How to Play Call Three Darts | A Beginner Playing Guide You Must Read


The game of call three darts can be described as among the few games that are unique every time that you participate. While the rules remain the same, from round and game to game the goals are rearranged at the moment. It is recommended to have at minimum two players to start but like many games, the more fun, the better. What is the best way to by calling three darts? To play, you must call three darts. each player calls out the targets for the player who is active to hit. If the dart is successful, they will be awarded one point. The player who scores the most points by the time they have completed ten rounds is the winner. It’s actually a lot more entertaining than it appears and, as with all games, there’s some more than throwing a ball at random targets. Let’s examine the complete rules.

What is call three darts

Call Three is a simple fun dart game anyone can enjoy on all levels. From the youngest of novices to the most experienced of professionals. Call Three does not require any complicated strategies or complex scoring calculations. Call three lets players to compete with each other by setting rounds for each other. This gameplay is as simple or challenging as the players would like. After you have learned more about the basics of what Call Three is, let’s discuss the rules of playing as well as the rules of Call Three, and the easy scoring.

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How to play call three darts

Call three darts is one of the most simple dart games to master and play. It’s first necessary to create a throwing order. This can accomplish by having players each throw one dart toward the board. The one nearest to the target is the first to go then the next or flip an ointment, play paper-rock-scissors or simply pick a winner among yourself (there are no set rules for who will go first). Each player will get three darts for each round. The player next in line to throw will decide on the three targets of the player on the line.

The thrower will try to hit every target assigned by the player next to them in the order in which they are referred to (for example, if the marks are 3, 20 13, then the player who throws the ball will need to strike 3, 20, and finally 13,). Each time a target is hit, it earns one point. If a shooter is able to hit the target’s triple or double area, they’ll score two or three points according to the respective rules. If the player who throws the ball cannot reach the designated targets, no points will be awarded while the following player takes the board’s control. The gameplay for 10 rounds. After the completion of 10-rounds, the participant who has the most points is declared the winner.

Rules of call three darts

After the order of players determines. After the order players start playing, the first player will stand before the oche, and wait for the player who will come after them to shout out three numbers. The numbers range from 1 to 20 and include the bullseye. The player who is the first to make three consecutive hits using their three darts in the exact order that the numbers were announced. The first player gets only one dart to hit every number. One dart will be for the initial number. The second dart is to use for the next for the number after it and the third for the number 3.

If they miss the first number using the one dart at first, they have to repeat the first number. Hitting another number does not matter – for instance striking the number 2 using the first dart doesn’t count, nor hit the first number using only the initial dart.

If the dart is hit by the call-out number using the correct dart, they will be awarded points. Points are calculated in the following manner:

  • One award is a single point
  • Double-hitting awards two points.
  • The triple award three points.
  • The outer bullseye is awarded two points.
  • The inner bullseye is the target for three points.

In one round, the highest number of points an individual can earn is 9 (3 3).

Three darts only play for the duration of ten games. The player with the best score after the ten rounds of play is the winner of the game.

How to score in a game of call three darts

Maintaining the score should be a breeze. All you have to do is to write down the names of dart players on the scoreboard. On the left note down the numbers of rounds 1 to 10. Each turn, write down the points that each player has recorded. After all the rounds are complete, you need to calculate the sums of each participant – luckily that the numbers are simple to determine. The player who has the highest points gets the prize. This method seems to be extremely simple however, in some cases, when an athlete has earned many points, there might not be a need to play for the entire ten rounds.

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The game of call three darts can describe as an extremely easy game, and there aren’t any complex strategies or techniques in this game. However, it is something to note. If you’re just playing to have fun, simply select the numbers that you like picking. I tend to choose random numbers to keep my friends amused and alter the game bit. I don’t necessarily adhere to any specific strategy when doing this.

For instance, I could choose:

  • 1, 4, and 6;
  • 19, 17, and 20;
  • 14, 11, and 8;
  • 20, 3, and the bullseye
  • 11, 6 and the bullseye

However, if you’d like to play more in a competitive manner (which isn’t something to be worried about, believe me) You should attempt to pinpoint and focus on the numbers your opponent has the greatest difficulties with. If you know what numbers your opponent has the greatest difficulty with, this will be simple. If, however, you’re playing with someone whose capabilities you don’t know it is necessary to experiment. Make different calls and observe any patterns.

Additionally, it is important to not make use of numbers that are close to one another as your opponent could be able to enter the groove and strike them. Do your best to get your opponent to play across the board.

Call out numbers are placed on the different sides of the board, such as:

  • 4, 14, and 2;
  • 12, 6, and 8;
  • 7, 15, and 5;

In this way, you’ll keep your opponent from getting familiar with specific areas on the dartboard. In addition, you might prefer to stay clear of the popular numbers such as 20 and 19, for instance.

What are some variations of call three darts

If you’re seeking to add a new variation to the game, there are certainly some intriguing ways to play three darts.

  • It is possible to allow different parts that call differently. For instance, triple 1 double 6, double 6 and double 11. This makes the game much more challenging.
  • It is possible to make the rules slightly permissive, allowing players to attempt to get the first number to hit with several darts prior to going to the next number.
  • The player is able to play the games in whatever order they wish.

How to play three call darts: Tips

The idea behind calling three darts is fairly straightforward however, it may take players some time to become familiar with it before they are able to apply a particular strategy and gain an edge. The most effective strategy is to choose those numbers you know your adversaries are likely to be unable to hit. It is the numbers you know they’re not comfortable with or ones that are spread across the board to ensure they don’t have any consistency or rhythm.

The second option is to select a number that is close to each other such as 16, 8, 7. The reason is that the dart first at 16 may stop the next two darts, or make them harder to hit. It will depend on the player’s skill and level of accuracy, as some may prefer to hit numbers if they are grouping them together.


There aren’t many “simple” dart games you can take out and play particularly when playing with a large group. Sometimes, it’s better to have a game that everyone can understand the idea behind. The game of Call Three Darts can be just one of the games. To play call three darts you have to be aware of the numbers your opponent has assigned you to strike – which is as simple as it gets in darts! However, there are many variations that can add to the rules, so it’s not just an enjoyable game for novices as more experienced players can play it as a challenge.

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