How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet – Expert’s Effective Tips for All Beginners


Are you aware of how to make a dartboard cabinet? The perfect family room cannot be without a giant dartboard. The art of creating customized dartboard cabinets will let you customize the cabinet based on who is using it, the way they play, and so on. You can make a dartboard cabinet by using a variety of materials. It is, however, easy to build a traditional cork dartboard, as a lot of users prefer the best quality Bristle dartboard because it offers an excellent playing surface. This article will cover the subject of making a dartboard cabinet in just a few easy steps, what materials are required, and the best way to put it in your basement or your living room.

How to make a dartboard cabinet

A solid-wood dartboard typically costs $150, and at that price, you’re purchasing a cabinet made of pine, and you’ll be paying higher for a high-end hardwood. If you want to spend the same amount, you can make a dartboard cabinet by yourself. There’s no detailed joinery or miters, and it’s constructed with standard board widths, and therefore you don’t require the table saw. If the doors don’t match your taste, you can make plywood panels that match the wood surrounding. Let’s have a detailed discussion on how to make a dartboard cabinet.

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Create a dartboard cabinet base 

In the beginning, you’ll need four pieces of lumber that are evenly cut in the size you would like your cabinet to have. In this guide, we’ll use pine wood. It is not necessary to choose pine wood. You can make use of any material you want. After you’ve got your four wood pieces cut in the exact dimensions needed to create your cabinet, you’ll need to cut pieces of wood in the same way to make the interior part of the cabinet. The cut will permit you to place the backboard of your dartboard cabinet later. After you’ve cut identical squares from all those pieces, it should appear like the image above.

The next step is to drill holes that will connect your wood pieces. To assist you, join a drill bit to the drill press to create a giant crater after training two spots along the edges of each bit of timber. It is possible to use an electric drill to join all pieces of wood. If you pay careful attention to the directions, the final product will look exactly like the picture above. I’m sure that I don’t need to reiterate how vital the correct measurement and ensuring that the holes are all drilled in the same places are crucial to this entire procedure. We’ll then use some wood filler to seal those holes you’ve made in the past. The first step is to apply glue.

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Make a cabinet backboard 

The first step is complete. It’s time to join the individual pieces of wood to the frame of a dartboard cabinet. The next step is to build an additional backboard to the cabinet. For this, you’ll have to cut a backboard that fits the dimensions of the cabinet. When you’ve done the job, it will look like it does. It is important to note that you might need an electric saw for the cutting. A practical method of making sure that you cut straight is to glue an object of wood to the backboard to help you cut.

When you’ve finished cutting the wood piece into a correct backboard, it will look similar to the one above. Use your wood pressing tool to make sure that the backboard correctly inserts into the pieces of other cabinets for dartboards. Then, you can use a knife or other devices you like to cut off parts of wood to fill. The filling should have had plenty of time to set to this point. Read this full guide on how to build a dartboard backboard.

Make cabinet doors 

After the cabinet’s backboard is finished, we’ll begin to build the doors of the cabinet. For the cabinet doors, you’ll have to cut two of the same pieces of lumber to create the doors for the dartboard cabinet. You are, of course, welcome to create any design you’d like; however, for this tutorial, we’ll make a curved style as in the previous. After you’ve cut two similar techniques to your door, you can go onto the next stage.

Then, just like how we made space for the backboard for the cabinet at earlier steps, we will need to create the same room with the cabinet doors. In this process, we select two sides that are parallel to Dartboard cabinets. Make sure to mark the wood the same as the door of the cabinet. You can then use a saw to cut until you get to that mark. The cut will then be simpler to take off later.

When you’ve cut entirely through the cabinet’s side, Utilize your chisel to take out the sawed-out pieces one at a time. Next, use the chisel to make the bottom smoother of the cabinet door holder. Use the wood softer tool to get out the wood in a proper way. After you’ve smoothed the hole, you can put it in the door of the cabinet to check that you’ve made it in the right way. It’s essential to overemphasize how careful you need to be not to create a hole that is too deep or shallow. This can cause significant issues regarding how well your doors are balanced on the cabinet. This is an excellent time to have any sanding completed. Smooth out any rough edges and make sure that everything is neat.

Include inner cabinet backboard

After that, you need to create an internal backboard to the cabinet. This can be accomplished with the help of glue. Once you’ve glued the backboard to the cabinet, please use the wood press tool to ensure that it is secured at the base of the cabinet.

Build dartboard cabinet chalkboard

We’ll then focus on any exterior part that is the exterior of your cabinet. These are which is the blackboards you’ll use to attach the cabinet’s doors. There’s a variety of ways to complete all of the tasks in this instructional. You can buy chalkboards, or you can purchase the spray and create your own. It’s entirely up to you, and in this video tutorial, we’ll use the spray. Cut the two pieces identical to lumber and apply the chalkboard spray until the wood is black. Then, let the blackboards rest and dry as you move to your next stage. The next step is to put hinges on the doors of your cabinet. Simple process and nothing different from the norm. The only thing you need to do is screw one hinge piece onto the cabinet.

Add hinges to cabinet doors

You can screw the other side of the hinge to the cabinet door. If you complete everything correctly, it will appear like the picture above. You should be capable of opening and closing your cabinet with ease. Then we’ll take the dry blackboards and then screw them into the inside of the cabinet doors.

Add holders 

The next step is creating a location to store your darts in your cabinet. You’ll first cut two pieces of wood in the same way as this. In this instructional, the wood will be capable of holding three darts. The next step is to drill holes slightly larger than the darts into the woods to fit within them. The final product should appear as follows. The next step is to install hinges on your cabinet doors to remain shut. The first piece will be placed to the highest point of your cabinets, and the other part will go into the exact location on the door. Take the appropriate measurements to ensure the two pieces are in line with each other.

Connect dartboard to the cabinet

The next step is to connect the dartboard to the cabinet that houses the dartboard. The first step is cutting and measuring pieces of wood that are the exact size of the dartboard. It is not a good idea for them to extend until they’re visible from behind the dartboard. This is not a good design. After you have your sections of lumber cut to the same lengths, it is essential to use the pieces to drill holes for connection on the back of your cabinet. You can use the holes to place the dartboard later in the future.

Be sure that the holes are in the same size and distance as the dartboard will insert, which is vitally important. Next, make sure that the design of the hole fits the screws. After that, you will return your planks to the front of your dartboard, where they will be secured with screws that are pultruding out from the back. After that, you can put your dartboard inside your dartboard cabinet finally. Then, you’ll need to finish your installation by screwing on the parts that complement each other in the back of the cabinet.

Mount dartboard cabinet

The next step is to cut a piece of wood with an angle of 45 degrees. The amount of wood will use to fix the dartboard cabinet onto your wall. This angle of 45 degrees allows the dartboard cabinet to be able to fit effortlessly into the wall. Begin by gluing your piece of lumber to the cabinet’s back. After that, you can finish the assembly with screw nails. Following that, the next step is to install some knobs on the cabinet’s front doors.

This is a small thing, but one that could render the entire setup inefficient. The next thing to do is make a holder for markers to put in your cabinet. It is possible to use the same kind of wood used to create dart holders. The only difference is that you will make a hole for the marker to rest in the middle rather than drilling holes into the wood. After that, you’ll be able to connect the marker holder on the lower part of the cabinet, below the dartboard. This is accomplished using adhesive and clamps for F. If you’ve managed to follow all steps correctly, your finished product should appear like this.


The correct information on making a dartboard cabinet and creating the perfect home setup can allow you to profit by playing darts with your family and friends anytime you wish. When you pick the right products and follow the steps laid out in this article, you’ll be able to make a stunning dartboard cabinet that is perfect for your home. It looks great in rooms, family rooms, and even in the basement.

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