How to Play Baseball Darts – An Instructable Guide for All Newcomer


Do you know how to play baseball darts? Baseball is a great dart game that is suitable for beginners. It requires you to focus on more of the space in the dartboard. This keeps your feet moving around the board, which assists you in learning the numbers while playing. It’s not only for novices, as even the top players require to practice on these targets that are not often used across the table. It is not just a way to increase dart accuracy but is also focused on the triples. Baseball is played as a single event and team. It’s a great way to break out of the triple twenty and nineteenth monotony.

Baseball is among the most well-known dart sports in America. However, the rules for baseball darts have nothing to do with have to do with the actual sport of baseball. The name comes because it is played over nine rounds (or “innings.” It is customary to refer to every point that is scored as”run. “run,” but that is where the similarities stop. The numbers 1-9 are used in the game unless it goes into extra innings (more on this later). Here we will discuss what is baseball darts, how to play baseball darts and much other helpful info.

What are baseball darts

Darts in baseball is a game inspired by the sport of baseball. Like regular sports, baseball is divided into innings, and gamers score runs. However, players can only get a run when they hit certain board areas. As opposed to subtracting points, you track the total number of runs. When you reach the 9th inning team who scored the most runs is the winner.

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How to play baseball darts

  • According to the guidelines of Baseball Darts, players take turns launching three darts to a specified figure on the game board.
  • The numbers 1 through 9 are being played here, and every dart can be worth a score dependent on the area on the table you land on.
  • See our scoring guide to determine the amount each section is worth.
  • When all players have had their turn throwing darts towards each number being played, the scores are added to the total. Players proceed towards the number next.
  • The game continues until the players are finished throwing after the ninth inning. The winner is whoever has the most points throughout nine innings.
  • If the score is even at the end of the ninth innings, as in baseball, the game continues to extra innings.
  • Extra Innings is played in numerical order across the table until you can determine an obvious winner.

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Set up your game

If you’re planning to set up the game at home, you’ll be required to know the proper places to set up your darts equipment. Dartboard Position: You’ll have to put the bullseye at least 5ft 8in the ground. Throwing distance: The standard throwing distance is 7ft 9 to the left of the board. Throwing line: Also referred to as the ‘oche’, place something at least 7ft 9in to ensure that all players throw from the same height. Place A small piece of tape on the ground is the ideal solution.

Starting the Game

The game won’t require much preparation to begin once the teams are in place and the area for the game is well-organized. Choose who will play first by playing play bull. Then, players can throw darts at the board. The closest is the first to go, while the furthest distance is the last.

Baseball darts strategies

Alongside the basic information, there’s little about the method used to play the game of Baseball Darts. In general, it is recommended that the three-dimensional space in the goal number must always be targeted at every throw. It is because the triple number is 3 runs. The highest score for an inning could be 9 in an innings. All players who are eligible for time-based play aim for the triple. You can use a triple as a “home run in traditional baseball.”

Common terms


An Inning is the rounds of turns in the game is taking place. In the first game, it is when the first turn that each player gets and the second inning is two rounds of turns and so on.


The dartboard’s circles serve to determine the order. In the outer circle, there is the ‘double’, the white and black spaces are called the ‘one’ and the middle ring is known as the triple.’ These terms indicate the significance of the points since they are affixed with their respective numbers in these spaces.


Run is the word used to describe points. A player can score points when they have reached the goal number of that game. The single space reached at the end of the number will earn one run, a Double is worth two, and the triple is worth 3.

How to score in baseball darts

Scores in Baseball Darts could not be more straightforward to calculate and is ideal for people not very confident in numbers. A dart hit within the cream or black portion that is the right number will earn one run. If you hit the outside in the number that is red or green is worth two runs. If you can hit the middle section of the number, red or green, it is worth three runs. Suppose you do not hit the number or dartboard in whole scores, you 0 runs. In the previous paragraph, the players get three darts per number, and their score is added up according to how it goes. For an elegant look, make a list of each player’s name on the bottom of the paper and then write 1-9 across the top. Draw a grid, and note every score against each player during the game.

The rules of baseball darts

In the rules for baseball darts, players alternate throwing their darts three times at the number corresponding to the current innings. For example, in the first game, all darts must be placed at 1, the first number on the dartboard. A single hit earns you one run, and a double is worth two runs, as is the triple worth 3. If a dart goes in the area that is not within the 1, it is worth nothing. After all, players have had a chance at the number 1, the game has ended, and you are now on the next inning, where you will have your scoring goal. It continues until you’ve finished a total of nine innings. After the ninth inning, the team or player with the most points is awarded.

Baseball dart rule variations

A variation to the baseball rules is to play with the idea of a “7th inning stretch”. This adds a new rule in which when a player fails to hit a home run during the seventh innings, the entire score is reduced by half. It is a good way to experiment with. But using this stretch of play can make the difference between winning or losing an entire game.

Dominant Players: If you’re playing baseball with teams, and the teams are not evenly distributed, and you don’t know how to fix it, you could use a dummy player to help even out the scoring. Dummies will be assigned a score based on the levels of players (usually 5, 10, 15, or 10) and then divided equally across the innings.

Alternative games Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts is certainly a fantastic game for groups for both beginners and professionals. Suppose you are searching for a fun darts game. It’s recommended to keep an assortment of games that utilize the dartboard but be prepared to break out. An excellent instance can be Around the Clock, another game you can play in a group and will aid in improving your darts. The killer is a different game for groups played with a standard dartboard, but it’s a lot more enjoyable than the name suggests!

How to play baseball darts: Tips

  • Triples rule the day. Nine points are the possible score for an inning by a player and are made up of three triples.
  • Furthermore, as the triple is located between the two segments, the missed dart is likely to land in the single section but still be worth one point.

A perfect baseball game would require at least 81 points. There is no evidence of it being achieved as far as I know. It would require placing every dart into the triples section regularly.


Baseball darts are just one of the numerous methods to enjoy darts. It’s best played with teams, allowing players to recreate the rules of a game played in baseball. Each player throws at a single section, that is, the dartboard. The number one is the target at the beginning of the innings and the second in the second, and then on.

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