How to Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better – 9 Simple Tricks & Tips


The man cave cannot complete without a table-top game that is in the center. From poker tables, pools tables to Ping-Pong tables and foosball, there are numerous options for anyone who wishes to bring a bit of fun to his home. If you decide to get the air hockey game, you may have realized that these tables require some maintenance. In time the table is likely to get dirty, which makes the game less enjoyable so, you have to know how to make air hockey table slide better. This is why you’re here. Making sure your table is shining and clean is a must when having one.

By ensuring that the table’s surface is as smooth as it can be, you will enjoy the most enjoyment of every game you play. Are you ready to bring that old machine back into top condition? Now, learn how to make air hockey table slide better.

Why puck doesn’t slide better

There are many reasons why your puck is not moving as smoothly as it did in the past. It could be that you are having issues with your

Blocks or bank shots: If the puck isn’t moving in a straight line, it’s crucial to correct the issue. It could be due to a problem with the surface or air holes, fans, or even the puck itself. Each of these issues requires different solutions to fix issue. Fortunately, none of them is that difficult.

Surface: The surface of the table for air hockey intends to be as smooth as possible. However, over time there will accumulate debris from the table’s surface with pucks and strikers. This may result in the table slowing down a little.

Air Holes: The tiny air holes that permit the puck and strikers to flounder across the surface block as time passes.

Fans: If the fans often clean out, the fans will get a little slower due to dirt and dust getting caught in the fan blades.

Puck: Following a long period of play, the smooth puck may begin to develop dents and gouges, which could negatively affect its performance while sliding over the table.

How to make air hockey table slide better? 

A room for games cannot be complete without a table for air hockey in the display. Even a top-of-the-line model can have issues occasionally, particularly when it comes to the glide action. If you’re brand unfamiliar with air hockey table ownership, then learn how to make air hockey table slide better if you’ve noticed that the puck doesn’t seem to be flying across the surface as quickly as it was in the past.

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With time, the table will become dirty and stained. The puck’s movement may slow, making it hard to master even the most basic air hockey moves to dazzle your opponent. To make the air hockey table slide better is a must when having one. One of the most important things you should be focusing on is to make sure that your table’s playing surface is clean and smooth. The first step is to determine the surface for the game construct. Tables specifically made for use in tournaments have to construct according to certain guidelines when they construct. Tables made solely for leisure use constructed from cheaper materials, and this is the reason that makes them so inexpensive. The playing surface is made of lacquered or polished polymer and is inexpensive and light.

Clean out the holes that are over the surface

After you’ve cleaned and lubricated your surface on your table, take the time to check for dead spots on your table. These spots cause when holes get blocked with dirt or fluid if you’re too excessively generous in using the application. When one of these blocked vents is located in a very comfortable spot to unclog, you can do this quite easily with the help of a toothpick. All you need to do is locate the hole that’s not creating air correctly and then put the toothpick into the hole. Then, you can remove any clogged air very easily.

Make sure to use the right cleaning products

When you are going to clean an air hockey table it is essential to know what the material of the table construct to make the appropriate cleaning product to make the air hockey table slide better. A lot of people think they can use any cleaner to keep their table polished. Unfortunately, a lot of these cleaners can cause corrosion to the surface as time passes. I suggest studying and browsing the internet for cleaning products created specifically for use on tables with air hockey. This will avoid damage to the surface of the play to keep it smooth and free of dirt.

Cleaning schedule

The table must clean at least once every month to ensure an even playing surface free of dirt and other debris. Another option is wiping the table before each game. Still, it’s best to stay clear of polishing it every month and then wiping it clean before each game, as going overboard with maintenance may harm the playing surface. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s equally crucial to select the correct cleaning product since strong chemicals like bleach can harm the surface of the plastic, decreasing the shine and removing any marks.

Don’t forget to bring the paddles and pucks

Another thing that many people do not take the time to maintain and clean is the paddles and pucks themselves. When you slide across any surface, even one with as little friction as the table for air hockey, it is likely to result in a little buildup on the surface responsible for the sliding. A simple wash down using a warm dish soap and water mixture will take away anything slowing down these objects.

Make use of lubricants

If you are looking for a lively game, you should use a lubricant made of spray silicone. But, it is important to make use of this type of lubricant in a controlled manner. Doing too much with a lubricant could make the table slippery, making it impossible to predict the ball’s movements. Just apply a tiny amount of lubricant onto the playing surface, then rub it off with an easy clean cloth. This kind of lubricant can last for a long duration, and you might even go for two or three months before applying a new coat.

Try applying wax

If the table seems to be running slow, it is possible to apply a little wax. This will lubricate the table and shield the table from damage and wear. To achieve this, ensure you buy a specific wax designed for tables that play air hockey and then apply a thin layer on the entire surface. Then, you can polish it to a perfect shine and let it rest for a couple of hours before you can play again.

Fan care

The fans beneath the table are specifically designed to push air through tiny perforations. The air blown through these holes helps lift the puck and allows it to glide easily across the table. The dirty fans will affect the puck’s action. If you don’t maintain the fan correctly, fans can blow dirt and dust into the holes, blocking them, which leads to less lift for the puck. Furthermore, dirty fans release less air, which means the puck is weighed down. Before you start cleaning the fans, ensure you’ve read through the guidelines on the table. Also, make sure you’re using the right size air hockey puck. A too heavy puck for the table may also affect how quickly it glides across the table. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and make sure you’re not doing anything that could cause harm to the fan’s system.

Through months and weeks, the debris from a variety of sources will block the holes. This reduces the amount of air that flows through them, which will reduce puck lift. The puck will slide slowly across the surface, losing its ability to glide. Cleaning out holes can be a challenge as you could injure the surface if you don’t follow the correct procedure. Many manufacturers suggest using a shop vac at the lowest setting and gently moving the hose across the holes to get rid of the buildup of debris. Cleaning the surface for play can be performed at least once a week to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt later on, which is among the primary reasons the puck’s movement will slow down.

Cover the table all time

The saying goes that prevention is more effective than taking treatment. It will be helpful to avoid dust and dirt from getting to the areas of your table. If you leave it open and exposed, it will only invite dust and further cleanup of equipment. You need to buy a tablecloth to cover the table when you’re not using it. Be sure to get adequate in length, like cover the table properly. It is the most suitable source to purchase a high-quality Air hockey cover.

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Once you have figured out how to make air hockey table slide better, the first step would be to read the user’s manual to find the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the frequency of cleaning, the best products to use, and any suggestions for troubleshooting. It is also recommended to purchase the table with a cover to stop any dust, debris, and dirt from landing on the table’s surface. This will make it less necessary to perform deep maintenance and cleaning. Tables are a lot of amusement until they begin showing the signs of wear and tear.

By cleaning the table before playing or by polishing it at least every month or using a vacuum cleaner to clean any holes that are blocked can ensure that your table is in top condition and stop any harm to your fan system that can get hot if you fail to clear any holes that are blocked. While having a table cover on your table can help make it easier to make air hockey table slide better. However, you’ll still have to keep a check on the condition of the playing surface as well as the fan system.

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