How to Play Badminton Better – Easy 16 Pro Tips to Become Better Player


Although Badminton is the world’s most fast-paced racquet sport, it is played both as a leisure activity and a sport that demands a lot of effort. When I played Badminton over an extended time, I began to wonder why I didn’t play Badminton better. Then I realized it was because I had negative habits that prevented me from playing Badminton better. Let me give you the suggestions I believe will definitely help you to play Badminton better.

How to play badminton better

You’ve been playing Badminton for a while but aren’t able to improve? Then you’re in luck! It’s the best guide to follow for you. You must try some tricky shots while playing badminton. If you can’t then through this article, I’ll be discussing with you the easiest way to play Badminton better. So let’s get down to it!

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How to play badminton better

Warm-up to play Badminton 

Make sure your body is ready to play the badminton competition to come. Because Badminton is a sport that requires strength and agility, it is essential to pay attention to these areas during your warm-up. Ideally, you should begin by jogging gently around the court or sprinting a few. Then, when your pulse has increased, and your body feels more comfortable, move the most critical muscle areas, focusing mainly on the back, legs, and shoulders to be fully prepared for the rest of the lunges to come.

Learn to generate power 

When you’re an amateur, the shots you make aren’t as effective. However, practice and regular practice badminton alone can boost your power. You can achieve this by controlling the images you shoot and coordinating. The leg muscles’ administration appears to be generated; the torso and arms are just conduits for the power generated.

Learn advanced techniques 

Additionally, there are some basic methods. To improve your skills at Badminton, that you’ll have to master more advanced techniques as the shorter and flick serves, the jump-smash slice/chop, spin-net, or film. A more comprehensive range of strategies implies that you have to adjust to more diverse problems you can put up.

The grip for badminton 

When picking a racket, the grip is essential. Small clasps are ideal for smaller hands, and larger grips are suitable for larger hands. When you hold the badminton racket, do not hold the racket tightly. Instead, use a loose grip. Being flexible with your wrist can help you to master your backhand and forehand shots.

Juggle the Shuttle 

Make sure to hit the shuttle to the ceiling using the backhand and forehand grips, one at a. Once you’re at ease, you can use the two sides of the tennis racquet simultaneously. Then, lower the amount of height you reach the shuttle. For a more difficult make sure you walk.

Make your contact point more effective 

This may be an obvious thing to do; however, the vast majority of players aren’t hitting the “sweet place” in the way they believe they could. Therefore, improving at Badminton boils down to knowing the location of the “sweet place” is. Sweet spot refers to the smallest space located on the mattress of the strings on the racket. When utilized to hit the shuttle, it will provide a charming feel and provide the most efficient force transmission.

Contrary to what many believe, the sweet spot isn’t located in the middle of the racket but a bit over. The reason is that racket technology has realized that the nature that has the sweet spot slightly higher than the center will provide you with a power advantage. Therefore, increase the accuracy of your contact point to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all your methods! In addition, many players do not hit the shuttle at an optimal height, limiting the possible angles players can take advantage of to become better in Badminton and take home the game. One method to observe is to record the overhead shot to look for bent elbows or the slanted swings that hinder you from improving your skills in Badminton!

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Prepare yourself for any eventuality

Since Badminton is a high-speed and unpredictable sport, you need to be ready to move anywhere at any time. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of your body’s limits. You do not want to take that all-important shot only to discover yourself lying on the floor suffering from a painful injury.

Practice your lunges  

Lunges allow you to get to the shuttle swiftly and help prevent injuries. Try lunging on both sides of the court. Begin by taking small steps and, as you improve, you can increase the length of your strides. Through practice, you’ll get faster and better.

Make sure you get a perfect serve

A solid service is essential as it prepares you up for the subsequent shot. It is possible to use the backhand serve, forehand service, and service in singles and doubles matches. Take a look at this blog post to master the backhand serve! To learn the backhand serve and get the beginning! When I was in the nation’s team, I could blindfold ourselves or cover the net and function adequately. Don’t hurry to serve. Keep your focus upon your shot and the shuttle. Once you’ve mastered that, then shift your attention to the adversary. Look around to see where the Opponent is standing, and then try to get the Opponent by switching between short serves and long serves as well as flick serves.

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Cross-train around your badminton 

Because Badminton demands endurance and agility, it’s recommended to engage with other sports to improve your performance. For example, walking fast or jogging is excellent to build up good knee strength, which will allow your knees to take on the stress of a moving badminton match. In addition, making an effort to improve your ability to move and flexibility by engaging in other activities that focus on flexibility, such as yoga, can also help your game.

Enhance your feet work 

Perform the six-corner footwork as well as the forward-back footwork. A proper footwork method can increase your speed and let you remove low shuttles and recuperate from difficult positions. It takes care of safety as well as speed, and effectiveness as well. It is essential to train your footwork often, mainly to master the overhead shots. Watch the 3-part video on how to master footwork. You’ll be flying across the court once you have got the footwork.

Your opponent must move back and forth

Utilize lift or drop shot lob, and smash to manipulate the Opponent to move forward and back. This will elevate your game to an entirely new level. As you force the opponents to move back and forth, try playing attacks to the extreme right and left side of the court, so your Opponent is forced to move from one end to the other side. Concentrate on making your opponents move across the court eventually; you’ll be a tough badminton player to compete with.

Develop your game strategy 

The process of developing a game plan requires an organized approach. In the beginning, you’ll need to identify your strengths. For example, certain players excel in rallies; they are physically and fit or possess incredible precision in their technique. Others are speedy and possess tremendous power. At the same time, some have an innate approach they excel at. Then, come up with some play styles that can be used to your advantage.

Here you will develop a list of the possible strategies you could use, like engaging, rallying, or preparing yourself for a specific technique. It’s always good to keep a backup plan if the initial one does not work. It’s also beneficial to determine your Opponent’s weaknesses during the game and monitor their matches before the game. In the end, you must adjust your game strategies to be in line with your shortcomings. This is how you develop your game plan.

Try to play technically

Do not be deceived by the game of Badminton. It’s an exercise that is good for the mind. It is a game that demands constant thought and planning; however, it can require a long time to grow as a beginner. Therefore, when you are just beginning, the best way to build these abilities is to ensure that every shot is a goal and be aware of the entirety of the court as you can throughout the game. Then your plan will be in place. Your attitude is an integral part of your game. Do not enter a game thinking you’ll lose because your negative outlook will be evident in your game.

Cool down after playing 

In any exercise or physical activity, be sure that you end your session with a bit of cooling down. Continue as you started; however, you’ll be able to finish by walking through the court this time. It is then time to do some gentle stretching. Again, concentrate on the principal muscle groups; however, you might want to focus on different areas based on the exercise. Finally, do your extension for approximately 30 minutes (a slightly longer than the warming-up) to ensure a really intense stretch.

Learn to master in your backhand 

Backhand corners are typically the weaker shot for the majority of players. Request a partner to deliver shuttles to you from the backhand corner, and you can practice. Increase your accuracy and control so that you can make hotshots and soft shots using your backhand Concentrate on these suggestions to enhance your game of Badminton and gradually work to improve your technique and form.


Practice makes a man perfect. So There is no other way to practise Badminton a lot to play Badminton better. So if you want to play Badminton better, then follow these instructions. After playing some days, you will realize the changes in your playing.

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