How to Make a Dartboard | Complete Guide to Make a Dartboard


A family or rec room can’t be complete without dartboards. Making the dartboard can allow you to personalize it to suit the person who’s likely to use it, their playing style, and much more. Dartboards can be made using a variety of materials. However, the cork dartboard is one of the simplest to construct. Most people prefer bristle dartboards as it gives an excellent playing surface. Read on to find out how to make your own dartboard by taking several steps, which are the materials you’ll require and how to put it up in your living area or your basement.

Parts of dartboard 

Dartboards could be what you require to get your friends and family together, entertain the kids during a rainy afternoon, or train for an upcoming event. If you are a darts fan and you’re unable to find the right one, making your own could be an affordable and cost-effective alternative. There are numerous kinds and styles of boards that you can choose from. However, if you want to make a dartboard, you must learn dartboard parts. Here I’ll discuss the aspects of the dartboard.

The board

The board is the core of an excellent bristle dartboard. Today the sharp darts are being replaced with soft darts with plastic tips. This can cause a problem in locating the best sisal board nowadays. But, it’s worth the effort to get one because they look more appealing and will last for longer. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the satisfying sound of thinking, which will make throwing the dart feel more enjoyable.


If there is a home dartboard and you want to use darts made of steel. You should look for a Darts set with tips and fins that are easily replaceable.


Cabinets are not required. However, many dart players prefer to utilize one because they keep the dartboard safe from dirt and dust and shield the surfaces from damage caused by a dart. The cabinet must be constructed of wood that’s strong enough to stand up to darts that are stray. 

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Cork dartboard

You can make a Dartboard with cork. As per the dart rules, cork must be at minimum 1 and 1/2 inches thick. The thickness of the dart prevents it from entering the board and damaging the wall. The method by which the cork is placed on the particleboard will increase the amount of protection for your walls while also increasing the stability of your boards. If you’re buying cork for your board, make sure it’s as thick and at least 18 inches wide.

How to make a dartboard 

For darts play, you’ll require the dartboard. If you’ve ever looked around for one will be aware it’s not cheap to purchase. In reality, it’s just wire, and cork dartboards can be pretty expensive. Why don’t you make a dartboard? It’s not difficult, and you’ll save money over purchasing an industrial-made dartboard.

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Make sure you cut your cork or wood

In the beginning, you’ll need to cut the wood or cork. If you choose to go with wood, I would suggest using a fragile piece of plywood (more on it later).). I’d suggest cutting it into a rectangle, but you can also utilize any shape so long as it’s 18 inches in size. This is the size that will be standard should you decide to replicate the size of a traditional board.


Dartboards are circular. Therefore, you’ll need to draw an 18-inch circle in diameter. To illustrate this, put pins in the center of the board and attach them to a string approximately 9 inches long. There’s an outline of the board at the opposite end. Then, draw the circle, use the saw, and cut the process, cutting off the edges to give smooth edges.

Mark out your dartboard

Step 2 is to draw your dartboard. Take your stencil (If you’ve used the one you used) as well as the dartboard layout and put it on the board. You are free to choose any design you’d like to use, but it doesn’t have to be conventional. This stencil can be used. If you’d like it (right-click upon it to choose to save as’). You must apply pressure firmly to the edges of the stencil so that it doesn’t move as you mark out the board.

How to attatch dartboard to the wall

Any substantial wood piece can be used as an ideal backboard. Put them on top of the dartboard to ensure it is safe for walls. You can attach them to your wall using fixtures and screws. You’ll require an adhesive to attach your dartboard to the backboard. I suggest using gorilla glue, which can be purchased at most hardware stores for only a few dollars. Apply a good amount of glue across the board, then immediately place it on the backboard, ensuring that it’s straight.

Installing your new board

Dartboards aren’t taking up much space and can be an excellent way to practice dart drills. This is one reason people prefer dartboards for smaller rooms in the family. If you’re playing a game of darts, you’ll have to be able to use more space than you think for a clean way to throw darts. The path of the dart should be clear of the doors and windows. Ideally, it ought to place on the wall’s side.


Consider adding a special light that shines off the scoreboard and the board itself. It’s an excellent addition which doesn’t cost the most money or take too long. Many prefer to install ordinary ceiling light and an additional deflector to direct the light towards the ceiling. The addition of a dimmer is an excellent alternative.


Playing darts scoring board in your arsenal can help you keep track of the score. You can pick from various systems, including chalkboards, whiteboards, and a pen with paper.

Make a drink rail

Many people love to install drinks rails, which can be a convenient place to place your drinks and throw them. You can build drinks rails quickly with a few trim pieces and standard dimensions of lumber. It should be wide enough to accommodate an ordinary cup or small snack bowl. Most people will be standing next to their drink and drink, so make sure you create a dart path that is slightly off the rail to provide players with space.


If you do not have a dartboard cabinet, you must tempt to throw an object directly at the wall. It is essential to consider having a backstop on your dartboard. The dart-backboard can be constructed of cardboard covered with planks or cork. It is necessary to choose a material that the dart can get into, something with enough thickness that doesn’t reveal holes when you take out the dart. You must plan to use the most significant section for the backboard. I suggest a six- to eight inches clearance on each side. You can build your own backboard, or you can buy one from the internet.

Throw line

This is the one which a player has to stand on for throwing the dart. It is necessary to find a method to mark this line. It’s easy to use a throw rug or keep your flooring with tape or be creative and put down some tiles or even stain your flooring. If you have extra cash, you can also purchase an attractive laser marker for a unique way to wow your guests.


While there is no substitute for an actual dartboard, it is an enjoyable project to do on rainy days. If you’ve got some craft skills or knowledge of materials, you can think up some intriguing ideas. You can now make your own dartboard. You can enjoy darts any time you want. Build the dartboard and enjoy playing with your family and friends.

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