How to Make Diaper Wreaths For Baby Showers | Simple DIY Hacks


Baby showers allow you to experiment with a creative gift and decoration ideas. Diaper wreaths are essential decorations for any baby shower you host. You can purchase them off the shelf, but a DIY diaper wreath is a more creative and fun way to match it with other decorations. For more information on diaper wreath ideas and how to make diaper wreaths for baby showers that look professional, continue reading.

How to make diaper wreaths for baby showers

With a few basic crafting skills and plenty of diapers, you can create beautiful diaper wreaths for baby showers. There are no specific rules for making a diaper wreath or what you should put in them. Diaper wreaths are generally made from a cardboard base and have diapers placed around them. While some designs include open diapers, others use rolled-up diapers with colored ribbons. You can place a stuffed animal in the middle of your wreath or, if you’re feeling more creative, make a washcloth animal. Most of the materials you will find in your home or your local supply shop.

Instructions: You can make the base of diaper wreaths for baby showers if you don’t have a ready-made one. Once you have the ground, you can start to put the other items together. A circular ring of approximately 13.5″ diameter will serve as the base for this wreath. It should be approximately 8.5 inches in diameter. Use a pencil/pen attached to the string to mark the circle. Measure 13.5″ in length, tie the line to the cardboard with your thumb, and trace the process using the pen. Once you’ve created your wreath, follow the remaining instructions. You will need to make your wreath the same size and shape as mine. Minimum 20 diapers in size 5You will need to use more. You will need more if you choose a smaller size. You can buy 20 boxes, then wrap each one with a rubber band.

Make ribbon strands by cutting holes

With a pair of craft scissors, punch holes in the cardboard base to be approximately 2 inches apart. Between each hole, you will find one rolled-up diaper. These diapers will be attached to the ground with ribbons. You will need 22 pieces of ribbon every 6 inches in length. 11 samples are from the broad stripes, 11 from the narrow strips. These should be threaded through the holes to create a loop on one side. The back ends of the ribbons should remain untied. The vast and narrow stripes can be placed in different ways or uniformly.

Roll and tuck the diapers 

To keep each diaper in place, roll them into a bundle. The diaper can be rolled up and tied with ribbons. However, a rubber band prevents it from unraveling. While if you want to make a diaper wreath for a girl, choosing a broad, pink ribbon and cutting 22 strips to wrap around the diaper. Hot glue will keep the rubber band from slipping underneath the diaper roll. The diaper rolls can be tucked into the ribbon loops.

Tie the ribbons

Hot glue could be used to attach the ribbon to the base of the diaper roll after you have tied the ribbon loop around the diaper roll. This would provide a strong adhesive and hold the diaper rolls in their place. Secure the rolls by knotting the ends of the ribbons at the base’s back. However, it does have the disadvantage of having to squeeze the registration in its middle. This can give you a butterfly-like appearance that you may like.

Add baby products

You can gather a few baby products to go on the wreath. These could include pacifiers and baby cream tubes, as well as feeding bottles and pacifiers. Use wide ribbons to secure them. Tie the ribbon around the base segment with a tight knot. Use hot glue to prevent it from moving, but use it sparingly to remove easily from the product.

To hang the wreath, glue a ribbon

To hang the wreath, use one of the long ribbon strips to cut a length. This is the anchor that will support the weight. Wrap it around the base ring at both ends and tie a knot. Use hot-glue to attach the remainder of the ribbon to your base. The loop should only be visible at the front.

Add a stuffed animal

The wreath is complete with a stuffed animal. It would help if you chose something light and within the same size range as the wreath’s inside diameter. You can select a monkey, a gorilla, or a doll or teddy bear for a diaper wreath. Wrap the garland around the neck of your stuffed animal, and you don’t need to fasten it. You can add more items to your wreath if you have better ideas. It will require a more substantial base for a wreath containing more things and thicker cardboard. To make a sturdy base, you could use a poster board.

How to make a diaper cake without rolling

The collection of diapers that are arranged in a cake-like fashion is called diaper cake. These diaper cakes are decorated with valuable items, such as soft toys or pacifiers, which are then given to the mother-to-be at a baby shower. Traditional methods require you to tie each diaper individually. This can be time-consuming. This article will demonstrate how to make diaper cakes using a non-rolling method, which is often faster and more convenient for many people.

How to make diaper wreaths for baby showers


You can make multiple layers as you like or as few as two. You can also use smaller, round containers if you don’t have any pie pans. Just make sure the container is not more than half the height of the diaper. This will make it easier later to tie the diapers together.


Fill the giant pan first. Place a stack of diapers in the pan. Place the diapers sideways with the folded end facing inwards (towards your pan’s wall). Use size 0 or 1 diaper. Continue to fill the pan with diapers, trying to make a swirl. Pack them as closely as possible. You’ll see the diapers curl and swirl within the pan as you fill it with more. There may be a gap in the middle of the pan. The hole is not a problem.


You can tie a string or rubber band around the center of your diaper “cake.” This will help to keep it together. Tape or glue can damage the diapers and make them unusable to the new mom. You can tie a string or rubber band around the center of your diaper “cake.” This will help to keep it together. Tape or glue can damage the diapers and make them unusable to the new mom.


Take the diaper stacks from the pans. They will retain their shape since you tied them together. However, you might want to be cautious. Place them on a flat surface. Wrap a ribbon around each cake to hide any string or rubber bands. Select a ribbon that matches the theme of the cake or the gender of the baby. Cut a 1 inch (1.54 cm) piece. This will allow you to cover the cake’s circumference. Wrap the ribbon around the middle of your cake. By wrapping it about 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) over each other. To secure the end-use hot glue or a pin. Continue this process for all stacks/layers.


Layers should be stacked starting with the top layer. Keep them as center as possible. As a guideline, use the hole in the middle of your stacks. Place a dowel in the middle of each cake. Make sure the dowel fits through the hole. If it doesn’t, carefully push the dowel through the layers. Think about the colors. Softer and more pastel colors are often associated with babies. You might consider using them for your diaper cake. You don’t have to use pink for baby boys or light blue for girls. Items that a mom needs and will appreciate. Read more on how to change a baby boy’s diaper.

You can make the new mom happy by including some of the essential things she needs in her cake. Place large items such as soft toys on top of your cake. As few pins as possible are required. These pins can puncture diapers and make them unusable. Use the decorated cardboard circles to support your cake. Use a pretty plate or cake string instead.

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