How to Make Laminate Floors Less Slippery: 8 Unconditional Methods


We all worry about slips and falling; therefore, we must be aware of ways to make laminate flooring slicker to prevent accidents. Laminate flooring can give your home the look of hardwood without the price. However, they can be slippery. The most durable super-hard coating is utilized in nearly every brand, so laminate flooring becomes slippery. Laminate floors may also become slippery when you polish or wax them. Another reason your flooring can become slippery is if the floor’s surface is soiled. The most effective way to ensure that laminate floors are less slippery is to apply an anti-slip surface. Also, keeping your floor spotless is another method for a slippery wood floor.

Use rugs as runners, doormats, and runners since they can also help. The slippery floors are hazardous, and the most vulnerable are the elderly, which can cause grave injuries when falling. Pets, people in wheelchairs, and busy parents are also affected since this will hinder effective movement and hinder the ability to work in the house.

Reasons that make laminate floors slippery

Laminate floors are susceptible to slippy due to the coating used to protect and seal the floors while also making them appear shiny. This coating, contingent on its amount used and its durability, makes the laminate flooring more slippery. The rule of thumb is that the glossier your laminate floor appears, the more slippery it’s most likely to become.

Another reason laminate floors can be slippery is due to a build-up of dirt, dust, and other debris. Suppose you don’t maintain your flooring properly by regular cleaning. In that case, you may discover yourself having a floor that’s dirtier and more slippery. A dirty floor becomes slippery as it reduces how much friction your feet have with the flooring. If you’ve ever had to walk on the laminate flooring and it hadn’t been cleaned in some time, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is.

How to make laminate floors less slippery

If your laminate flooring seems to be slippery, that could be because you’ve applied wax to it. It’s not recommended for laminate floors, and now you understand why. Even with no waxing, laminate flooring is slippery due to the super-hard coating that’s standard for this type of material. Slippery flooring is hazardous for all. Still, the ones who are the most vulnerable are the elderly and those who have been injured in a fall, as well as pets with nails that are long, which hinder their paws from grasping the flooring’s hard flooring. The slippery floors can be a problem for those in wheelchairs or parents with a busy schedule who need to move around their home swiftly and efficiently, usually carrying heavy objects or toddlers.

Keep the floor clean

Although cleaning your laminate floor may reduce the slippage, it shouldn’t limit your flooring to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Also, you should maintain your laminate flooring to give it an appealing appearance. Vacuum or sweep the area thoroughly to eliminate dust, dirt, and dust. If you are vacuuming, make sure to employ a gentle attachment and not beater bars to prevent minor cuts to the finish. The act of sweeping a laminate floor will aid in reducing the accumulation of dirt, everyday debris, and dust, which can make the flooring slippery—mix one-half cup of vinegar and 2 cups water. Then, clean the floor using the mixture.

The solution will get rid of old wax residues and other cleaning products, which cause the floor to become slippery. Make sure you squeeze any liquid left on the mop before putting it on the floor to stop any liquid from accumulating on the flooring’s surface. If the floor is wet after you’ve mopped the floor, you can employ a dry mop or cloth to absorb the excess liquid. Clean up any spills as soon as they occur.

Use of anti-slip for laminate flooring

Specific laminate flooring options are so shiny and complex that even after regular cleaning, the flooring remains slippery. Another method for making your laminate flooring safer is to apply an anti-slip floor. Anti-slip floor coatings for wood are often used for indoor and outdoor usage. Anti-slip floor coatings require two coats that are which is spread thinly. You can choose to use an anti-slip spray or an anti-slip floor finish. Test one of them on a small area of your floor before using it across the entire floor.

This will let you know whether it can stick and alter your floor’s look in a manner that you do not like. If you apply the spray, apply it only on the dampest areas. Make sure that each coat is dried for a minimum of 10 hours. Be sure to be in a well-ventilated location to apply the anti-slip coating to your flooring.

Make use of runners and mats

Some materials for putting on laminate floors are beneficial. Running runners on laminate flooring is a beneficial idea. Always place runners and rugs on the floor on which the household members frequently walk. Under every rug, you should maintain a non-skid mat. This can help avoid slips on the floor. It is also essential to have a doormat in the doorway to your home. That means you need to keep mats in front of every doorway. Everyone can clean their feet or shoes to remove dust. This will keep the floor clear and less slippery.

Keep in mind one important thing! Instead of walking in bare feet on floors made of laminate, make sure you have the proper footwear. However, never wear heels or socks for walking on these floors. This could lead to dangerous circumstances at any time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not walk around barefoot. However, it would be best to find your footwear to work to the terrain. These are the recommendations I’ve got for you! These tips will surely help to make your laminate flooring less slippery.

Use rugs

Rugs are much more of a temporary method since it doesn’t make your flooring more slippery. However, it does seem to reduce the slippery effect of your flooring because it reduces the surface of the flooring you come into contact with. The most important thing is to choose the rug with anti-slip backing and an option that won’t harm your laminate flooring like propylene. To do this, it’s often recommended to pick a carpet pad to be placed under the rug, which will not cause damage to your flooring beneath and stop it from sliding. The drawback to this approach is that it can cost a significant amount based on the kind and size of rug you select; however, it’s an excellent reason to brighten your living area.

Regular maintenance

Perhaps the least boring solution is to keep your laminate flooring as tidy as you can. The main focus here is regular vacuuming that will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the floor. Marks and stains, while damaging to the floor, usually don’t affect how slippy your laminate floor can be – however, you must keep them to a minimal level. You’ll be surprised by how much impact it can make by sticking to a strict cleaning routine.

Make use of an anti-slip spray

Anti-slip coatings may also be available by spray that is intended to be applied on certain parts of floors that are slippery. They function precisely as an anti-slip surface for the entire floor. Still, They can be highly beneficial when you have only just a tiny area that you’d like to reduce the risk of slippage. This is a cheaper option and more user-friendly than purchasing sufficient coatings to protect the entire flooring.

Use different footwear

The type of footwear you wear while walking on laminate floors will significantly impact the degree of slippiness. For instance, if you wear socks in the house, you’ll notice that they could make the floor very difficult to navigate.

However, when you are wearing slippers that have a grip at the bottom, they reduce the amount of friction. This is an excellent alternative because it is likely that you’ll already have the proper footwear in your house. It’s a matter of wearing them.

Use a door mat

A doormat is another easy option that will capture most of the dirt and dust getting into your shoes from the outside. This will help keep your laminate flooring cleaner and, ultimately, less slippery because less dirt will accumulate on the floor.


I am sure you know how to make laminate floors less slippery by following the suggestions that were mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Maintaining your laminate floor clean and dry can prevent the flooring from getting slippery. Do not use products with oil because they do not improve the slickness of the flooring. The addition of carpet runners and rugs in areas with a lot of traffic will lessen the possibility of falling. Selecting footwear with rubber soles on your laminate flooring will not cause you to fall or slip. What is your method to making your laminate flooring less slippery? Please do not keep us updated. Let us know via the comments.

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