How to Make a Foosball Table – DIY 8 Simple Steps to Make Foosball Table


Foosball is a fascinating sport because it allows you to play soccer at home with no physical exertion, only with your hands and brain. However, the cost of a foosball table isn’t always cheap. However, make your own foosball table is the perfect solution for those with limited funds for foosball players. Our article will guide you to make an individual foosball table by using DIY techniques. With just some scratch materials and some equipment, you can make your own foosball table. So, let’s discover how to make a foosball table. I’ve laid out the steps clearly to make sure you do not have difficulties adhering to the steps. Without further delay, we’ll get the show going.

Things you’ll need to make a foosball table

Many equipment and tools are crucial to making an accurate foosball table, and you’ll notice that every one of them is vital. In this article, we will also go over the tools you’ll require to make a DIY Foosball table, as well as the reasons why you should have them in the beginning. Learn more on how to clean foosball.

How to Make a Foosball Table


Naturally, the most critical factor that can eliminate the requirement for your foosball table would be the correct amount of wood. And the kind of wood you pick will determine the worth that the table will have. Assuming You’re a skilled carpenter who can repair solid, reliable woods like oak, birch, and many more. The walls surrounding the table construct of wood boards, which you’ll need to cut into the proper size based on the kind of table you’re making.

The playing field creates a second board that is cut in the right size. You need it to be around 1.5 millimeters thick. Suppose you are considering wood as a table. In that case, you’ll need something more substantial than decorative wood that you could put on the table’s outside walls. The type of wood you choose to purchase will largely depend on your style and financial plan.

Power drill 

Suppose you’re trying to hold everything together and make sure that the structure doesn’t fall apart the system. In that case, a power drill is likely to be required, and you could theoretically employ nails and hammers to secure everything. Power drills can simplify the process by connecting your issues directly to the wooden components that make up your table.

Circular saw 

Circular Saw is among the essential tools needed to construct foosball tables, and you can pick the kind of wood most suitable for your needs. When you think of it as becoming a more difficult task for you, many carpenters would instead work hand-in-hand whenever they can. This is undoubtedly the situation. Many of you would like to make the process more straightforward easy. However, you can only use the standard circular saw because you don’t require the accuracy that the band saws offer. Be aware that if you have circulars within your workshop, the project will be cheaper.


It is also possible to buy a quantity you think is appropriate to the surface of your football table area to protect the playing surface. It is possible that you don’t require a football table constructed of wood. You could consider using felt.


Another essential thing to consider on the foosball table is a proper number of poles to accommodate the players. Suppose you’re building a tiny table. In that case, it is only necessary to purchase four poles to accommodate 2 lines of gamers on each side. If you’re creating an entire table, you will need eight suitable bars. We recommend using poles made of steel as they are more straightforward to install and last longer. It is also necessary to purchase some plastic spacers to help construct the bars into the walls made of wood. Some prefer poles to legs because it is more convenient to use them. If you’re not sure that you’ll have stable legs, then you can purchase four poles.

Ball and players 

But, it is essential to buy balls and players for you to enjoy foosball the way you would like to be. If you’re a professional carpenter, it is possible to make your players and your ball from wood. However, this requires some effort, but ultimately it won’t be worth the effort. It’s good to find plastic balls and players made of plastic that are readily available at reasonable prices. And you’ll be able to place them on your own table in no time.

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How to make a foosball table

To construct the foosball table, must first have a plan, and you can locate kinds for free or buy them with clear instructions. It is also necessary to have tools and supplies and some determination when beginning this DIY project. In this post, I’ll try to show you how to build foosball tables and show how easy it is than you think it is.

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The first thing you need to do is put all the materials together and match the drawings. The most important thing to consider is that the material you choose for your sideboards will be suitable for the bearings that you make use of. Bearing rods, players, and any other essential hardware are caused by a reputable machine shop. In other cases, it’s available from nearly every manufacturer of foosball tables as replacement parts. There is also an online market for used parts. Some companies offer universal or aftermarket parts.


Following that, you need cutting sideboards, goal boards, and front boards to length and then drill holes to accommodate ball bearings and rod bearings. If you’re unsure of what to do about lining up these holes in the best method is to clamp the two boards together and then drill simultaneously. If you want to conceal screws and keep the side panels neat, you need to create furring strips and then attach them to the inside of your side panel.

When choosing the panel’s location, if it is not stated in plans, you must consider the size of the field and the support frame you could require to construct for it. It is also a time that you can stain or paint the sideboards since later will not be as practical. The next step is to cut out cutouts of goals on goal boards before attaching the top board to them.


Since the playing field is a massive piece of wood, it requires a frame to avoid the field from bending and sagging. If the field you’ve bought is not equipped with the frame, it will construct from 2×2 inches of lumber.


The next step involves attaching the sides of the panels to the playing field, ensuring that they are correctly aligned. Suppose you’re unsure of your abilities for aligning the panels. In that case, you could temporarily put in the rods with bearings and two rods. Align them precisely. If you’re connecting parts with screws to each other, it is best accomplished by turning the playing field turned upside down. Then, you must fix the goal boards, attaching them to both the field of play and the side panels. To ensure that the goal boards remain in their proper place as you connect them, we recommend you temporarily secure the end boards.


If you have the end boards unclamped, you can start creating holes for the ball catch inside and then building the ball catch. After assembling the panels at the end, it is time to connect them to the remaining parts of the cabinet.


When the cabinet finish, you can stain or paint it now. Also, make corner strips and place them on top of the cabinets.


Next, you’ll need to start to make legs. After you cut them to length, make sure they’re all the same length. The most efficient method to accomplish this is to clamp them together before sanding the ends. The most effective way to secure cabinets is using bolts and nuts. This will permit you to take them off later if required.


With the table nearly complete, the only thing left to do is install the hardware, and after that, you can play foosball at the table you make by yourself.


If you’re looking to make your own Foosball table, you’ll be on the verge of embarking on an exciting trip. They’re a reasonably low-cost structure that can be constructed using a variety of readily available materials. It isn’t easy to make specific components; however, they can be bought through retailers or manufacturers. Making a DIY foosball table has numerous advantages. First, you’ll end up being the owner of a sturdy and long-lasting table at a fraction of your cost. In addition, you can opt for any quality that you can think of. It’s fantastic to have something you made yourself, a moment of that is worth the price.

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