How to Install Flagstone Patio with Mortar – DIY Hacks form Experts


The installation of a flagstone patio in your pathway or backyard will add a stylish look to your house, as many people do not like grass in their gardens and prefer to put flagstone underneath the furniture to give it an attractive appearance. So, instead of using blocks along your walkway, you can place flagstone in your pathway to create a beautiful and impressive appearance. To achieve this, you should know how to install a flagstone patio with mortar. In this article, you’ll learn the entire process by how you can install a flagstone patio with mortar at your own expense, without hiring anyone to work.

How to install flagstone patio with mortar

Plan your patio

First of all, it is essential to think about the size and shape of the area. First, you must get a permit from a local expert to ensure that you’re not in violation of the laws. If you build something the government has not permitted to construct, it will force its removal. Else, it could cause problems when you need to sell your home. Next, check if no water or gas pipe is running underneath or near the patio with paint marking the location. This will help to measure. With the mortared construction, you will only need to work on the slab on the top. Since you will be covering the slab, you are using flagstone with this method.

Washing pressure

If you’re making concrete blocks, placing flagstones in the sand, or placing flagstone over dirt, the pressure wash can be used to better connect to the concrete surface.

Design and cut the stones

Begin by placing the large stones in the lines. It is best to place the more giant stones along the edges since the smaller stones will shift as time passes. If you put the smaller flagstones in the middle, the more giant flagstones will bind it. For cutting the stones, you can apply the diamond blade. Be aware that if you place the stone in mortar, it’s going to be challenging to cut, so it’s best to put stones in a row and then be happy with the layout of the stones. If you use mortar, ensure that your slab is small; therefore, it will give a smoother and cleaner appearance.

Mix up your mortar

Are you aware of the meaning of mortar? It’s a mix of sand, water, and cement. It is necessary to mix the cement and sand in an amount of 2:1. For example, suppose you’re taking two cups of sand and mixing cement with 1 cup of composition. Start mixing the mixture in a container, then pour water to create a uniform consistency to the mixture, then continue to pour until it is at the consistency of cake frosting. If you’re installing flagstone for the first time, it’s best to start with small amounts.

Put your stone into a mortar

Start applying the mortar and then place the stones one after another to the cement. In another way, the stones will lay on top of the patio made of concrete. If the stones aren’t precise, put more mortar on uneven stones to even it out. In this instance, begin by identifying the largest stone and then apply more mortar. Then work towards the outside of the stone. Be sure that every stone is equally high. Please do not touch the stone or walk on it until it is dry.

Fill in the empty spaces

Fill the gap by using joint fillers, mortar, gravel or sand or grout. If you’re using grout to fill in the gap, you can purchase it at any store in your home and follow the instructions on the bag for mixing it. Put your grout in between joints and then pass the grout into other spaces using floating. Allow it to sit for 15 to 30 minutes. After it has dried, clean the area using a towel to get rid of the excess sand. If you’re not happy with the colour of the grout, Mix some colour-changing dye in the grout, making it attractive and colourful if you’re using gravel to fill in gaps and want to fill in gaps and spread it out with a broom. Once you have swept the area, add water to it and let it dry on its own.

Join the seams

When the grout or mortar filling is dry, put on the sealer. It can be purchased from your local hardware shop or stores. The filler stops any water from getting into the joints. This way, the stones will remain longer in joints. The gravel and sand fillings do not require sealing.

How to lay dry-laid flagstones

Plan your patio

First of all, it is essential to think about the shape and space. Next, get a permit from your local expert to ensure that you’re not breaking the laws. If you build something your government does not allow you to make, they will require you to take it down; else, it could be a problem when you decide to sell your home. Next, check to see if there is no water or gas pipe is in the ground or within the patio, with a marking paint to mark the location. This will make it easier to measure.


When you’re ready to clear the area, you have designated to be evacuated, cut the hose and sod and the edge’s outer side with a spade shovel. You will now think about which size area you would prefer to dig. Typically, three inches deep is sufficient to dig. It all depends on the amount of flagstone you have placed over the concrete you plan to lay.

Add gravel base

Now, you can put the gravel base on the area dug on the gravel, 2 inches at one time. Press it down before adding more stone to make it even. It can be pressed down using an instrument that you can use to press it down. Be sure that it is level. This will help ensure that your patio stays level for a long time. It also helps prevent your stones from cracking or being damaged.

Set up the flagstones

Begin by placing the large stones along the line that is marked. It is better to put the more giant stones along the edges as smaller stones can move as time passes. If you put the smaller flagstones at the centre, the large flagstones will join them. To cut off the flagstone, you can apply the diamond blade.

In the last step, sprinkle 1 inch of sand over the gravel. Then, smooth it and even use the help of a Rough rake. It is possible to use water using a hose to make sand moist. This will allow you to fix your flagstone.

Stone level

To set each stone to a level, start by putting the level down to check its placement upon the grading. Then, fill in the gaps using join filler, add the material and move it around with the broom to fill all the holes.

Flagstone patio tips

Specific stones in your patio that are set dry will shift in time due to wear and tear, as well as seasons of freeze-thaw cycles. However, fixing stones that have moved is simple. Just dig up the gravel, sand, or dirt around the hard rock, and then break the stone with the hands of your fingers or with a bar. If your stone’s high or too low, you can remove the bed material that is under the stone or if it’s too low, then add bed material. Next, reposition the stone to ensure it is level with the surrounding stones. After that, you can put the joints back together around the stone.

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In conclusion, if you know how to install flagstone patio with mortar and do it yourself then it will give you the most desirable outcomes and will last for many years. In addition, a flagstone patio can give you a stunning and sleek look underneath your furniture. I hope that you have enjoyed this post.

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