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One of the most important aspects that most people consider is to improve darts average. A common feature among top dart players in the professional ranks is that their dart averages are similarly based on the level at which they play. The most successful players worldwide can achieve a 3-dart average that ranges between 90 and 100, whereas those who are on the cusp of becoming professional will have a 3Dart average of around 70. You shouldn’t put too much importance on your dart’s par since it could distract you from the primary aspect that darts are hitting the double or winning a game! Dart averages are an excellent indicator of the level of competition a player has and how skilled they are with darts.

Increasing your darts average is a good indicator of whether you’re becoming better at playing darts. It’s a lot easier said than done. Below, we’ll help you learn how to increase your darts average from being a basic beginner to an elite player.

How to improve darts average

To improve your darts average, you must generally follow the actions that will allow you to improve your darts. Darts averages show the level of skill a player has to achieve and how fast they can finish. If you’re a top 100+ player, however, if you spend 20 darts attempting to hit an extra double score will drop. A consistent player who can put up a decent score (nothing extraordinary) and make the double when under pressure is generally the type of player you wouldn’t want to take on regardless of the dart average. In addition to the first, The next two steps are a lot more challenging to execute, and we’ll discuss the steps in greater detail here.

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Determine your darts average

Before improving your darts average, it is essential to know how to determine your current score – otherwise, how do you determine whether or not you’re becoming better? Dart Averages are the two important to know: an average of 1 dart and the 3-dart average. If you have 3 darts for each throw, the two will indicate a similar standard. For the best base, players usually look at their 3-dart score because that is the standard used by the professionals.

For calculating a 1-dart or 3-dart average, you can apply these formulas:

  • 1 dart average = 501/number darts in one leg
  • To calculate a 3DART average, you need to multiply the 1dart average by 3.

Example (using 21 darts):

1-dart average = 501/21 = 23.85

3-dart average = 23.85 x 3 = 71.57

Practice grouping darts

The key to getting an impressive darts average is from scoring. To achieve a great darts score, you must be able to go between 501 and the checkout in as few darts as possible. This means scoring well with every dart is vital for achieving and maintaining a decent dart average. People who are high scorers are usually tough to play against as you feel pressured to make trebles to keep the pace.

On the other hand, when you’re a big scores runner, you’re more assured of getting to quick checkout, and it can ease some of the tension you feel on each leg. Being able to score a lot, but it’s due to the ability to throw consistently. The ability to throw darts in groups can indicate that a player is precise and capable of scoring. A dart that hits a triple tends to get followed with a second treble. The most important thing that hinders beginners from becoming more efficient throwers is their primary focus is on hitting a 20 treble instead of focusing on making a consistent throw.

Practice doubles

It’s not uncommon for players to become excellent scorers. Once you develop a routine and a couple of steady 100+ scores could quickly increase the average of a three-dart. When you reach an end, that is when you can see what makes a good dart player and a professional one. To keep an average of a high dart, it is essential to be in a position to hit two doubles in one throw. In competition, if you make a throw to the double but miss you, it’s likely to cost you your leg. Poor finishing will bring an average loss and could be the distinction between a bar player or an individual who wants to become a professional player.

The most skilled players require only just one dart to hit the double. Naturally, even Pro players do not hit doubles. However, when players get the chance to try their hand at the double, they must be in a position to beat it. To translate this into an average player, you should be capable of hitting a double in three darts of throwing and sometimes, you’ll receive a single dart at the double, but the norm for the competition is to try the single double in three darts.

What is the best darts average for beginners

A good darts score for beginners is 30-40. In the end, beginner players should concentrate on other aspects before focusing on the averages of darts. In the beginning, think about concentrating on finishing the year’s games using as low some darts as you can. Most beginner players need not be concerned about their scores simply because they are inconsistent. Once a beginner is proficient and relatively consistently performs double-outs successfully, they will begin paying close attention to their averages.

Players who are beginners and amateurs do not have a consistent pattern in scoring and double-out. On certain days, they could be averaging 70, and on other days, they’re scoring 40. This could lead to increased expectations and even more stress when they don’t perform at the level they think they can. When your scores improve, you’ll need to think about joining a team.

What is the best darts average for a pub or pub

Dart players are often not afraid of participating in your local club. Most players simply want to play and try to have an enjoyable time, while some would like to progress to an acceptable level before placing themselves on the front line. There’s no issue with either strategy since each has advantages and disadvantages. A good standard of a pub or pub league is 50. Darts players who are inconsistently hitting 50 usually do exceptionally well in the neighborhood pub league. The best players in pub leagues typically have an average darts score between 60 and 80.

If you’re consistently getting between 30 and 40, you must consider getting involved in your regional league. A 50-percent average will suggest that you’ll be doing exceptionally well, and the standard of 60 would put you in the top tier in most companies. If you join local leagues, you’ll benefit by playing alongside other top players and will get used to playing alongside other people. Darts can be highly challenging and stressful at times.In playing alongside others who play darts, you’ll be able to become acquainted with the way people play and what rules they adhere to.

What is a darts score for a pro players

In most leagues, you will frequently find a tiny proportion of players in the 60-80 range. You’ll be among the best players if you’re hitting above 60 per week and are comfortable. If you are a professional player, 80 is an acceptable darts average. (Those are the players who compete in PDC, BDO, or ADO tournaments.) But if you desire to elevate your game to the next level, you have to increase your performance significantly as elite darts players set the bar extremely high. A master or professional darts player will usually have averages more elevated than 80. On bad days, they could fall to as low as 80. On good days they may average between 100 to 130.


A darts average won’t make an excellent dart player simply a statistic and shouldn’t be the player’s main focus or even a secondary one. In the end, the darts average can be an excellent gauge of a player’s capability. Even in practice, with no pressure, it can demonstrate how you’re throwing and the level you could perform (based upon your present performance). While you should concentrate on how to throw darts with precision, focusing on improving it will eventually improve your performance. The best way to improve darts averages is to keep scoring more by grouping the darts and decreasing the number of darts you need to throw to make a double-check. The second area is where many people struggle, and getting better in finishing doubles is the most effective way a player can increase their darts score.

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