How to Identify Aramith Pool Balls | True Facts Revealed from Pro Players


Aramith balls are known for being high-quality, sturdy, long-lasting, and outstanding performance. They are a regular selection of billiards balls for professionals and tournament-level sports. Made from Saluc, a well-respected Belgium business, Aramith balls guarantee players superior performance compared to traditional billiards. However, most cannot distinguish Aramith balls, particularly when buying online. In addition, these pool balls come in various varieties and designs, but there are numerous imitations and counterfeits. If you’ve been wondering what to look for in Aramith ball pool, you are at the right spot. Learn how to identify Aramith pool balls to ensure you get the best value for your budget.

How to identify Aramith pool balls

There are some key things to identify Aramith pool balls. Read the below things.

Visual inspection

Aramith balls have some distinctive visual characteristics that aid in their identification as a brand. For example, the manufacturer packages them in white and green with a label box and has an Aramith company name printed several times outside the box. A red flag is possible if they’re stored and placed in an unmarked box. There are two distinct balls in terms of the balls they come in. Take a closer look at ball number five.

Suppose it has an unruly bottom that gets to the center bar (nearly resembles the number 6). In that case, You’re looking at the original Aramith pool ball. However, the nine-ball must have a straight underline. Some lines have curved underlines, with the numbers written in different fonts. Because this can be confusing, the best method to visually determine the differences is by looking at the images provided by the seller and then comparing the information with the images on the manufacturer’s website.


Another important factor in identifying is the brand name. Aramith balls come from Saluc S.A, a Belgian manufacturing company. Fake brands are getting increasingly sophisticated in imitating authentic balls. Some Asian ball brands are saying they are Belgian. However, these boxes do not have one feature, and that’s a “Made from Belgium” label. Aramith balls are the one and only type of ball made in Belgium. Therefore, it is a reliable indicator. Be sure to verify the markings for the country of origin. You may be shocked by the lengths manufacturers will go to.


Aramith ball pool sets are a bit more expensive. This applies to used or new sets. If you are looking to purchase an old set, make sure it is within an affordable price range. Certain knockoffs are sold at incredibly low prices on online stores such as eBay and eBay, and you may be enticed to buy the bargain. On the other hand, some smart brands offer fakes for a premium price while claiming they’re high-quality Aramith pools balls. Be sure that a legitimate seller will not overprice the product or undervalue the product.


Some people are unable to recognize the ball pool by the substance. However, there are a few tips to help you with this. Saluc creates these balls with Aramith phenolic resin, a very robust material. It doesn’t fade in color or luster and is strong enough to hold its form despite the weight of use. So there are a few methods to identify fakes when buying second-hand ones, including the signs of wear and fade. Because of their premium construction, authentic Aramith pool balls will always appear like new.

Different types of Aramith Balls

With the number of fake pool balls on the market, it is helpful to know the various Aramith balls’ various varieties. This can assist you in determining whether the balls are genuine before you make a purchase. Below is a selection of Aramith products. If you want to know how to recognize Aramith ball pool, check out the sets of quinine below.

Aramith tournament black pool ball set

Aramith Tournament Black Pool Ball Aramith Tournament Black Pool Ball is a premium pool ball designed using Duramith technology. The balls also have the black design patent and are available in standard and TV colors. Additionally, they are available in sizes as small as 2.25 ” and 57.2mm.

Aramith tournament pool ball set

The set is extremely durable, made using Aramith technology and a high-tech engineered molecular structure. It comes in two versions of the set, including those of the Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV set and the Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack. These balls are available in a diameter of between 2.25 ” (57.2 millimeters).

Super Aramith pro pool ball set

This Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set comes in two variations; Super Aramith Pro-Cup TV set and Super Aramith Pro-Cup Value Pack. The balls included in this set are calibrated precisely to ensure uniformity. They also come with the hardened vitrified material, an phenolic and a dotted cueball to ensure accurate shots and the ball moving. They also have a dotted cue ball for repositioning. Super Aramith Pro balls have dimensions in the range of two-and-a-half ” (57.2 millimeters).

Aramith premium

The pool balls are constructed of premium Aramith resin that is phenolic to ensure durability and resistance to impact. This Premium resin has also been made with Vitrotech technology, which checks and hardens the surface of the balls. The balls are 2.25 ” and 57.2mm.

The reason why Aramith balls are so popular

If you’ve learned to distinguish the genuine and fake ones, you could be wondering why they are extremely respected.

Amazing design

Its Duramith(TM) technology is characterized by an exclusive elastic molecular structure that provides the best rebound. The new technology significantly extends Aramith balls’ lifespan compared to the typical nylon pool ball. The roughness, surface polish, and tolerance to diameter Give you an ideal Ball control. In this way, players can improve their shots by precisely repositioning the cue ball following a certain rebound.

In addition, Aramith balls have anti-static characteristics. They prevent the build-up of static charges that could otherwise draw dust particles. This reduces the likelihood of skids, kicks, or poor contacts.

Balanced performance

Another benefit that these pool balls offer during games is the ability to play with balance. Production is comprised of 13 steps. This includes computer-assisted and robotic work, particularly during curing, casting, grinding, polishing, and curing. Therefore, Aramith balls ensure precision roundness and a precise tolerance for diameter. The hardened phenolic resin helps maintain its stability and distributes its mass evenly across the ball. This means that the center of gravity remains right within the middle.

The entire process of production takes 23 days. Every ball is checked manually in the final stage to ensure consistency and quality. When it gets to the part that plays, it can roll the balls in straight lines. Additionally, they leave fewer scratches on the surface due to no abrasion or flat spots. They won’t accumulate dirt that could cause wear to the cloth. Less friction lets balls roll more freely. As soon as the balls begin moving, they will resist the immediate high-temperature friction of around 482oF/250oC to ensure smooth rolling.


As we mentioned earlier, Aramith phenolic resin, the raw material used in producing this ball, is extremely robust. It’s scratch-resistant and can stand up to 50 times more impact than other pool balls manufacturers. Additionally, it doesn’t fade but rather holds the high-gloss polish finish for a long period. If they are maintained using an Aramith balls cleaners, the ball can last 5 times the opponents’ time. They can last 40 years (for at-home use).

Worldwide endorsement

If professionals are using products repeatedly, this indicates high quality and exquisite workmanship. A majority of snooker, billiards, carom, pool and various other tournaments around the world utilize Aramith balls. However, around 4 million professional and amateur players play with them every day. This figure is around 85 percent of the players in the world; that is a substantial market share. Due to their high-end products and reputation, people tend to recognize them as a model for their industry.


Aramith pool balls aren’t expensive. A basic set may be as low as $100. The top-end Tournament Black and Tournament Black are set to surpass the $400 mark. Of course, they’re brand new, but used sets aren’t much more expensive. But, instead of focusing on the price only, take into account the durability and quality and the durability. Because they last at least 40 to 50 years, the brand new Tournament Black set is comparable to spending about $10 annually. It’s a bargain for your home when you consider it. Furthermore, you will also receive top-quality pool balls that give you the most enjoyable playing experience.


Most billiard players favor Aramith pool balls due to their durability, quality and outstanding performance. This has resulted in various problems, and it’s easy to be a victim of counterfeits. We hope this article will aid you in making an informed investment when purchasing Aramith pools balls and knowing how to identify aramith pool balls.

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