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These smaller living areas are great for encouraging family interaction while keeping maintenance costs low. They are not ideal for storage. My babys love having their toys in our family living areas. This allows my children to play with each other, and it is also a place I can watch them. Without a playroom or family room, it can feel as though my babys are taking over the house. So let’s have a disscution on how to organize baby toys.

How to organize baby toys

These are many ways to organize baby toys in an 1100-square-foot home. I am a mother to two children and a home-care provider. We will use a variety of objects to help your child organize their space.

Furniture that doubles as storage

You have many options when it comes to furniture that doubles up as storage. Ottomans and benches that open up can be used to store your children’s toys or books. You can store puzzles and other games on coffee tables, end tables, or end tables that have drawers or cabinets underneath. There are affordable furniture options that can be purchased, even though most people don’t have enough money to purchase new furniture. A few storage spaces can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Furniture is something you will need to have. Furniture with built-in storage can be an excellent way to organize baby toys. It can even be used to decorate!

Baskets made from woven for toys

To organize baby toys, you can use woven or wicker baskets. You can use small enough baskets to fit under furniture or in corners without looking too childish. The children can help choose the best-woven baskets to store toys. Stuffed animals can be stored in large storage containers.

Plastic tubs with lids that can be stacked

For most families, purchasing multiple small plastic tubs is essential. You can label each bin with a name or a picture to let your children know where it is. You can stack bins with the same size lids on shelves or in closets to keep them out of view. They are often available for a meager price or at dollar stores for around a dollar. This one is from Pigskins or PigTails.

You can make space behind your couch

If your couch is pushed against a wall, you can raise it up and put toys behind it. You can store more giant toys behind the couch if you have an open floor plan, like mine. While they won’t be visible, they won’t be in the way of high-traffic areas. You can place the toys under a table like this one. Although the couch doesn’t technically serve as a toy organizer, it is an excellent place for organizing and storing toys.

Shoe racks for toys storage

Store toys on shoe racks. Attatch a hanging shoe rack to the back of a closet door or bedroom door and store small toys, Barbies, or action figures. A sliding shoe rack on a closet floor can store Barbies and action figures with their cars or houses.

Stick it to the wall or fridge

You can fill small boxes or bins attached to your fridge with a magnet, suction cup, or magnets with craft materials or toys. You can make these storage containers with your children. Take apart small containers or pasta boxes. To make a cute and helpful storage container, add a bit of paint to the lid.

Rolling toys

Store toys in either cart or on wheels on shelves. When you are done move them around. You can fill the shelves with baskets or toys and store them in a closet.

Portable toy caddies

Carry toy around to help keep your home tidy. You can fill a caddy with small craft supplies or toys and then pack it up to store at the end.

You can place a Pegboard or hooks inside a closet to hang sports rackets or small baskets of toys and doll clothes. Hang it on a wall if it isn’t too distracting from your home’s decor. Pegboards are a hugely popular organizational tool right now. Our complete guide to Pegboard Organization in Every Room is available here.

Wall hooks and pegboards

Maximize Space Outside the Living Room

You should make the most of any storage space that is available beyond your main living spaces. To make more room for toys, use the crib skirt or bed skirt in each bedroom. Maximize your closet space, sort toys according to size. To store balls and stuffed animals, you can hang mesh bags in your closet. Use hammocks and wall shelves to protect stuffed animals in bedrooms from the ground, .

Toy Hammocks

Toy hammocks can be a great way to store stuffed animals for babys, especially if they have a lot. To make it easy for the babys to find their toys, we placed them right above their beds. Well-organized toy storage makes it easy to find toys and makes it quick and easy for cleanup. If toys take over your living space, these toy storage solutions will help you get back control.

How to store toys for children

Stuffed animal zoo

A zoo made up of stuffed animals is a cute idea from The Keeper Of Cheerios. This could become a family heirloom your children can pass on to their children.

Montessori toy shelf

This method of organizing toys into boxes and giving each child one to play with is a favorite among us. The Montessori toy shelf will reduce clutter and make your children more engaged with their toys.

Back of the door stokcage

This Back of the Door Storage This is an incredible hack! She already knows what you will need. You need strong hooks. It is simple to make large tote bags.

Read here the full guide on how to store baby toys in living room.


When your children begin to accumulate toys after every holiday or birthday, it can be hard to feel resentful. Once you step on a toy, you will feel the pain of organize baby toys and trying to find a way for your children to keep it from falling to the ground. Parents can find it overwhelming to organize their homes. However, if you start with a handful of valuable items, you’ll feel less overwhelmed. Start with the worst, and work your way up to a cleaner space.

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