How to Make Wooden Garage Doors | Learn Money Saving DIY Methods


Garage doors made of wood are constructed from grade one selected tongue and groove cedar/idigbo and groove board. Besides idigbo/cedar/idigbo/oak moldings, plywood, oak plywood, and cedar/idigbo panels are raised and finished according to style. This is the reason we show you how to build wood garage doors. One of the most important aspects of constructing the perfect door is the kind of wood you choose for your garage doors. In addition, the kind of garages you can have at home. Most DIY garage door manufacturers dip each board individually in the base coat to guarantee an even penetration into the grooves and grain. Based on the store that you go to, you’ll discover a variety of sizes. In this article, we will discuss how to make wooden garage doors.

How to make wooden garage doors

Follow those below tips to make wooden garage doors by yourself.

Up-and-over garage doors

It’s possible that you’d like to decide to replace your garage door. The most important thing is to pick a style that complements your house. Once you’ve selected your design, various kinds of construction options, including panel construction and solid construction. You can, however, locate garage door plans for free online.

Panel construction

Panel construction is typically the most cost-effective method to construct wooden doors. Hang It on a frame made of steel or an aluminum subframe. This will give your garage door a lot of durabilities. Purchase panel garage doors Super-Chassis lifting equipment and Masta-Gear lift equipment. Cover the door panel with an underframe or the frame. So, from the side, what you can see is a straight edge of the wood without visible chassis, an exclusive feature of numerous agencies.

There are three ranges: Somerset, Buckingham, and Monmouth ranges are only panel, as are those in the Warwick and Thetford ranges that come with the option of a panel. The DIY segmental garage doors are the ideal option.

Solid construction

Nowadays, solid construction uses traditional joinery to produce solid wood panels, which, aside from massive garage doors, don’t require a substructure or chassis to support the solidity. Garage doors are made of solid materials you can buy them with Masta-Gear lifting equipment. Solid construction garage doors have more rounded edges, solid front-to-back profiles, and beautiful smooth chamfer details that are visible at the top.

They’re the same in the rear: The Balmoral and York ranges build with the construction of solid materials, whereas those in the Thetford, as well as Warwick ranges, construct to construct concrete. Garage door problems that don’t properly address could give you headaches later.

Super-chassis and Masta-gear

Super-Chassis are lightweight kits suitable for all but the massive panel-built doors found in The Somerset Buckingham, Monmouth, Warwick, and Thetford ranges. It constructs a durable, corrosion-resistant steel chassis, into which the lift mechanism has been built-in. You will find Super-Chassis in the Retractable door (single door size only) and (single and double doors) canopy action. Straight-arm gear is available as standard, with crank arms’ options for an additional drive that spans the width of the height of the wing mirror for garage doors with a single size.

Super-Chassis wood-framed garage door features edge-to-edge wood along every inch of the perimeter. The steel-framed garage doors come with edge-to-edge wood at the sides and bottom, and the top edge of the steel acts as a lock strip that closes behind the frame’s head. The strong steel frame situates at the back of the panel. Top edge strips of steel-framed doors hide behind the head of the frame once closed. Retractable garage doors that are one-size-fits-all have motorized lift arms that operate to expand the width of the door to the rearview mirrors ‘ height. The heavier-duty straight arm model is used in double garages and more solid doors in the upper part of single garage door sizes.

Side-hinged garage doors and personnel doors

The range of garage doors available currently allows us to choose from various types of doors. Side-hinged garage doors and personnel doors build by traditional mortise and tenon joint construction methods. Top, side, bottom, top, side, and lower rails make of at least 43 millimeters thick beams. The lowered center rails reduce gaps between panels to provide security. Side-hinged doors for garages and doors for personal fixe using three brass-effect hinges on each leaf. There is the option of two classic strap hinges made of black or silver and traditional strap hinges made of black and wrought iron.

Staff door

The main aspect is to have an opener for garage doors. Side-hinged garage doors feature the option of a night latch and the finger pull (commonly used for the front of the door) and amortize as well as a lever lockset choice. Personnel doors fit with mortise lock and lever as normal. Side-hinged garage doors feature trip pins on both ends to hold the leaf inactive and door brackets that hold the door in its open position. It is vital to keep up with the proper maintenance of your door to extend its endurance.

Types of wood garage doors

  • Plywood: is the least expensive and the most basic door made of wood. To create a more attractive exterior appearance, it covers with an exterior wooden skin. Since plywood is thin, it can be provided with foam insulation.
  • Red Oak: This wood is the second most affordable alternative to plywood. Red oak is tough heavy, hefty and extremely resistant to shock and impacts. The grain pattern it has is attractive, and it readily can take wood stain.
  • White Oak: Similar to the red oak, white oak is also tough, durable, and can take wood stain. Its color ranges from light brown to white.
  • Alder: Though it isn’t widely recognized, the wood is distinguished by its many knots and consistent shade. Alder has a rustic appearance that is ideal for the rustic log cabin look of homes.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany is a well-known wooden garage door material because it’s gorgeous and sturdy. Mahogany is a breeze to handle and comes with an attractive, rich grain that is easy to finish. It’s also sturdy and solid, which means that large-sized panels can be created which won’t break, split or bow. It also is naturally resistant to insects and moisture. Many homeowners prefer the wood’s natural red hues, but it can also color with bleaching.
  • Cedar: Much like mahogany, it is also a preferred option for garage doors made of wood and is impervious to pests and water damage. It is also not likely to crack or warp in any climate, humidity or temperature. Cedar is a porous material and, therefore, lighter and easier to use for garage door openers. Cedar also offers excellent noise insulation as well as soundproofing. There are a variety of options when it comes to cedar. You can paint it with various staining and paints, or let it be unfinished and give the wood a natural, weathered appearance.
  • Spanish Cedar: This wood has a strong resistance to decay, rot and insects. It has a similar appearance to mahogany and has a pleasing smell.
  • Redwood: Redwood is one of the more expensive materials used for garage doors. It is made up of multiple layers of wood that limit the possibility of warping due to the heat and moisture. It is possible to apply stain or paint to it.
  • Reclaimed Wood: This material has been getting more and more popular recently and is an excellent method to give your front door an appealing appearance. Reclaimed wood comes with two distinct advantages: there are no trees that need to cut down to acquire it as well as it is well seasons by the previous usage.

How to make wooden garage doors: Benefits

  • They’re Gorgeous: The wood garage doors have appealing textures, styles and finishes that no other materials could offer. If you’re considering giving your home a revamp and you want something that will make a statement, choose the wooden garage door.
  • You can customize them: The variety of options for customization is practically endless with wood garage doors. You can pick from a wide range of wood kinds, windows, decorative hardware and accessories. Panels are also available with designs. If you choose to use wooden panels, it is possible to design your door precisely as you would like it.
  • They’re Practical: Some areas are atypical, and conventional garage doors may not work. If your garage’s floor isn’t level or the opening isn’t a standard size, you might need the help of a custom-designed wooden door to fit the specific requirements of your space.
  • They’re eco-friendly: Wood has a renewable source. It’s more ecologically sustainable than many other materials.
  • It’s Timeless: Wood is unrivaled in its timeless aesthetics. There are a variety of designs you can pick according to your personal preferences and home style. Preferences such as classic, rustic, and lavish.
  • They’re Strong: While steel and vinyl doors for garages can be easy to scratch or damage, the wood’s hard surface makes it far more resistant to this kind of harm.


A wooden door for your garage will enhance the look of your house more appealing. This is something you can carry out at home in your home. However, it is essential to have all of the equipment to make sure that the door is in good condition. The most essential factor is knowing what to look for in wood for your project. A design for a carriage house may be a little difficult for certain people. This is why it recommends leaving this task to the professionals. After reading this article, we hope you’ve learned how to make wooden garage doors.

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