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Every basketball player in the amateur ranks dreams of being a member of an NBA team at some point. We’ve laid out ways to increase your chances if you think you can play in the NBA. Before we get started, we must know that the guidelines outlined here do not guarantee success. Making it to the NBA is a long and challenging process with an amateur pool of 10,000 basketball players, only three can make it into the NBA. This is our real-world assessment – for a chance to play in the NBA, you must be highly talented (skills and genetics) and extremely lucky. It’s definitely worthwhile to try. Below are the steps to follow to increase your chances.

How to make it to the NBA

Social media sites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have simplified personal branding. If you want to take advantage of this to help promote your basketball career, here are some simple steps.

Create a basketball social media profile

In the beginning, you must establish a specific basketball-related social media profile or account and be used exclusively for basketball-related content.

Post regular content

In addition, you must regularly upload and record videos of yourself in the court. They could be you practising, participating in a competitive match or a highlight reel. Highlight reels should be edited professionally and contain your top moves.

Add some non-promotional content too

Your posts must be non-promotional content about basketball that people would enjoy. It is best to avoid creating your social media profiles in which every position is marketing yourself. It is difficult to gain the attention of a crowd (or followers) by creating a shape like this. Your profile must have a mix of both promotional and non-promotional content. You can share tips on developing your basketball abilities. Also, you can post the most recent news, gossip or even jokes. But, ensure that everything is relevant to basketball.

Attract the right audience

Being a prominent social media presence is unimportant if the appropriate people don’t see your posts. The goal is to attract the attention of those who are influential within the basketball world (scouts and agents, coaches). You must advertise your content on relevant pages and groups. Additionally, you can add or directly reach out to any influential scouts you know and share hyperlinks to your social profiles. You could also consider paying for online ads that target certain basketball players.

Participate in amateur basketball tournaments

Highly influential basketball agents and scouts regularly participate in popular amateur competitions such as colleges and AAU tournaments. Try to join in as many events as you can. Before that, you must increase your stamina for basketball. If you have an impressive performance at the most prestigious amateur event, this will be the best publicity you can ever receive. There is no way that promotional efforts on social media will beat this!

Avoid scandals

You have to present yourself as an outstanding basketball player and a great person on the field to get the attention you deserve. Sometimes, the things that happen on the court outside of basketball can negatively impact a player’s chances of progressing in their career. An incident like a conviction for a crime could turn off potential employers. This can give recruiters the impression that you’re not a good person. There is nothing that can make prospective Scouts nervous.

Improve your game

You can easily exaggerate yourself if you’re good enough to think you’re worthy of an opportunity to play on any NBA team. However suitable you are, you will likely require improvement to meet NBA standards. Here are some tips you should take to improve your game.

Work on your skills

The saying goes that practising improves. The best way to develop your game is to repeat your exercises. There is a variety of passing, dribbling, and shooting drills that you can perform. It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your abilities. However, you must be aware that you’re getting better when you’re doing your best. Your progress may not be occurring as fast as you would like, but they are happening. All you have to do is be determined. It is also possible to keep an account of your performances. This is especially true for shooting. Take practice shooting 3-pointers and 2-pointers and also from an open-throw position. If you evaluate your shooting skills over time, you’ll see improvements if you train regularly. It is hoped that these improvements will inspire you to train further.

You could also film yourself while you practice these exercises. After watching the video, you’ll notice the mistakes much more quickly. You can then make changes to the errors. You may also forward the video to an expert basketball coach. The coach will review the footage and advise you on how to improve your skills. You can also watch videos of professional players playing on courts. The way they move can provide numerous clues to what you should do.

Find and perfect your selling point

Every basketball player in the world is a differentiator. This unique skill separates them from the rest of the players. The selling point might comprise your 3-pointer shot’s accuracy, free-throw accuracy, intelligent passing, incredible velocity, dribbling skills, or whatever. It’s all about being outstanding in your chosen field.

You must identify one thing you’re already good at. If you are successful, make an effort to improve your skills. Do this until everyone watching your game instantly realizes that you have something they have mastered, something you are perfect at. Continue to practice until you can establish a reputation for this particular talent.

Join an amateur basketball team

As you’ve probably guessed, basketball is an all-team sport. Whatever your skills are, it is still necessary to be able to function as a group member. If you fail in this regard, you may give up on your NBA hopes. This is because it is unlikely that a basketball or basketball scout or representative will judge you solely based on your abilities. They’ll need to determine how you interact with your teammates during an intense game. Therefore, you must join the AAU or high school or college basketball squad. Participating in team training and playing in competitive games will help improve the team’s skills.

Engage in strength training

You must be physically strong to be successful in basketball. There are many aspects of basketball that need physical power. Whatever your skill level is, lacking muscular strength can cause you to be slower and more prone to injuries. Others will be able to push you off when they’re trying to get a good place. While you may not have to build as many muscles as the powerlifter, you might have to lift a few weights. Other exercises that help develop your strength include using kettlebells and resistance bands. To concentrate on particular muscle groups that can assist in improving your game, it is possible to hire the help of a fitness trainer. This can also reduce the risk of injury when you train for strength.

Choose the best route to an NBA draft

Many routes can allow a player to be admitted to the NBA. The rules for NBA selection are highly complex. In addition, these rules change nearly every year to make matters more complex. Therefore, we’re not going to provide any specifics about the eligibility requirements. Instead, we will explain how you can be eligible to be drafted in an NBA draft.

Here are a few ways you can reach the NBA

College basketball

Many basketball players who play in the NBA were recruited by college teams. If you’re 19 or more and excel in basketball tournaments at the college level and games, you have a higher chance of getting drafted to the NBA. A college basketball player is better placed for an eventual invitation to the NBA than a player with comparable abilities and skills in other sports. Try to impress your coach to get regular participation. Be sure to keep your grades up. This can allow you to win the possibility of a college scholarship. You may be able to move from there onto the NBA.

Join an international team

Another alternative, but the less-travelled alternative, is to join an NBA professional league outside of the United States. This option is slowly increasing in popularity. With the assistance of an agent will be able to become a member of an NBA league with more minor qualifications. If you’re a star player with your international basketball team and successful, you will gain the recognition you want. It will also qualify you for the NBA.


No matter which route you take, What is most important is the way you be a player. If your abilities aren’t at or above NBA standards, no matter if you manage to make it to the top of the list and stay there, your time at the top of the list will be short-lived. We do not discount how important self-promotion is. You must promote yourself as effectively as you can. However, enhancing your game must be the top priority. You’ll outdo the odds with a solid foundation, strong self-promotion, and a little bit of luck.

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