10 to 20. When a player reaches 20 trebles, they must become the first to hit the bullseye to be the winner of the game. Although scoring is a simple process for darts that chase the dragon. There are a few variations that we’ll cover in the coming paragraphs.

Chase the dragon darts variations

Bonus throw: If players score the treble using all three darts, they will receive another shot immediately. This reward precision and is an excellent reward for intermediate players who occasionally have a perfect throw.

Start over: An alternative to a bonus throws, the start over a variant of darts chase the dragons is that if a treble miss on one of the three darts, players require to start from the point at which they start. This is a great option for experienced players that are unlikely to miss. However, a variant suitable for intermediate players is if a throw miss. Players redirect back a number to their next throw. If a player is unable to throw 15, for instance, the player will return to 14 for their next throw.

All trebles: Instead of paying attention to numbers 10-20, every treble means they are all considered; therefore, players must hit all trebles starting from 1-20 in numerical order.

Handicap: The handicap version of the chase the dragon darts can be played by players with different skill levels. The more skilled player will begin with an advantage and begin at either number 1 or 5, while the less skilled player will begin on 10. This gives all players the same chance to grow in the same manner and increase competition regardless of the difference in skill.

Strategy in chase the dragon

There is no method to Chase the Dragon as it is an art of skills. The best thing I can recommend is to work on your Trebles. Using a mix of exercises to increase the accuracy of your trebles you can achieve. The game could result in some exhilarating moments between two players when played with a competitive spirit. But, if there’s an evident gap in skill between the two players, the game will not be able to be as pleasurable for a less skilled player in a match against a more skilled player.

It is possible to fix this by playing this game called the Handicapped Game. However, this ability may not be sufficient. It isn’t an appropriate game for novices. If you only start, you must consider alternatives for playing this game. Chase, the dragon, is a game of skill. Any new player should play an opportunity to improve their skill level before engaging in an actual game similar to this. One option is the classic ” Around the Board” game. Around the Board can help increase your accuracy in darts and prepare you for harder games like Chase the Dragon.

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In practice

Although it is a competitive sport in its own right. It could also use as a training game to improve accuracy and regularity. The method to use this game in practice is easy. Simply remove the other player from the game and play the game as if you’d play any other game on your own. This is great game training combined with games that help you hit doubles. If you go into a game where you can hit all of your doubles. Most of your trebles won’t frequently be hitting. Chase, the dragon, is a very popular sport in America, increasing in popularity across the globe. It isn’t often played in other parts of the world because of a similar-to-practice game called ” The JDC Challenge.” It is the JDC Challenge is preferred by professionals because it encourages hitting more targets at once.

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What is the rules for chasing the dragon darts 

To play chase of the Dragon Darts. Every participant allows throwing three darts on the dartboard. The goal is to hit every treble between 10-20 in a row. Then hit the bullseye to take the victory. Like around the clock, as you get up for a game of chase the dragon. You can switch off the part of your brain that gets worried about the math that is a constant annoyance. Don’t worry about multiplying, adding, or subtracting since Chase the Dragon is ALL about pure talent. And, boy, do you have to require to prove it! The objective in the game players to hit the trebles for each segment, starting at 10 and finishing at 20.

Then, the inner and outer bulls throw-in before declaring the victory! Triples must strike sequentially. For example, a darts player is not able to hit a triple 14 without first hitting the triple 13 before. If by luck, the player can hit a number outside of sequence, the dart is null. The player has to continue to hit the number they intended to hit. The primary distinction between chasing the dragon and a game of around the clock is that while in around the clock only the number of numbers which consider while playing chase, the dragon, the win-condition entwin with hitting the triples.

This means that single and double scores aren’t valid. Each player has three darts each turn to score the triple. If the triple validly struck during the first or second throw, players can use the darts left to score the next number in the order that follows. If a player is not able to hit the target with any of his darts, their turn ends then the player next gives their turn. The chase ends when a player captures his dragon and hits all of the equivalent trebles, and hits the outer and inner bulls, in turn.


Play chase the dragon dart game is an excellent game that helps players to improve on high-scoring trebles. It is perfect to use as shots to cover or as a way to practice large checkouts. The rules and scoring are simple and easy to learn, making it ideal for beginners and experienced players. The one thing to keep in mind is that if an absolute beginner is a novice to the game of darts, you might not have the ability to hit the trebles, which can result in an extremely difficult game to play.

If you want to play chase the dragon dart game that is more accessible for beginners, you can try the clock darts I’ve included at the end of this article. In this game, the darts are thrown in the order of numbers (the same idea similar to chasing the Dragon darts). Still, one major difference is that every segment of the number is included in the game, making it easier to advance in the number sequence for novice players.

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