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The process to kill a spider on the ceiling is easy. You can choose to squish it with tissue, clean it out, apply hairspray, bud spray, and use raid to spray the spider or spray it with water. You could also kill it by suffocating the spider, using essential oils and vinegar, or asking someone else to kill it for you. In general, people get a bit scared when they encounter spiders around their homes. They can react with dread and fear to pure discomfort.

Additionally, some people keep them in their homes as pets due to bizarre reasons and are fond of spiders. Some are even arachnophobia. When they come across an insect, their first instinct is to flee. Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears, and studies show that it is a problem for nearly 50 percent of women and 18% of males.

Scientists don’t know what causes it but believe that it may be a learned behavior, a means to safeguard our species, or perhaps a trauma. They aren’t interested in anything with spiders other than being gone and dead. The horror films and stories have contributed to the fear of spiders through falsehoods, exaggerations, and fanciful tales. They’re making it more terrifying for those who are arachnophobia. We also have those who love style and design, and they’ve spent an enormous amount of money to make their interior design to preserve the beautiful appearance of their homes. Therefore, you have to kill a spider on the ceiling not to ruin the home’s appeal.

How to kill a spider on the ceiling? 

There are numerous ways to kill a spider on the ceiling. However, before we do that, take examine the reason is the reason why spiders are in your ceiling? Ceiling spiders are typically due to eggs that hatch over the ceiling in the attic space. The spiders generally use the ceiling as a way to get here. They are not likely to make a nest on the ceiling since there aren’t any insects for them to feast on. Now we will try to explain the methods to kill a spider on the ceiling.

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How to kill a spider on the ceiling

Capture the spider with a cup

If you wish to ensure the spider’s safety and eliminate it without killing it, you can use cups to catch the spider and then take it away in a safe way. It’s not the same as using a vacuum. Certain spiders are extremely quick, and you may not be able to place the cup on top of the spider to catch it. You’ll need a piece of paper and a cup to put the spider inside the cup. The first step is covering the spider in the cup, and after that, slowly slide the paper underneath the cup to scoop the spider up into the cup.

After you’ve snatched the spider in the cup, you’ll be able to quickly release the spider out of your home or wherever you’d like to release it. Some suggestions for this technique: Choose the larger cup so that you can catch the spider even though it’s quick and shifts around when you place the cup on top of the spider; make sure not to squash it with the edge of the cup. You approach the spider at a slower pace and avoid sudden movements before placing the cup on top of the spider.

Use bug spray 

Another way to kill spiders without even getting close is by spraying the spider with insect spray. Different brands have developed aerosol foams that can be sprayed several feet away. In some situations, applying bug spray can kill it. If it doesn’t work, then it’ll surely slow the spider’s speed. It will allow you to squash the spider without fearing that it will be chasing you. However, be cautious when using the spray. Be sure to cleanse your hands with soap and water following the application of the spray.

Also, make sure to clean the area that you spray, particularly in the case of pets which could quickly come into contact with the residual. Make sure to keep your spray in a safe location in a place not accessible by pets or children. Make sure you wash the dead spider and dispose of it in the garbage. It’s essential if have pets who be attracted by this dead creature. The bug spray could cause vomiting in your pet or even end up killing them.

Use vacuum cleaner 

The most efficient method of killing a spider hanging from the ceiling is using a vacuum cleaner. It’s the quickest way to get rid of the spider from your ceiling without leaving marks on the ceiling or causing it a mess. If you own a strong vacuum, then it may be able to complete its job, even against more agile spiders. If the ceiling in your home is tall and you cannot get to it with the shorter extensions of the vacuum, it is possible to use an extended wing of the vacuum cleaner to catch the spider.

The vacuum cleaner may be able to kill or sever the spider. It’ll suck this spider inside the filter of your vacuum cleaner, from which you’ll need to get rid of it after you’re done with vacuuming and let it go. But be aware that this technique could kill the spider once it is sucked through the filter. If you’re not a fan of killing the spider and prefer a more humane option, you should consider other options listed on this list.

Use your hairspray 

Take your hairspray bottle out, then spray it on the spider. It’s not likely to eliminate the spider immediately, but it will disable it to allow you to locate something that can crush it. This might sound like wired, but it works. If you spot the spider crawling around your ceiling, and you have no means to eliminate it spraying hairspray, you’ll be amazed by the fantastic outcomes.

Squish the spider with tissue 

The most popular method to kill the spider is to squash it right away when you notice the spider. You can make use of any item you have in your house and immediately squish it. If you’re using a tissue, take a significant amount so that you don’t feel squashed. Squish until it’s dead. The last thing you need to do is to allow it to chase and hide. Another option is shoes, sandals, newspapers, telephone books, newspapers or any other item you can quickly remove onto the spider.

A Broom with a long handle is also an excellent option to smash it from a safe distance. However, you must be cautious when using the method used to kill a spider since you could miss the spider or even harming it. You can squish it a few times to get rid of it. Afterward, scrub the dead spider with many tissues.

Douse it with water 

Are you aware that spiders don’t understand how to swim? You now know this, and you can utilize this for your benefit. Put some water into the form of a bucket, jug, and then pour it on the spider if it doesn’t have anything else nearby to utilize. The spider will fall off the ceiling, and you will ultimately kill it. Maximize your time by purchasing something that will eliminate the spider once and forever.

Suffocating the spider 

The spider’s suffocation isn’t precisely the most attractive method of killing the spider. However, it works. Use a glass or a clear cover over the spider, and hope it’ll die quickly. It could take a while to watch until it is completely suffocated. Your hands might fail when you lift the roof for few minutes. It is possible to exchange hands till the spider is suffocated and dies from the lack of air. When it is dry, you can grab a towel, scoop the spider up and carry it to the bathroom so that you can flush the corpse away.

Use lemon juice 

Try making lemon water by mixing it with juice, which acts as a natural repellent to spiders crawling around your ceiling. It is important to note that lemon juice will not kill spiders. However, it will deter spiders and stop them from climbing up your ceiling. This makes it easier to take the spider down or kill it after it has left your ceiling. Spiders are averse to lemon and other acidic juices, and they’ll flee once exposed to these substances.

One option is to make use of mint and mix it with water. This is another method to remove the spider from your ceiling. A further benefit to using mint is the fact that it makes your house will be smelling fresh. It is possible to mix 30ml of mint or lemon juice with 500ml of water to spray it on the spider. After spraying the spider, it is likely beginning to flee and look for new areas to stay. It is expected that it will start moving through the walls, giving you a chance to catch it or take it down if you need to eliminate it.

Apply vinegar or essential oil 

It is also possible to eliminate spiders by applying the spray with vinegar or alcohol. You can put any of these solutions in an aerosol bottle. Spray a huge amount of the answer every time you notice spiders on your ceiling or crawling around on the floor. The solution will frighten this spider for a few seconds and then give enough time to break it. Other than the alcohol component, oils such as citrus, cinnamon, and rosemary can effectively eliminate spiders.

How to get rid of spiders without killing them 

If you want to get rid of spider, killing isn’t the only option. There are many other methods to get rid of a spider without killing them.

  • Open the door or window in case you spot an insect get out.
  • The spider is captured using an alternative method and goes outside to let it go.
  • The spider should be chased outside slowly and use the broom towards the door.
  • Clean your home to stop the possibility of a new occurrence.

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How to kill a spider on the ceiling


To preserve the stunning beauty of your home, You want to eliminate spiders and insects from your home. This will give your house a tidy and secure appearance. These types of wishes require extra effort. One of the biggest problems that every house faces is the presence of spiders in windows, ceilings, and other places that are not visible. Everybody hates spiders, and kids are often scared of spiders. Suppose you’re one of those affected by these spiders that are in various parts of your house.

It is possible to ask what you can do to eliminate spiders in the ceiling or other places in your home? This is why we have explained all the options to kill spiders without harming them. In addition, be aware of the possibility of killing the spider. Make sure that killing the spider will be beneficial to your own or otherwise. Follow the rules carefully to maximize the benefits.

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