How to Improve Darts Accuracy – 13 Game Changing Tips for All Beginners


Darts can be a fun game. However, you will need to improve your darts accuracy and your aim to make it more consistent. A solid, compatible technique is essential in darts more than any other sport, with the possible exception of golf. You will feel more pressure from higher-level competition and greater expectations. A poor technique can make matters worse. This article will remind you of the essential aspects of your design that you need to improve darts accuracy. It also provides advice on what to do to improve accuracy and your dart throwing and aiming skills.

How to improve darts accuracy

Many people underestimate the amount of dedication, patience, and practice required to become a good darts player. You’ve probably tried to throw a dart at a dartboard, and you know how frustrating it can be to get it there. But our expert’s tips to improve darts accuracy will blow your mind.

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Distance and height of dartboards 

Throwing darts is not the first step! It encourages you to get out the tape measure and dust off your toolbox. This is what you can imagine. After hours of practice at home, you realize your local club board is just a few inches too high. All the work you’ve done is redundant. Your opponent will have wiped the floor by the time you can readjust and begin throwing decent darts. Everyone is encouraged to grab their tape measure and head to the board to double-check the following measurements. The bullseye is 1.73m / 5’8″ from the floor The throw line is approximately 2.73m / 7′ 9 1/4″ away. Read more about how to build a dartboard backboard.

Set a goal and practice

Whatever you’re trying to improve, habit is the best way to get there. A regular routine is the best way to improve your dart game. However, you must have a goal when training. It is a waste of time and energy to simply post countless darts onto a board without a purpose. There are many ways customers can be organized and served. Throw a dart 100 at the triple 20, among other things. You can gradually improve your accuracy by aiming at one of the more difficult scores.

This will give you a comparative framework from which to measure your progress. This can be done in many ways. You can throw only doubles or even numbers. It is possible to limit the number of darts required to reach a specific score. This is primarily because you are making frequent payments. These artificial conditions or disadvantages can transform an ineffective activity into a well-organized one.

Improve your technique 

Many players are searching for the answer to this question. However, we believe the question should be slightly changed. As you will see from the other tips, your throw can be highly personal, and you should experiment until you feel comfortable. Imagine poor cricket technique. You might have an excellent eye, but your approach is flawed, and you won’t be successful. Imagine poor dart technique. You might be silly, but it doesn’t matter if you hit high scores and win games. No. This is why we say it. We don’t want anyone to become obsessed with their technique. The most important thing is accuracy in your throw.

Do not try to imitate Phil Taylor or MVG’s technique by watching their videos. While it works for them, it may not work for you. You can do what is easiest for you. As long as your darts don’t hit the board sideways, consistent practice will help improve your technique. These are some tips and tricks to help you improve your accuracy in throwing darts.

Learn how far do you stand from dart board

Choose a comfortable position

Your stance, just like your darts setup, is unique, and it’s essential. Balance and comfort are key. During your throw, you don’t want your body to feel any unnaturally heavy pressure. Remember that the target you are trying to reach is exact. The balance will improve any technique and help you align your mark. These are three common stances, which are well-known. These aren’t set in stone, so you can choose what is most comfortable. It will improve your darts accuracy.

Set yourself in the perfect position

The physics and mechanics of dart-throwing tell us that it is impossible to control the body’s movement during dart throwing. The wrist, forearm, and arm must all move to ensure the dart takes the fastest and most effective route through the air. If you want to improve your throws, you must perfect your position. You should feel comfortable in your work so you can often post without feeling fatigued. Correct dart position can be highlighted by an immobile shoulder.

A little extra movement of the upper body after you aim your dart would change your position and alter the intended trajectory. Many parts are eligible, but players need to choose the one that works for them. The correct position allows the player to face their dartboard in the same way a goalie would. For more excellent safety and accuracy, beginners should be positioned at an angle between their foot and the oche line. It is essential to assess the dartboard’s height.

The front foot should hold the most weight of the player; the throw should place the remainder on the opposite side. Because of instability, the idea is that the foot behind should never lose contact with the ground. Choose the dart set that is most effective for you. We cannot give you the magic formula that will make you a PDC star. There are many options that you can try and then get used to. It is incredible how much a good setup can make your game better.

Throwing Angle 

You can aim the dart at different parts of the board by changing the trajectory. For seeking the bull’s eye, the angle can be straight. You can make it parabolic by drawing a straight line at 45-degrees. This helps hit double and triple points. The dart can be pushed more towards the middle of the board if the tip angle is kept low. You can also hit the outer bull’s eye. Throwing can make the tip further towards the inner bull’s eye. The distance between the standing position (and the board) is approximately 7’+X. The distance between the board and you is approximately 7’+X”. During training, mark the centre of gravity (on a dart barrel) to check the flight path. Your coach will be able to help you better.

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Parts of a dart 

Modern darts are made up of several distinct sections. These are the point and barrel, shaft, flight, and shaft, starting at the front of the dart.

The point

There are two types of points: a steel tip and a soft tip. Steel tips are most common, especially for big TV tournaments like the PDC or BDO. These tips are also used most often by amateurs in pubs and clubs across the United Kingdom. To prevent them from dropping off the board, you should keep your points sharpened with a stone.

The barrel

The dart barrel can be made of tungsten or brass. Tungsten darts are the most popular in modern games. These darts are also the most costly to buy. Tungsten darts can come in many sizes, and the barrels of tungsten darts are often narrower than those of nickel and brass. This is advantageous when you have to fit three darts in the treble. Barrels can also have different types of groves that allow for better grip and more precise throwing.vThe weight is perhaps the most critical aspect. There are many weight options available for every style of the barrel. It’s worth trying out a few weights before you make a decision.

The shaft

You can make shafts from either plastic nylon or aluminum. Either one is fine, but there’s no real advantage. It’s all personal preference. There are many shaft shapes and sizes available.


Another section of the dart is the flight. They come in many sizes and shapes. It is vital to choose the right flight for your dart. This will determine how it moves through the air and where it will land on the board.

Play consistently 

It is actually much more complex than you might think. Except you’re in the top 1%, darts are not your profession. We all need to find time to throw darts. It becomes more difficult when you add in your family, work, and kids. We assume that you are serious about improving the game of darts if you have read this far. To improve, we must play. It must fit into our lives. We don’t know anything about your schedule except that it is complete. So all we can say is to get as much practice as you can. You will improve faster if you practice more. These are some ways to make it work in your busy schedule.

  • Your local darts club would like to play at least once a week. You will be able to schedule it, and you’ll get valuable experience playing against other players. Your teammates may have more experience than you, so you’ll be able to learn from them.
  • Every week, organize a darts evening with a friend. This is a great way to meet up and improve your game. You can even have a cheeky beer after the game to celebrate.
  • Play against a bot by downloading a darts scoring application. If you don’t have any friends who will play with you, this can be a great way to get started if you aren’t ready to join a club. You can challenge yourself with several apps and even win some. You can find our list of top darts scoring applications.

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Have fun playing darts 

Everyone, from the PDC champion to the old Barry at the pub, loves the game. A game of darts can be a great way to unwind, forget about the problems of life, have fun with your friends, and enjoy a good beer. It’s clear that we all want to improve at darts, but it is essential to have fun with the game. Even if you are only interested in playing in a pub competition, we encourage you to join your local darts club. You will be more successful than the sport by the people you meet and the friendships you make. It is a beautiful community that includes people from all walks and with every skill level. Have fun, meet new people and have a good time. This is the key to improving your game.


Congratulations for making it this far. It is essential to be serious to improve your darts accuracy. We hope you find these valuable tips helpful. Keep practicing as much as possible and having fun. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Happy darting and good luck!

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