How to Kill Weevils in the Bathroom – Everyone Must Try 5 Easy Steps


No matter what bathroom design you’re seeking to create, You want your bathroom to be fresh and clean. The final thing you would like is to see insects in your bathroom. What should you do after realizing that weevils and insects have entered your bathroom? In your bathroom, weevils could have gained entry through a bathroom’s windowsill, wall crack or vent. To kill weevils in the bathroom, it is necessary to clear your drains, repair cracks, seal leaks and replace broken window screens. This will keep insects from escaping or entering your bathroom. Apply insecticides to kill any remaining bugs. Infestations in your bathroom are usually a sign of a bigger problem.

If you find insects in your bathroom, the first step in eliminating their presence is determining what they are. Once you know the kind of bug is living in your bathroom, you can start to develop an extermination strategy. Read on to learn how to recognize weevils and other insects that can be found within your bathroom. You will then learn easy steps to kill weevils in the bathroom.

Things you should know about weevils

Weevils are beetles that resemble bears. They have more than 1000 species with body shapes that vary in colors. However, the majority of species of weevils are oval-shaped with slim bodies. According to the species, they can vary in size from 3 millimeters to 10 millimeters in length. Weevils can have dark colors that range from dark brown, black, or sometimes reddish. The most notable physical trait of weevils is their head form. Weevils that are adults may have a head that appears like a snout in the place where their mouths are. For instance, the Curculionidae family is known for its extended snout, which can be the same length as their bodies. But in the Bruchidae family, the cowpea weevils are different from other species. They do not have the long nose that is found in the majority of weevil species.

Most often, they find the bathroom in the fall in which they can stay hidden all winter long and then emerge when spring arrives. Weevils can infest your bath areas in summer. They seek refuge when the outside temperature starts getting hot in the summer months. Weevils haven’t been known to transmit or carry diseases or parasites. However, they can be troublesome when a problem with weevils occurs. As weevils mature into adults, their first task is to breed. Adult weevils have about two to three months of life span. In this period, female weevils can lay, on average, four eggs a day or at most 240 eggs over their entire life.

How do weevils get into the bathroom?

The infestation of a cockroach usually begins from outside. Still, it can be able to enter indoors for shelter and food. They usually gather around exterior walls and can enter through the cracks in the walls of your bathroom and gaps in doors and windows or the spaces next to sewer pipes. Certain worms might even enter through openings in light fixtures and enter your bathroom through the attic or get into the vents of your bathroom or broken screens.

Bathrooms are the ideal habitat for weevils to breed as they expand and are attracted to humid and damp environments. If female weevils are about to lay eggs, you will locate them in the lower part of the bathtub, beneath the bathroom sink, drains, and bathtubs. The insulation of the walls of bathrooms is an ideal hiding place for weevils, too.

How to kill weevils in the bathroom

Pests like insects and weevils in your bathroom may make your bathroom look ugly and disgusting. It is important to kill weevils in the bathroom as soon as you can. It is possible to get rid of these bugs by taking a few easy steps.

Step 1

The clogged drains of showers cause an accumulation of bacteria and stagnant water. It also creates a breeding ground for bugs such as weevils, cockroaches, and insects. You can use the drain cleaner specifically designed to remove the build-up of soap scum from drains and remove it. Also, you can make use of chlorine and hot water. This combination is extremely efficient in killing bacteria, removing build-up from drains and removing insects. It is not recommended to use this technique too often since bleach is a potent chemical. Bleach can cause harm to your drains based on the materials they’re made of. Try an innocuous mixture of hot water and vinegar. This mix will aid in cleaning your drain and kill any bacteria. It also eliminates pesky bugs without the risk of more harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Step 2

The water is a breeding place for bacteria and a host of bathroom bugs. Certain insects lay eggs in this water, while others are drawn to the accumulated bacteria. Whatever the reason they love it, most insects are attracted to areas with excessive moisture levels. The most effective way to reduce moisture within your home is to address any leaks. After fixing all leaks, look for locations, such as corners, that are likely to gather water. Should that be the case, smooth the areas to stop water from accumulating regularly.

Step 3

Infestations of insects enter your home through tiny gaps and cracks. The patching of these holes can stop them from getting into your bathroom through the outside. Furthermore, other bugs could utilize these cracks as secure nesting sites. Removing these small cracks can be a good way to seal potential nesting sites. Use caulk or another suitable sealant to ensure that these areas remain closed.

Step 4

When your bathroom is secured and clean, it is important to ensure the remaining bugs are eliminated. If you know the kind of bug you’re facing, you can pick the right insecticide. Before you spray, make sure you adhere to the instructions carefully since applications differ from your product.

Step 5

If you prefer to have the natural airflow inside your home, ensure that your screens are in good shape. It only takes one tiny space to allow in a few insects. The tiny number of bugs can increase. Check each screen with care. Suppose you reside in an area where screens are prone to rust. In that case, you might consider looking into long-lasting screens constructed with different materials.

How to kill weevils in the bathroom by using chemicals

Those methods will help you to kill weevils in the bathroom by using chemicals.

Set-up pheromone traps

Pheromone traps and glue traps can effectively draw pests like weevils and stop the spread. It is possible to set traps in areas where weevils are hiding, such as beneath the sink or drain and then wait for a bit. Refill the traps as soon as they’re full until you’re certain that you’ve rid yourself of all the insects in your toilet.

Use pesticides

Suppose you’re looking for a fast solution to rid yourself of weevils in your bathroom. In that case, It is possible to apply insecticides to areas where you’ve observed weevils. They’re not resistant to pesticides and will go extinct shortly after spraying them. Be aware that you can only use pesticides once you’ve identified the areas where weevils hang out.

Sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth

Weevil repellents such as Diatomaceous Earth will kill any existing pests in your bathroom and prevent infestations from occurring again. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth all over the bathroom area, such as beneath the sink and toilet bowl, on the bathroom carpets, and beneath cabinets. The powder should rest for a few days before cleaning your entire bathroom. This method will kill and repel insects that have invaded your bathroom.

How to prevent weevils from coming back to the bathroom

Use weevil deterrents

Installing deterrents to repel weevils inside your bathroom will make it less inviting to weevils and prevents them from returning to your bathroom. Some of the most effective repellents are essential oils such as sweet orange and peppermint. Herbal sachets that contain rosemary, bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns, and cloves are also effective in keeping away weevils.

Remove every entryway possible

Weevils have entered your bathroom because they discovered ways to get into your bathroom. The first step in stopping them from returning is to shut off any possible entrance. Examine any hole or crack in the wall of your bathroom ceiling vents, doors and windows through which weevils could get in. Check around and repair the damaged weather-stripping caulk that is missing or torn screens.


Weevils are among the pests you might encounter inside your toilet. They’re also more likely to reside in your kitchen or pantry than inside your bathroom. This is because pantry pests are a problem for weevils and can infest dry cereals and food grains. If you notice weevils inside your toilet, the presence of these creatures is not intentional. To eliminate the insects, all you need to do is spray the spray of insecticide.

However, weevils seen in the bathroom are due to their origins in the kitchen. It’s time to rid your kitchen of weevils and other pantry bugs in your home. That’s how you can kill weevils in the bathroom. In this article, you’ll find the most commonly-spotted tiny bugs that live in bathrooms that you may encounter. There’s also a comprehensive five-step plan to get rid of them quickly. Follow these steps, and you’ll never face bugs in your bathroom.

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