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For some people, stumps in trees are an unattractive part of their yard; for others, it could be an opportunity to make beautiful garden accents. Hollowing out your stump is an excellent method to add a touch of style to your yard, But how can the process of hollowing out a stump of a tree be? Two popular methods for hollowing out stumps of trees are with a handsaw or chainsaw. Using the hammer and chisel to make the stump hollow by hand will take longer. However, it can provide you with more precision. Chainsaws aren’t easy and risky to operate; however, they can aid in the task faster. So what tools do you require to remove a stump from a tree? How can you safely hollow out a stump of a tree using a chainsaw? Let’s find out!

Things you must know

A tree stump one or two within your yard might seem like a boring appearance to some. But, there are many inventive ideas to do with the stumps of trees that could make them a beautiful area of your garden or even the focal point for your yard. The transformation of the stumps of trees in your backyard into something that can be used and add some style to your garden will take effort and a little bit of elbow grease. However, it’s worth it. These two techniques are easy, but you’ll have to schedule some time during the day because they will take a long time to finish. So let’s walk through these steps step-by-step so that you can take out your tree stump and transform it into something stunning!

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How to hollow out a tree stump

The first step is to hollow out the stump of the tree manually. This method is the longest-running and takes more effort. However, you can control what you see when you stump as opposed to other methods. To do this, you’ll need to allocate 3-4 hours to finish the hollowing out of the tree’s stump since you’re working by hand, which could take longer. Make sure you take an opportunity to rest when needed since you do not wish to cause injury because of fatigue from the long work hours.

Keep yourself hydrated and protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen. The most important thing you’ll need to deal with is sunburn or dehydration, even though you’re only halfway through your work. If you have the tools, you can hollow out the tree’s stump. Wear sunscreen and carry a water bottle close by to keep well-hydrated. This is the step-by-step procedure to make a hollow in a tree stump with your hands.

Step 1

Before beginning to hollow the stump, begin to soften the wood on the stump first. This isn’t required. However, it can help make the task ahead of you much easier. For example, it is possible to soak the tree’s stump using water from the garden hose for around 20 minutes. Doing this a minimum of two hours before you begin so that the water will get into the stump.

Step 2

Put all your protective equipment put on your protective gear. Always wear protective gear whenever you are working using tools. Drill or router holes at the top of the stump across the portion you would like to hollow. It is important to put the holes that you make approximately 2 inches apart in the entire stump.

Step 3

after the holes have been made after the holes are made, use your chisel or the hammer to begin removing pieces of lumber away from the stump. The wood will be chipped away as you go from hole to. Make sure you hold your chisel on a 45-degree tilt to facilitate the work more efficiently. Get rid of all the pieces you cut out.

Step 4

After you’ve hollowed out the tree’s stump to the size you would like it to be, smooth the hollow’s interior using sandpaper. Be sure to chisel away the sharp edge that may cause injury. Remove and wash away any remaining dirt from the stump. The result is a gorgeous stump hollowed out.

How to hollow out a tree stump using the help of a chainsaw

Another option is to hollow the stump of your tree using the chainsaw. This is quicker, but it does require more attention. Chainsaws are extremely dangerous to work with; therefore, ensure you know the process before working with one. When using a chainsaw, security is always the priority. Once you’ve all the tools needed for this procedure, You can start making a hole in your stump. This is how to perform this procedure step-by-step.

Ensure you wear all necessary protective gear for safely working a chainsaw. Use the chainsaw to remove from the center of the stump carefully. After you’ve cut out the middle using the chainsaw, you can remove the stump from the tree. Use your hammer or chisel to cut out any sharp and uneven wood pieces inside the stump of the tree. Once you are happy that the stump is hollow, you can use sandpaper and smooth out the inside, giving it a beautiful, smooth look. Clean any remaining debris left on the tree stump you hollowed out. The tree stump has been hollowed out and is ready for whatever you’d like to do with it.


There are two ways that you can employ to remove the tree stump. Both methods are quite simple, but one is more time-consuming than the second. But it’s worthwhile since you can utilize your hollowed-out stump for a planter or even the basis for a fairy-tale village for your kids. So have fun hollowing the stump of your tree!

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