How to Make a Foosball Table Out of Wood | 10 Simple DIY Methods


Foosball is fascinating because it allows you to play soccer at home without physical effort, but only with your hands and brain. But a table for foosball can cost a lot of money. However, creating your own table can be the ideal solution for those with a tight budget. This is why we can help you build your foosball table from scratch with DIY methods. By using just scratch materials and some equipment, you can build your own foosball table. So, let’s find out how to make a foosball table out of wood. I’ve laid out the steps clearly to make sure you do not have difficulties adhering to the steps. Therefore, with no further delay, Let’s get the show moving.

How to make a foosball table out of wood: Planning

To make a foosball table out of wood, you’ll first have a clear idea of the materials used, their measurements, and the equipment required. You should have the right planning knowledge of the step-by-step method to help you construct this table.


The first step requires you to sketch out your game’s board or area you are thinking of and then draw it on paper. For instance, how you are planning to determine the dimensions of the table and the different points.


Cut sideboards to 48 inches long. Then, in the center, you should drill an opening with two inches of diameter. The hole must be 1.5 inches away from the edge of the board. Then, drill 1-inch diameter holes 5.5 inches apart across the remainder of the board. This should make room for eight holes of a smaller size. The holes must be at least 3 inches at the highest point of the boards. Repeat this exactly on the other side.


The boards at the end must measure 26 inches in length. Take a measurement of 10.5 inches on each side. Make a rectangle five inches wide by 2.5 inches across the middle of the board. Cut it out. This is the goalmouth. Repeat the exact cuts on the opposite side of the board.

Playing surface

It recommends that the playing area must be 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. To construct the goals, it is necessary to cut off a piece of the edge. Take 10 inches off the longest edge of the four corners. Create an equilateral triangle on each side of the area that measures 4 inches wide by 0.5 inches. With a saw, trim off the excess until each side has this tiny rectangle protruding from it. This is what the ultimate goal is for your table.

How to make a foosball table out of wood

Now we’ll discuss step-by-step methods to make a foosball table out of wood.

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Take the measurements correctly

Before you begin building a structure, you have to be aware of the dimensions. The dimensions of the things you use to make the playfield must be recorded. You can use thirty” as well as 56″ for length and width and length, respectively, of the regulation table or playing field.

Make use of light materials

It is ideal to use an easy-to-handle material to build the whole structure because it will be simple to transport and hold. The walls along the longer sides are trim to 52 inches in length,” and the height should be 4.5″ to ensure that the ball will not fall over frequently.

Saw the sides

When you complete your measurements, then you can begin cutting. Utilizing your circular saw or miter saw, trim the pole sides and the goal sides to the proper lengths. If you’re using a miter saw, you can miter or cut at an angle the ends to ensure they will fit perfectly. For this, you must make sure that your saw is set for cutting at a 45-degree angle, as the two boards should be 90 degrees. If you prefer a less complicated cut, cut the boards straight across their faces.

Create the holes

After you have finished building the wall, Start drilling holes into the sides using measurements to attach the rods you bought. The diameter of the hole should be equivalent to the size of the rods. There are tiny spaces between them and the holes to allow for fixing the springs or rubber buffers.

Cut the goals off

When you complete all the sides, then you can proceed to the final boards. These boards measure 26 inches in length. This means that you have to measure 10.5 inches on each side to make the rectangle of 5 inches wide by 2.5 inches across the middle on the boards. Make use of your circular saw to slice the rectangle for your purposes.

Cut borders and create indentations

Walls on shorter sides must have a length of 30-” in length along with 4.5″ in height. On these sides, it is necessary to be cutting the board to make space for the goal. Create indentation marks on the opposite side of the goal post to catch the ball following each goal. Make further indentations under the playing field to create space for fixing the poles.

Place the rods in the beginning

After the walls have been constructed with holes in the taller walls and goalposts on the smaller walls, you can begin putting rods into the holes, along with the players and other parts and accessories. The model required by law should measure at least 36″ high. Which means that all the leg legs for the table would be about 30″ high. The remainder of the table will be approximately 6″ tall.

The playfield

The playing area must be cut to 48 inches x 24 inches. On the edges, you must take 10 inches of distance away from every corner. This will provide you with the ends of an area that is 4 inches in length and 0.5 millimeters wide. When you cut this rectangle and trimmed, you’ll be left with a smaller rectangle, and that’s where your goals are on the table.

Decorate the table

Finally, decorate the entire space with the wood lacquer, sand the surface, and finally apply oil to ensure that rods are easily moved to play smoothly.

Applying lacquer and polishing

After all the pieces are cut and drilled, It is now time to put the finishing touches on the boards. The first step is to remove any rough pieces. This can be accomplished with your hands or an electric sander with a fine grain. After that, clean all surfaces using the help of a dust cloth. Then, apply a coat of lacquer, and allow drying for at least two hours. Clean the surface before applying a second coat. This is then left to dry for at least 24 hours. Then, apply a polish and then shine the surface using the help of a lint-free cloth.

How to make a foosball table from cardboard

Make the “pitch” by drawing the interior part of your cardboard. Set up your Dowling rods by punching holes on the sides of the cardboard and then make a hole on the other side of the card using exactly the same type of dowel. The dowel should insert into both holes. Be cautious about how far the dowel is. Use an X-Acto blade to cut the goal on each side in the box. Be sure that each goal is identical in size. Ten clothespins should be placed on the dowel. There should be two clothespins on the dowels at each goal and three clothespins placed on 2 dowels of medium size.

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This article must guide you through the steps on how to make a foosball out of wood. We will also guide you through the exciting process of carving. This built-in method for creating the miniature version of football is an enjoyable project with the family. You now are aware of how to make foosball tables. Hopefully, you’ll be able to teach the game to other people too.

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