How to Hide Bed Risers | 5 Secret Methods Revealed Here


The importance of organization is paramount in making the space feel and look the most comfortable. Storage space is among the most crucial factors to consider in organizing. Research has shown that the cleaner your home is and the more efficient your brain is. What happens when you don’t have enough space to store everything you own? You’ll need to think creatively about the best way to store things. Many people want to learn how to hide bed risers. Do you one of them. Ok, no problem.

The addition of bed risers in your mattress frame can be a great option to make room for additional storage. Although useful, they are often eye-sore. To conceal risers in the bed, get an extra-long bed skirt to sit on the floor. A large bedspread is another option to fill the floor all around and hide the bed risers completely. You can also cover risers simply by painting them in a darker shade or in harmony with your interior. Mixing style and function when it comes to organizing isn’t always easy. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to create more storage in your home without degrading aesthetics.

What is a bed riser

Before we learn how to conceal the bed risers, we know what specifically a bed riser is and the various types that you can purchase. Bed risers can be described as furniture items that they attach to the foot on your frame to elevate your bed above the ground. They are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Those ranges are from 1 to 12 inches in height and are either square, rectangular, or round. They can also be triangular. If you’re looking to make use of this often-forgotten space beneath your bed, then bed risers are the best option. Based on the height you’re looking to achieve, you can put as many and as small as you’d like beneath your beds. I store my shoes that aren’t in use under my mattress with plastic containers.

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How to hide bed risers

The best method to hide bed risers is using an upholstered bed skirt that can reach down to the floor so that it is in a position to completely conceal it. The bed skirt resembles an oversized mattress. Place it between the box spring as well as the mattress. Some of the fabric extends out to the floor. The bed skirt covers both the bed frame and box spring. It’s not just that. It can also cover the things you put under the mattress.

The term is usually used to describe dust ruffles since they aim to stop dust from accumulating beneath the bed. If the bed frame doesn’t match the decor of your room or you would like to make use of the space under your bed. The cheapest option to address this with a fashionable and well-fitted bed skirt. It will also add a texture that can bring visual warmth to your space and is perfect for colder climates.

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Method 1

If you decide to add the bed’s risers, you may find that your dust ruffle or skirt isn’t long enough. Bed skirts are not just ornamental. They also serve an important function. In this case, they are used to conceal what might be bulky and uncomfortable risers for beds. A bed skirt that properly fit is a bed skirt that wraps around the box spring and then touches the floor.

It is important to know how far it extends between the box’s top down to your floor. By adding bed risers, it is planning to add at least an inch to the length of your bed skirt. A longer bed skirt hides the unsightly and useful bed risers. It also conceals the framework of the bed and the storage space underneath. Be assured that the extravagant frills and ruffles often associated with dust ruffles are now a thing long gone. It’s easy to find the right one that matches your style regardless of how extravagant or simple it could be.

Method 2

Although it’s a bit unconventional, using the California King bedspread instead of the standard size bedspread to match the size of your bed is a totally feasible option. This is particularly suitable when you have a queen-sized mattress. Since the California King is slightly larger than a standard king bed and much longer than a queen bed, you can make it hang on the bed in a way that is equal across all sides. It all is dependent on the design of your bedspread. If this is possible, it is a simple and quick method of hiding anything that’s underneath your bed, such as bedspreads.

Method 3

Perhaps a bit obvious, but it’s an extremely feasible alternative. The process of finding a set of bed risers that are in harmony with the rest of your furniture could be a bit challenging. The majority of bed risers serve a purpose rather than ornamental. It’s not impossible. However, it is possible to find a set that’s both. This may require some search. If you like to shop in person or online, getting the right bed riser that matches your furniture won’t just be simple. It can also be fun. If you come across risers for your bed that match and match, you won’t have to worry about hiding the items!

Method 4

If you are a DIYer who likes to do it themselves, This will be the best choice for concealing bedspreads. You can save more cost by not buying a new bed skirt or bedspread. By making a single trip to the craft store, you can add some charm and style to your risers. When you’re done, they’ll no longer look like bed-troopers!

Method 5

A less expensive alternative is to paint your previously purchased bed risers to harmonize your decor. With a bit of imagination, you can conceal your bed risers from view. You can paint them in a solid color to match furnishings or make designs from your existing bedspread and apply them to your bed’s risers. In reality, you’re able to paint them however you’d like using any combination of colors or textures you’d like.

Other ways to hide bed risers

Cinder blocks

Use a cinder block to raise your bed. This gives your bedroom an industrial style but also allows storage space. It recommends having at least 10 cinder blocks to make a queen-sized bed.


The wooden pallets are a strong option to use instead of bed raisers. They are a fantastic option to elevate your bed by a couple of inches. They create a clean design and modern appearance. It will not move.


With two bookshelves that are laid down, you could make your bedroom into an officer’s bedroom. Your bed will not only be elevated, but you also can store your unique items just at your feet. Install some simple grip shelf liner over the bookcases before the box spring to keep the bed from sliding around.

Importance of bed risers

Many people do to be unaware of the significance of the height of their bed. The bed’s height affects how easy it is to get into and out of bed. It should be adjusted to your health condition and your height and age. If your bed requires a higher height, you may need an adjustable bed. Many people use this to elevate their bed or to raise it. The act of raising a bed with the bed riser can be beneficial to those suffering from back issues and elderly individuals.

It is also possible to use a bed riser to raise the bed’s height just in the back or forward of the bed frame, making this a great option for those suffering from medical issues. In particular, it’s great for those who are trying to recover from surgery or suffer from indigestion and acid reflux. Bed risers may also be used to increase the height of your bed. Bed risers will increase at least three inches in height. Your platform bed has four legs.


Bed risers are an excellent method to increase the storage space in your bedroom. They’re affordable, simple, and easy to add. Hiding your bedsores is easy too! Just a few modifications around, and you don’t need to compromise style for functionality. If you decide to buy a bed skirt that is longer or opt for the DIY method to hide bed risers will not be a problem anymore!

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