How to Install a Lock on a Bedroom Door – DIY Expert’s Tips to Install Lock


There are many reasons why a person would want to install a lock on a bedroom door. Security is one of the reasons. Privacy is another reason. Privacy is the ability not to be seen by others living in your home. A bedroom should be used for rest, but some people use it for other purposes. A lock is required when a bedroom is used for reading, meditation, TV watching, or other purposes. In dangerous situations, it may be necessary to lock yourself in the room until assistance arrives.

If you cannot find the key or nerves to open the lock, it should be possible to open the lock from the inside. This article will show you how to install bedroom doors locks. It is not a good idea to hire a locksmith as everything can incur a significant financial expense. A professional lock picker may be necessary. Even if you’re a complete beginner, installing a lock and handle on your door is easy. There are many types of bedroom door locks. We have provided a simplified classification to help you find the right bedroom door lock for you.

How to install a lock on a bedroom door

It’s not difficult to install a door lock on a bedroom door. You can do it on the weekend as a DIY project. The entire project should take between 30 and 1 hour. If you’re looking for how to install a lock on a bedroom, this is the place. This article will cover everything you need to know about installing bedroom doors locks. We’ll also give you some bonus tips to do this.

Take out the old lock

To loosen the screws that hold the doorknob in its place, first, use a wrench. We have said to loosen the screws but not pull them. This will cause the doorknob to fall from its place. Some doorknobs do not have visible screws. You’ll need to use a bent wire or paperclip in these cases. Place a paperclip into the hole at the top of the doorknob. This will allow you to unlock the knob latch and remove the lock.

Get a new door lock that fits

Once you have removed the old doorknobs, it is time to measure the hole in the lock. Also, measure the distance between the lock’s center and the door’s side. There are many types of locks on the market. Be aware that you don’t want to buy the wrong shoe while shopping for the right door lock. You need a lock that will fit the hole and match your measurements. The first thing to do is to visit a locksmith or hardware store. Or, you can search online by entering the measurements. However, you may be able to get a better lock if you buy the same brand. This will allow you to fit the lock onto the existing holes in your door.

Disconnect the latch

To install a new lock, you will need to take out the latch. Now, remove the screws holding the latch to the door. It’s the last thing you need to take out. Once you have removed the screws, place a paperclip onto the latch to release it. The latch should come out with a bit of effort.

Insert the cardboard template in the door hole

A cardboard template should include with your new lock. This will show you how to fit it onto the door holes. Place the cardboard template in the door hole, and check if it works. If your lock does not correctly match the door holes, you may have the wrong lock. You will need to replace the lock in such cases. Go to the site where you purchased it and request a replacement.

Install the new latch

Once you have matched the template, it is time to install your new latch. Place the latch in the hole at the door’s side. Next, secure the latch by screwing in the new screws. However, it is better not to reuse old screws. Old screws can become weak and old, so it is wise to throw them away. If your lock does not include screws, you can purchase screws that will fit your lock.

Assemble your lock

Place the inner knob and the outer keyhole perfectly. These connect by sliding them together. However, you shouldn’t apply any pressure. If you gently slide them in, they will merge by themselves. Finally, secure the lock by tightening the screws.

Types of locks to install on a bedroom door

You may want to put locks on your bedrooms. There are many reasons why this might be necessary. You may need a high-quality door lock to give you more space for shifting or to spend time alone or with your family. There are many bedroom door locks available on the market. You can make the right decision for your family by understanding the options available to you, whether you are looking for a primary lock or something more secure.

At the very least, bedroom door locks should provide privacy when necessary. For those who are looking for privacy, the most accessible push-button lock is the best. The button on the knob can lock these locks from the inside. These locks do not offer high levels of security. These locks can easily pick by hand, simply adding a piece or bobby pin to the hole at the door’s surface.

How To Install A Lock On A Bedroom Door


Although security is an added layer of protection if someone enters your home, there are other things you should consider before you install a security-established lock on your bedroom door. Sliding and chain locks, for example, should not be installed in your child’s bedroom. These additional security options should be installed in bedrooms above the door to prevent your children from using them.


A lock designed specifically for security is necessary if that is the case. You might consider installing a deadbolt and keyed locks. A surface bolt, for example, can use to provide security from the bedroom’s inner walls. A surface bolt is a bolt that slides from a door to a vessel mounted on the door structure. A security chain also adds to the door, similar to those found in motel rooms.

Take into account

Special consideration should give to unusual security situations, such as dealing with a stalker or other security concerns. As an extra layer of security, a few people make a safe space in their homes. If necessary, you can convert the bedroom into a safe room. These key-less locks provide greater security than traditional deadbolts or key locks. Locks only work if the door frame is secure and cannot be tampered with.

How to install a chain lock on a bedroom door

They are used for bedroom doors that have the intent of opening but not letting in. This allows the person on the outside to see the bedroom, but not the inside. You can open the door, but not entirely. Use adhesive tape to fix the template for the locking plates. This template should be at least 3 to 6 cm above the door handle. Use a graphite pencil to mark the points of the template. Mark Drill holes. Use the screws to attach the locking plate to the door. Attach the template to the wall aligned with your locking knob. Again, mark the template. Then, open the holes and attach the chain bracket using the screws.

Install chains on a bedroom door

These locks are the easiest to install and most cost-effective. There are two types of locking mechanisms available: those with keys or those with a combination. Keyed entrance locks may retain the key. The key must retain so that the padlock can open, and the key cannot remove until it closes again. The keyless padlock works in the opposite direction. On the other hand, combination padlocks have numeric dials that require you to enter precisely the combination that will unlock it. Padlocks are protected from being cut by bolt cutters because of the shoulder shackle.

Place a latch. Close the door, measure the height of the padlock–Mark with a graphite pen. The loop plate and latch should place in the same place. Insert the loop into the slot in the latch. Use a screwdriver to attach the latch loop to your door. Use the screwdriver and screws to attach the swing arm to your door jamb. Attach the padlock to the latch plate. You can also install other locks on your bedroom doors. These are the most accessible and most popular types of locks. There are also intelligent locks and cylindrical lever locks as well as key locks. Other options include combination locks and rim latch locks for the door, euro cylinder locks, and mortise locks. Install the lock you choose on your bedroom door.

How to install doorknob locks on a bedroom door

These locks are often used to secure residences with a deadbolt. Door locks can be either knob locks or key locks. It is possible to damage or violate the knob of a door lock that is knob-locked. They can be broken even with a rock or hammer. It is not recommended to install it on main access doors. Push-button locks are available for other knob locks.

You can remove the old lock by using a screwdriver to replace it with the new one. Remove the latch and plate. Align the new plate with the mortise. Attach the new latch to the door using the screws included with it. The long shaft attached to the latch outside the knob should be aligned on the knob’s inside. You are done!


  • Take extra care when measuring the lock. A faulty lock will not fit your door. You’ll also have to return to the store to purchase another lock.
  • While removing the lock, don’t damage the door. If necessary, you can use or WD40. After a while, spray some WD40 onto the screws. It should then begin to loosen up.
  • Clean the hole in the lock and take out any wood. This will ensure the lock fits appropriately.
  • You must tighten the screws tightly. The lock won’t function properly if there is a loose screw.

Last words

This is all about installing a lock on a bedroom door. We hope you have found all of the answers you are finding on how to install a lock on a bedroom door. If your lock is ancient and worn, you should call a professional. It’s not worth causing more damage to your door. But we hope that you don’t need to call anyone. If you follow our steps properly then now you are an expert to do this.

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