How to Play Beer Pong – Get Pro Tips & Win Easily in Beer Pong Game


Drinking games are not about getting drunk. Beer is not as social as spirits or wine, but it is still a popular beverage. Its drinkers tend to be more competitive. Beer pong is intended as a fun, silly, and humorous game but can quickly get intense. The goal is to win. Let’s look at how to play beer pong and some tips and tricks for beer pong to help you succeed, hopefully without having a mug of it!

What is beer pong

Beer Pong is a widely played drinking game. It is also known under the name Beirut. The game involves two teams of players who attempt to throw ping pong balls across the table to land in beer cups on the other side. Beer pong can be found in many places, such as bars and colleges, universities, and even house parties. It is believed that it evolved from similar games played at Ivy League Dartmouth college’s fraternities in Hanover, New Hampshire.

This game, which was played with bats and a net, resembled table tennis. However, the game has become much simpler over the years and no longer uses paddles or sticks. Because Beer Pong is a fun and casual drinking game, no official body or organization exists to maintain the rules of this game. It is still a popular game that requires skill and luck. However, because it involves alcohol, it should only be played by those legally allowed to drink.

If you are a ping pong game lover then you may like to read how to practice ping pong.

How to Play Beer Pong

Rules of beer pong

  • Form two teams of players (or just one)
  • cups a total number of 12, arrange six (6) cups along each side of a table. Arrange cups in triangles, leaving 4 inches of space between the table and each cup. With the single-cup pointed towards the middle, place three cups at the edge of the table. Next, place two cups. Each cup should contain 3 to 4 ounces. Before hitting a shot, the opponent can inspect their cups to ensure they have enough beer. If the liquid appears to have less than three to four ounces of volume, it must be replenished.
  • The Game: Each team takes turns shooting the ball after deciding who will start the game. Each team takes turns shooting one after the other.
  • Shooting: A player can throw the ball, toss it, or bounce it to aim for a cup. The shooter’s elbow must not touch the end of a table. If it is allowed, you can sit on the table and not touch it. When it was happening to land in the middle among many cups, they are all considered sunk.
  • Sinking the CupsThe othe
Rules of beer pong

How to play beer pong

Choose the right team 

Yes, it’s a fun party game. However, most people don’t clear the beer pong tables until the party gets into full swing. So be careful of your pro-ping pong friends who are too drunk. They will ruin your game with tricks shots and make it difficult for you to enjoy the game. It will result in them making eye contact in their drunken stupor, and the fun never starts.

Understanding the game 

Beirut is another word for beer pong. The goal is to get drunk but not to make the other team more inebriated. Your team needs to score every time the other team drinks the beer. In simple terms, you “make” by landing aping-pong balls in cups belonging to opposing teams. The ball gets removed by team members, who then drink the beer. To win, you must eliminate all your competitors.

Know the house rules

Every house party has its own rules. Some games have the loser having to drink all the left-over beers of both teams. Other games have a reset button that you get if the player makes two consecutive shots. After a ball falls in the cup, you must drain the cup and place it away. End the game if you have two identical balls in the cup. You can also fill the cups with a popular brew.

Get the right tools 

You will need party cups. You’ll need at most two Ping pong balls per team. You can have more than one because the balls will be small, and the units may be drunk. A table that is 8 feet long is fine; this is the ideal size for Ping pong. If the beer is too cloudy, you can have a couple clear water cups to rinse them off.

Use this handy hangover relief remedy

Beer pong is a game of fun. If you are the designated driver, keep it simple and only referee. Remember that the goal of the game is not to get drunk but to keep your aim straight. The more you drink, the better your shot. This is the whole point. A hangover is a sign that you have won. Be prepared before you touch the ball.

Pick a cup number 

Beer pong cups remind you of a lot of cueing in a pool rack. 6-cup beer pong is possible. Cups are placed in a 3-2-1 arrangement. Or, you could play 10-cup with cups that are arranged 4-3-2-1. Some formations may be more complex than others. Your chances of making a get a are more significant if the cups are more meaningful, particularly if your drinking increases.

Spice up the game 

How can you improve the game of throwing tiny balls at drunken people? It’s time to raise the stakes. Deer Pong has a lighter version that is suitable for children. However, it’s more fun to have a few more beers to make the shapes and colors work. Fear pong introduces some truth and dare. Both will keep you playing more, and practice makes perfect.

Fill the little lower

What’s the point of playing? Is it for the camaraderie, bragging right, or simply to get more drunk? The length of the games depends on their purpose. Remember, regardless of how skilled your aim is, it doesn’t matter if someone else can throw. For a more loner and sporty feel, you can fill your cups only with minimal beer. You can fill it up to the top if you’re on a stag night.

Add a lot of flairs 

Yes, you want it to be a win. You also want to enjoy the game. It’s cool to shoot tricks when you are sober, but it’s even more fun when you have alcohol in the system. Don’t forget to practice fancy finger work before starting the game. Even sub-sets can be made for competitive throwing.

Stand correctly 

You can find millions of videos detailing the Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras’, and Serena positions. Beer pongs, too, have different stances. These may not seem to be important when you are drunk and keeling. However, you should keep your feet planted with your shoulders at the shoulder and a slight bend at the knee. You must keep your body in balance to not fall over, even when drunk.

Hold the ball in the right way

This is a severe article about beer pong. That means you probably practice before you have a drink to improve your game. Try these grips again after you’ve had a few beers. It is not beer bong when you have not had some beer. And it’s almost not as fun to win while entirely sober.

Watch your opponents 

Some players are conscious of picking bad teammates. They choose people who “let” them drink by missing more shots than what they make. Other pongers are serious enough not to be swayed by death cups and lefties. You can learn from and play with these players if your goal is to be better at beer pong. Avoid them if a novice is concerned, if you don’t want to be seen as dumb, or if drinking is your primary motivation.

Try a few tricks 

Yes, indeed, we are all cautious about pro players. However, if you play beer pong a lot, it is good to have some tossing tips. The main tosses for the bounce shot are the bounce shot that skips two to three cups before it settles. Some house rules allow learning. You can avoid getting too drunk by playing right after you eat.

Study your teammates too 

You can also learn from other teams. Beer pongs possess basic ‘playing personalities. These might be their common traits. They could be just quirks that are amplified by alcohol. The ability to predict the types of patterns you’ll come up with when you mix small cups and giant balls can dramatically improve your game. The beer is just one part of the equation. But it’s all about the people.

Aim for your back 

Be sure to aim towards the back whether you’re trying to do the trick shot with a free-throw or underhand stance. You can avoid the ball hitting the rim and slipping back into the cup. Chances are you’ll even get lucky and make a bounce. If the ball hits the rear edge, it will settle faster. The ball is less likely not to spin for too long, making it easier for your opponents to grab or blow it away.

Practice with paddles 

This party game is mainly played by drunk amateurs. It’s intended as a lighthearted, fun game. Try playing with paddles if you want tips on beer pong. It forces you to focus more, even if you’ve had three or thirty sips. It also helps to set a goal and a technique so you don’t get lost in the details. It’s important to remove all breakables from the area first. Things will go awry.

Read the rules 

This should probably be the first tip. It’s more important for professionals players, so we place it at the bottom. Professional beer pong players. You’ll need to understand complex elements like roll-backs, redemptions, re-racks, and swatting. This is tournament-level knowledge, so if this is your thing, find your local beer pong circuit.

Tips and Tricks

It takes practice to play beer pong. If you start the game out, you can still learn a few tricks.

  • Partner with an experienced professional, great choice is someone who enjoys sports or beer drinking.
  • First shot at easy cups- The difficult cups can be rearranged later in the game.
  • Make a cup of water and pour it into a bowl.- Cleaning your ball will remove dirt. The ball’s water coating adds weight to the ball and makes scoring easier.
  • You can bounce the ball as often as you like. It’s a great way of scoring additional points.
  • Talk about trash- Do not be intimidated by the insults and swearing of your opponents. Beer pong is known for word battles. Both you and your opponent will be challenged on a psychological and physical level. Keep calm and shoot.


Students and youth like to play beer pong very much. It is very popular among them. The game involves filling cups with beer and placing them in a particular pattern. Players then try to sink the cups by throwing a Pingpong ball inside. There are many beer-pong rules. However, many of them are only used in official tournaments or serious competitions.

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