How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeder – A Fully Conservative Guide


Every bird feeder wants to learn how to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. You will have to deal, regardless of whether you love these little critters. You might lose all your hard work to make your bird paradise. First of all, you need to think fast and come up with great ideas! These simple tricks will make it easy to keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

How to keep squirrels away from bird feeders 

My clients have uploaded many bird feeder videos. It is always thrilling to watch chickadees and cardinals fly in, peck away, then fly out. Gate-crashing is a common problem for 20% of guests who sneak into the feeder. Squirrels are adorable and can cause issues for bird feeders. They aren’t content to eat bird seeds. They can reach any crevice in your home that they find food. Once they are inside the woodwork, they will start chewing. There is no reason to be alarmed! It isn’t enjoyable. We are here to help you to solve this problem! There is no need to poison, glue trap, or use any other cruel methods. Squirrels also belong to nature’s children. 

The acrobatic revenge 

A wire or rope can be placed between two trees or a pole or another hanging port if you have a large backyard. Your bird feeder should be suspended far away from the other end. The squirrels will need to learn how to walk that rope. It is difficult for squirrels to balance, despite being agile with their paws. It’s entertaining, though! They are not professional acrobats, so they will eventually quit the tightrope and take up other careers.

Install a squirrel-proof bird feeder 

The most important thing you have to do is ensure squirrels don’t get to your bird food. To keep squirrels away from your bird’s food, make sure you have the correct type of bird feeder. The weight-activated bird feeders have a weight-sensitive mechanism that instantly closes the seed port when a squirrel stands on it. The port then opens again when the squirrel moves away. These are great for hanging in trees. Pole-mounted bird feeders work well because they don’t need to be hung from a tree. Instead, the pole-mounted bird feeder places food on a pole that squirrels can’t reach. These are simple in design and require a pole to hang them. When the feeder is enclosed by a steel cage that can withstand chewing, it’s called a cage feeder. These feeders are light but very effective in keeping squirrels away from bird food.


You can also use a squirrel-proof bird feeder to place in the middle of your windows. They can be placed in the middle of large windows as squirrels cannot leap over distances exceeding 10 feet. Bird feeders should be kept away from doors, windows, roofs, porches, or other entry points that might help squirrels reach them.

The secret key is located at the feeder location

The best squirrel-resistant bird feeders are the ones you choose. If it’s placed correctly, squirrels won’t have any problems. Remember the 5-7-9 Rule. You can care for a lot of squirrels if you keep these numbers in mind. Squirts can also leap horizontally up to 10 feet. Keep your feeder at least 10ft from trees and walls to prevent squirrels from jumping. If the feeder is too high, you can hang it in a different position. String a line starting at two points (either trees or walls) and then turn it as high you can. Squirts will not be able to walk on bouncy strings and may jump towards the feeder.

Squirrel baffles 

A squirrel baffle can be purchased at most hardware stores. These are made to stop squirrels from reaching your bird feeder. It is supposed to prevent squirrels from going to your bird feeder. Smooth baffles are either metal or plastic widgets that are placed above or below bird feeders. They seem to work well. The baffles must be at least 15-20 in to stop squirrels from reaching the bird feeder.

Give squirrels food they won’t eat

There aren’t many bird seeds that squirrels won’t eat. There are many options, and they can be used effectively. Nyjer seeds are not on a squirrel’s menu, but Goldfinches love these seeds to death. Safflower seeds are not a favorite of squirrels. However, many finches, cardinals, and chickadees love to eat them. PS! PS! White Proso Millet’s size is too small to be used to squirrels, so they aren’t interested in this seed. They are loved by sparrows and doves as well as juncos. In the birdfeed, you can also use hot peppers. Capsaicin is a compound found in peppers that makes them hot and unpleasant in the mouth. Capsaicin can be eaten by birds all day long without being spiced. It can be used in your bird feeder.

Red hot squirrel peppers 

This is only for squirrels, and not us if we don’t like spicy food! Birds aren’t sensitive to chili. Instead, their beaks bypass it and find the good stuff. They can eat it throughout the day without feeling any heat. Sprinkle it on your bird feeder without worrying! To deter them, mix chili powder into your birdseed. A light sprinkle of cayenne pepper under the feeder will also help to discourage them.

You can use a decoy squirrel feeder to separate your yard

Squirrels are animals who want to find food. It is part of their innate nature, like all other animals. They do not want to infest your produce. A separate squirrel feeder can be used to deter them from getting into the food and keep them away. Although they may find it difficult to reach the feeder, they will still access it. You can also feed them corn or sunflower seeds. They are hard to beat, so get along.

Clean grounds 

Make sure your bird feeder is free from any fallen fruits or seeds. Any food left on the ground around the bird feeder can be a tempting source for squirrels. The birds can also avoid contamination and disease by not pecking at the trash.

Save two birds with one stone

A cage with slats that are too small to allow squirrels in will work. You will need to make sure that the slats are large enough for guests to eat the seeds. You are “killing two birds,” as you also prevent competition from bullies like starlings, stars, grackles, or pigeons.

It’s time to spice it up

To spice things up for squirrels, you can add hot peppers to the birdfeed. Peppers can also be used as repellents. Pepper acts as a natural squirrel repellent. A squirrel repellant spray such as Critter Ridder(r) can be applied directly to your feeders. This will keep squirrels away for good. The spray will only affect squirrels; birds won’t notice it. The critters do not like the natural squirrel repellant peppers. This can be used to stop your subsequent squirrel invasion. You can also use peppers to treat your birdseed. Because peppers are not known to cause any health problems for birds, they have been used for years in birdfeed as squirrel-retardant. Some pepper-treated foods include the likes of the Wild Delight Sizzle N’ Heat Suet Bird Food.

Plant flowers squirrels dislike 

You want flowers that are pleasant for you but not for your squirrels. The smells of peppermint, geranium, allium, lily-of-the-valley, geranium, daffodils, and hyacinths are not liked by squirrels. The squirrels will learn to love them when you plant them in your garden. Some suggest soaking cotton wool in peppermint oil or spraying hard surfaces using apple vinegar spray or garlic vinegar spray. These are items that require constant renewal. I will do more for less effort and more significant results.

Install a squirrel-proof feeder pole 

It is better to purchase a bird feeder pole if your space does not have one. Make a bird feeder pole that is individually designed to deter squirrels. The stakes are so smooth that squirrels can’t grip them when they climb. These poles are also equipped with a spring-loaded baffler or a pole baffler to discourage squirrels from climbing.

Install a squirrel baffle 

The baffle is made from plastic. It has a dome-shaped or pole-shaped shape depending on the type. You need to attach it under the feeder. The curved barrier will make it difficult for squirrels to get to the birdseed. These smooth squirrel baffles can be placed below or above your feeder.

To prevent the critters from reaching them, make sure they are at least 15-18 inches in length and width. These baffles can be tilted or twisted by squirrels when they climb them and keep the feeder balanced. You can attach a baffle or a squirrel-resistant pole to your existing pole. A baffle can be purchased separately. It comes in two types. There are two types: one is the torpedo baffle, and the other is the wrap-around. Both can be attached below the feeder. It should be at least 5 feet high, so they can’t jump over it to reach the feeder.

Make sure to grease the feeder pole

Greasing the pole is another option. It just means you can make it slippery so squirrels cannot climb. For this purpose, you can wrap plastic tubing in a layer around the pole. Greasing the pole with mustard oil can make it challenging to grasp the bar and climb up because it is slippery. However, make sure that you shouldn’t use any other chemicals to make the poles slippery. Use no petroleum jelly, glue, or grease. These substances can make it difficult for squirrels to maintain their fur and even cause them to lose their hair. This can make winter very difficult for squirrels. If they inhale these substances while grooming, it can pose a danger to their health.


It would help if you took every precaution to prevent squirrels from eating your birdseed. There are many tools and methods that you can use to discourage them. You don’t need to harm squirrels. They are simply animals trying to eat the food available. It would help if you didn’t treat them as pests. With the bird show going on nearby, you can make squirrels part of your entertainment. These animals are curious and determined, so you can use their instincts to entertain them without harming them.

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