How to Make a Basketball Rack Out of PVC – Essential Planning Advice


Nearly every basketball court has several balls in the court. They can be used for both serious and casual games. It’s evident that basketballs were designed to turn and turn, don’t they? Therefore, keeping track of them all is an overwhelming task. Additionally, unorganized balls can cause chaos. There may be a feeling of discontent too. To eliminate this issue, the basketball rack is the most effective solution. Since a shelf for basketball storage is the most essential piece of equipment, it is necessary to keep the durability of your basketballs. You can, of course, purchase racks. But they’re usually restricted in storage space, and if you’re on a budget. Why don’t you make a basketball rack out of PVC? Actually, it’s pretty simple and easy to make. It also helps you save cash.

Things you must know

Making the PVC pipe ball rack can be pretty straightforward. You won’t have to handle any bulky materials, and the process isn’t hazardous. However, we recommend taking a few precautions before beginning your DIY basketball rack. The fumes released by the PVC pipe glue may be hazardous to breathe. If you receive the substance on your eyes, the skin could suffer from severe irritation. Be familiar with the instructions to ensure safe use. Adhere to the treatment instructions in the event of a need.

Another step to take before you start your DIY basketball rack is to be familiar with the cutting tool you select to employ. There are various methods to cut PVC pipes, and you must decide which one is the best fit for you. A PVC pipe cutter would be the best because it’s specially created. But, not all people have access to this particular tool. Instead, you can use handsaws or miter saws already available in your home garage.

How to make a basketball rack out Of PVC: Tools you’ll need

Are you not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on the store-bought version basketball rack? We get it. Luckily, you can construct your own home on a tight budget since PVC pipe costs around $1.00 for each square foot. The price is already affordable, but finding less expensive options online is possible. The other components you’ll require (like connectors and caps) cost a few cents. It is not just that building a PVC pipes ball rack is inexpensive and easy to build. It also allows you to use your handyman skills as you go along. Invite your basketball friends to create a team effort or feel the feeling of achievement by yourself.

Once you’ve started the process of building, you will not require top-of-the-line equipment or materials. All you’ll need to complete the basketball back project DIY are:

  • The 1-inch inner diameter of 40-inch PVC pipes
  • (four) two-inch three-way elbow PVC connectors
  • (four) (1-inch) PVC caps
  • (four) 1 inch PVC T-connectors
  • (a couple of) 4 way PVC T-connectors
  • PVC cutters (or hand saws)
  • PVC pipe glue

Those PVC could not be a better material for your DIY basketball rack. It’s odorless and non-toxic, meaning it will not leave behind an odor that lingers throughout your gym. In addition, it can handle temperatures of between 33degF and 140degF, which means you can utilize it in colder gyms or even in the scorching heat of outdoor workouts.

How to make a basketball rack out of PVC

After gathering the supplies, you’ll be ready to begin building the PVC pipes ball rack. If you don’t want to determine the exact details yourself, You can use our tried-and-tested method. It’s only five steps to follow.

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Step 1

Unfortunately, PVC pipes won’t have the exact dimensions you’ll require. It’s okay. When you make your own cuts to account for this project’s precise size. Grab the cutting tools you prefer and begin cutting. Here are the numbers and dimensions you’ll need to make making your PVC tube ball rack

  • Four pieces of 3-foot sections
  • Four parts, each measuring 1-foot in length.
  • Six legs, in 7-inch sections
  • Four parts of teams of 6 inches
  • Four pieces of teams of 4 inches

To add a level, you’ll need the following:

  • Two pieces of 3-foot sections
  • Four pieces, each in 12-inch sections.
  • Two pieces, each 7-inch long.

The cutting of PVC pipe isn’t the same as cutting diamonds. It’s likely to cut pretty quickly. However, you should apply lubricant to the pipe before beginning. Lubrication reduces friction and allows your blade to move without resistance. In addition, you’ll stop particulates and dust from entering the air. Make sure you use a lubricant suitable for plastics, such as one that has silicone as the base or a food-grade label.

Step 2

Start with a T-connector in your palm. Connect a 6-inch and a 7-inch piece to it, Then connect another T-connector and a 6-inch piece to the original T-connector. Connect 4-inch sections to all of the openings left. Complete step 2 by putting caps on the pieces’ ends, measuring 6 inches. In this stage, you should be able to create a 6-7-6 pipe sequence that forms straight lines.

Step 3

Use a 4-way connector to connect it to both 4-inch pipes. Join each connector to one of the 7-inch sections. Attach an additional 12-inch section on each side. They should be in parallel with the 4-inch connector. In this stage, your PVC ball rack made of pipe should look like a track-like hurdle. It’s not yet functional; however, the design is getting closer.

Step 4

You can close off the pieces of 12 inches using the help of a 3-way connector. Utilize this 3-way connector to attach a 7-inch section between the two parts. Be sure that the connector’s open ends face the same direction. You can now glue every joint. Make sure you give your project enough time to set it so that you don’t need to repair it in the future. Drying the process will make a second panel to the opposite part of your PVC ball rack made of pipe. You could also construct two additional levels if you want.

Step 5

Make use of a 1-foot pipe to join every pair of open connections. Then, glue down the joints. The final product is an elongated PVC ball rack made of line, ready to use!

How to keep your basketballs in good shape with a PVC rack

Your basketball needs to be maintained properly to allow you to utilize it and play with it for long periods. Therefore, you must play with the ball using the proper care. This is a vital job for you. The racks made of PVC can help accomplish your work effortlessly. If you are playing with your basketball for a long time without care, the ball could be less durable, which means that you won’t be able to play for a longer time. A depressed bounce can result from a low level of air pressure in the basketball. When you’ve finished playing an activity, put it in your rack, and give it to recuperate.

If you use your basketballs in a hostile environment, the balls could lose their shine. Make sure to keep your balls in the rack at a moderate temperature to keep the brightness of the basketball. To get rid of dirt from the basketball, use a basketball cleaner. After cleaning the dirt from your basketball, put it back in the rack. Follow a pattern by putting all basketballs on the frame. Make sure your shelf is in a location that is dirt and dust-free. This will give the shiny appearance of the ball, and you’ll be able the ball to use it the next day.

How to make a basketball rack out Of PVC: Tips

As we can see from our step-by-step instructions, making our own PVC ball rack from the pipe isn’t difficult. We’d like to share with you some tips to help you build it easier: Make use of 4-way connectors to make more space: You could use 3-way connectors, but you’ll be unable to add an additional tier as you can using 4-way connectors. Therefore, you should invest in 4-way connectors, and you’ll be able to make a basketball rack out Of PVC with up to four levels. One additional tier can offer more space for basketballs but won’t create a toppling risk.

Account for your ball’s diameters: A typical NBA ball is around 9.5 inches wide. This means that you need to make your PVC ball rack from the pipe have an 8-inch depth to allow enough space. In the light of these numbers, each tier must be able to accommodate up to four or three balls.

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The benefits of using a basketball rack

  • No more space crisis. There’s no need to worry.
  • You Don’t have to waste your time organizing basketballs.
  • Basketballs have been given a guardian for the first time.
  • Easy to carry and keep the balls stored in the store. When the basketball is playing, do not require someone else to appear and take other balls.
  • You know the location of your balls. This is why you should collect them at the highest level.


Even if you prefer to leave your housework to professionals, you’re still competent in building a durable PVC pipe ball rack. It’s a simple process that requires no manual work and inexpensive materials that are simple to find. If you allocate an hour (or an hour at maximum) of your day and commit your brain to it, create a functional fitness product that you can use in your fitness center. Everyone around you will want to know where you acquired it. It’s up to you to divulge the place of origin.

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