How to Insulate the Garage Ceiling with the Room Above – Expert’s Tips


Are you aware of how to insulate the garage ceiling with the room above? A garage at your home is vital. Its ability to take care of such an important asset, just like your vehicle and makes it a must-have in the house. Since it is the least crowded room, it creates a shallow temperature compared to the temperatures of the other homes. This is why it must be insulated to maintain a suitable temperature. Many buildings have an area above them that absorbs heat. They can become uncomfortable if the roof is not adequately constructed to be insulated. Therefore, we will provide all the required information to help you insulate the garage ceiling with the room above.

How to insulate the garage ceiling with the room above

Let’s consider, for example, an area above our garage. It’s vital to insulate the garage ceiling with the room above so that you’ll be able to use space heaters during winter and cool in the summer. This way, you can contribute a significant amount of economic and energy savings, which will be reflected in your electric and heating costs. The steps for insulating the garage ceiling with the room above are as below:

The tape measure makes the precise measurement of the length and width of the ceiling. Then, determine the area of square meters. So we will have the sizes and the amount of insulation that is required. In this instance, we’ll be using fiberglass batts. When the process begins with glasses, boots, and safety gloves. We don’t want any accidents or injuries.

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Step 1

If you’re experiencing cold floors in your garage does not indicate that you have no insulation. An easy method to determine your garage ceiling is the appearance of drywall or plywood. If it does, then there’s the chance that the garage is already well-insulated. Perform an inspection before starting your business to ensure the roof is being insulated well. There is a possibility that the remainder of the garage might be protected. Still, the top isn’t. It’s all dependent on the way that the garage was constructed and when it was.

Step 2

Are you unsure whether your garage is well insulated? Cut a small portion of the drywall, or take out part from the wood. Get rid of it and take a brief examination with a flashlight or another light source. Although it’s not as easy in the sense of looking for specific characteristics, it can provide a more straightforward answer. One of the last things you would like to do is purchase all the necessary items only to discover that there’s insulation on your garage roof. This is an easy method to verify.

Step 3

Another thing to consider when looking for insulation. If you find an open space when you remove the wood, you might require new insulation. In time, insulation may be worn down and reduce effectiveness and efficiency. You might also discover that the insulation on the garage’s ceiling is sufficient but not always adequate. In this situation, you could cover the flooring of the extension instead. Doing a thorough check before installation is vital for many reasons.

Step 4

In some instances, the chilling sensation you feel when you add the extra room could not be due to the floor of your garage. It may be that the dramatic temperature changes are caused by something inside the bonus room built above the garage. If the insulation looks as if it is doing its job, check the bonus room. Examine for possible holes or loopholes that could let cold air in. If you do not take a more thorough examination, it may be difficult to pinpoint the problem entirely.

Step 5

Depending on the size of the ceiling and the condition or presence of insulation in the past, you can install blow-in or spray-in depending on the ceiling’s height. The ceiling’s height is crucial because it could make the procedure much more hazardous. If the ceiling’s size is not enough, an installation by yourself is more than feasible. If you have a higher ceiling in your garage, calling professionals to handle the work may be your most effective option. You can also include blow-in insulation batts or loose insulation to ensure the job is completed safely and correctly.

Step 6

When installing the insulation, be sure to protect the drywall or plywood once more. You’ll be doing all the work to your detriment by allowing holes or gaps within the ceiling. Before installing any new flooring, you must make sure that your current insulation (if suitable) isn’t too thin and that you do not actually require additional.

Step 7

After checking for any previous insulation before adding new insulations, you could find that there’s an airy sensation in the add-on. If this is the situation, it could not be insulation that’s in the way. Make sure you check the windows and doors inside the garage. The windows in the add-on must not be the cause of the problem as they are brand new. Old and unreliable garage doors and windows could cause excessive chilling in the garage and the add-on. It is recommended to replace them also.

Types of insulation for garage roofs

Many types of roofs cannot provide the required thermal capacity for controlling the area’s temperature due to the absence of an insulating component, thereby reducing duct. We will list the currently well-known ones that have great effectiveness and performance:

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Fibreglass batting or mineral wool

The majority of them are inorganic fibres that form flexible material. They provide effective insulation in extreme temperatures, withstand fire and water resistance, and minimize noise. The most common include glass wool and volcanic rock. They are therefore perfect as the insulation of garage ceilings and wall cavities.

Insulation made of polystyrene

They have two methods of operation, extruded and expanded. The expanded type is what is used in roofing. Because of its strong resistance to water and humidity can absorb vast quantities of energy from thermal sources. Polyurethane foam, also known in the industry as foam rubber, is porous plastic. It is an insulation material used extensively in roofing because of its flexibility and economics.

Echos that are insulating

Many people use them nowadays and are built on respect for the environment. The products are made from recycled, natural, and non-polluting substances, like wool and cork. They are perfect for garage roofs with a high insulation capacity due to their ease of use and lightweight. They are a type of moderate air barrier. While others refer to it as an air barrier, they perform the function of insulation and take care of the environment.


It’s made of steel plates which form lightweight and modular insulation. They are often referred to as sandwich panels. Their prefabricated layout is simple to put in place and is ideal for roofing of any kind and style.

Insulation for roofing sheets

It has become popular lately due to its composition and its thin thickness. This is because they act as thermal bridges. They exchange temperatures with the exterior, altering and damaging the comfort inside. To combat this, it is a great alternative to use thermal insulation.

How to insulate the garage ceiling and the room above: Tips

Remember that good insulation doors, windows, and windows can only do much. In regions with frigid temperatures, cold may penetrate the garage. It’s not an enormous change to the room, but just some small furniture.

  • Carpeting. Wall-to-wall carpeting can help to keep your home warmer. It’s another barrier between cold and the person in it and won’t hold the cold as laminate or wood could.
  • Rugs. If you’re not keen to put in carpet, thick carpets can work. Thick mats can lessen the chill on the floor and provide you with the comfort of a soft, warm surface to stand on instead of the hard flooring.
  • Window furniture. Consider putting up heavy curtains or drapes. Window treatments, such as sheets of plastic can assist in keeping the heat in the winter months.
  • Heaters/fireplaces. The most straightforward option is to buy either a space heater or an electric fireplace. They can keep any room warm and often come with controls that permit certain temperatures.
  • Fibreglass batts. This is where getting professionals involved can aid. Fibreglass batts are fabricated on your own or purchased and then placed into the voids of your garage ceiling. This will provide more excellent insulation and heat retention without furniture such as curtains or rugs.

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At this moment, we have the information needed to answer the question of how to insulate the garage ceiling with the room above. Making the proper usage of the material can allow us to complete the procedure and select the correct type of insulation that will allow you to complete a practical project that will improve the space and the area of your house. Furthermore, you’ll get savings in energy and money. They will impact the cost of gas and electricity. We suggest taking safety measures and implements to prevent injuries and accidents during work. For this task, you need at least two people. It’s risky and exhausting to complete the job on your own. The steps and information guide are available. The proper execution is dependent on your personal preference. Keep in mind that garages without heating cause regular costs and cold floors.

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