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Most of us are aware that treadmills are huge in size and a heavy exercise machine. Many fitness lovers have a treadmill in their homes, while others look forward to purchasing it soon. A treadmill can be a great tool for maintaining your fitness. Moving a treadmill from one location to another requires a different level of fitness. However, if you move it incorrectly, this awkward piece of exercise equipment could cause injury to anyone who is even slightly fitter. This guide will show you how to move your treadmill from one location to another. It also includes some tips and tricks to help make the process easier. You may be able to move a treadmill on your own in some instances. It is helpful to have someone else around if you’re moving large-sized furniture that weighs more than 50 pounds.

How to move a treadmill

Any move requires creativity, flexibility, and a smart, organized approach. You have a lot of work to do when it comes to moving large and heavy equipment. It takes time to figure out how to move the treadmill. You don’t want the treadmill to scratch or damage your furniture and drywall. This guide will help you move your treadmill safely and quickly.

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For moving instructions, refer to the manual

The user’s manual should be read before you move the treadmill. You will find two essential knowledge in the manual:

  • Size and weight
  • Instructions for folding and locking

You will need ropes or bands to keep your folding treadmill together while you move it.

The owner’s manual will usually include clear instructions for moving the treadmill. These instructions typically involve disassembling or folding it. Some treadmills may have wheels to help the relocation.

If you have trouble finding a user manual for your treadmill, look at the model number on the back. You can find the owner’s guide online.

Check the weight and size of the treadmill

Two people may be required to lift a treadmill that is more than 45 pounds. Three or more people may be needed to help you move a heavy treadmill over 100 pounds. It is important to measure the width and length of the treadmill. You need to ensure that it can safely pass through all doors, including the elevator lobby, when moving to a new location. Sometimes it’s easier to take out a door than to disassemble a treadmill.

Remove the safety key

The most important thing to do is unplug your treadmill. If you don’t remember this, you could end up damaging the plug or wire or even falling because of the jolt. Although it’s less likely than the others, it still happens.

So, never ignore unplugging your treadmill. To prevent the cord from getting in your way during shifting, wrap it and tape it. Remember to take out the safety key.

Move the treadmill from one area to another

You can roll the treadmill as far as you want on its wheels without needing to fold it or use a dolly. This is how it works:

  • One person should stand at each end of the treadmill.
  • One person will grab the upright bars and the other the section of the belt.
  • The person at the belt will gently tip the treadmill back until the wheels support it.
  • Gently move the treadmill around the house or to another room if you don’t have stairs.
  • You must ensure that the person walking backwards is being guided by someone moving forward without any obstacles.

Continue reading to learn how to move a treadmill downstairs or through narrow doors.

Fold the treadmill or take it apart

The majority of treadmills fold in half, with the top or bottom sections folding down. To lock the folded position, it should have a locking device. There are also non-folding treadmills that can be used and those that break eventually. Preparations are the first step in moving a treadmill. Unplug the equipment, and then follow the folding instructions in the owner’s manual.

Explore the treadmill’s moving parts

You might be able to carry your treadmill if it is not foldable. The console can be removed, or you might be able to disassemble your treadmill partially. For more information, refer to the owner’s manual.

Get the essential supplies

To ensure safety, use straps, ropes, and blankets during the move. Treadmills can be heavy and difficult to transport. Wrap the frame and handrails in blankets. If you happen to hit something while moving the equipment, the blankets can help reduce the impact. While the machine is being moved, you can use straps or ropes to hold it in place.

As necessary, remove doors and jambs

Planning is crucial. This was already stressed. Before starting the whole process, make sure you know the route you will take to get the treadmill across. To avoid any issues, make sure it is free of obstacles before you start moving a treadmill. Consider removing carpets to ensure they don’t get stuck in the move.

Match the dimensions of the machine and the door size in the space where it will be placed. If the door is causing interference with the machine’s movement, you can remove it.

You should also be extra careful if you have children or pets in your home. You should ensure that your children are kept in a separate room and away from the danger zone.

In certain circumstances, use a furniture dolly

If your treadmill doesn’t have wheels, you can use a furniture doll. You can rent or purchase one if you don’t have one. Dollies can easily hold up to 1000 pounds of weight, and that will be more than enough to do your job.

These are great for moving heavy objects because they protect your back from injury due to extreme lifting. They are very easy to use. Follow the steps below.

  • Slightly lift the machine, in this case, the treadmill, and push the dolly beneath it.
  • Use straps or tie-downs to secure the object on the moving dolly.
  • You must ensure that the object is balanced properly on the doll and evenly distributed the weight.

Safely lift the treadmill

You must lift the treadmill properly, regardless of whether you’re using a furniture dolly or if you plan to do it yourself. Do not lift the machine on your back. This could lead to serious injuries. These steps will help you to protect yourself when lifting heavy equipment.

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the treadmill.
  • As close to the treadmill as possible, squat down. Bend your knees and hips towards the treadmill. If the treadmill is very heavy, place one knee on the ground and the other in front, bent at 90 degrees.
  • Slowly raise the treadmill. Keep your head straight by looking forward, pointing your chest out, and moving your shoulders back. Bad posture can cause muscle pain, headaches, or heart problems.
  • Straighten your hips, knees, and back when lifting the treadmill.
  • Keep the treadmill in your hands. Do not extend your hands or raise them higher than shoulder height.

The treadmill should be set up intermittently. However, you shouldn’t bend your back to do so. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is; you should not bend your back to release the treadmill. You can lower the treadmill by placing it in the truck.

Take care when moving downstairs

Although moving a treadmill downstairs can be more difficult, it is possible. It is best to move the treadmill slowly. You can either make the person on the lower end strong or have two people share the weight. The person on the upper side must grip the weight and not let it all fall on them.

To give a firm grip, your hands should be dry. If your hands are sweaty, you can either clean them or wear moving gloves. The situation could get very complicated if there are stumbling blocks on your staircase. Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if you feel that you cannot navigate this situation by yourself. You do not want to regret it later.

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Place the treadmill on the moving vehicle

The treadmill can be moved easily without any padding. To protect your equipment during transport, you should cover it with moving blankets or additional padding. Secure the treadmill against a wall with moving straps to stop it from moving.

Lock the treadmill and assemble it

After moving the treadmill to a new location, repeat the steps above to unload, pack, and then install it. Once the treadmill is installed in its new home, don’t forget to follow all the steps. Place the safety key in its correct place and lock the equipment.


It can be difficult to move your treadmill from one place to another, especially if your home is being moved and all of your belongings are moving. Do not rush to move heavy items such as treadmills. This could cause you to injure yourself or damage your surroundings.

Plan carefully using your user manual. Next, invest in the necessary moving preparations such as furniture dollies. You can be sure to follow the directions when moving, protecting, lifting, disassembling, moving methods, and other practices.

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