How to Hang Cabinet Doors With Exposed Hinges | A Detailed Guide


Cabinet doors that have hinges exposed are simple to install and maintain, whether you’re an expert or not. If you lay them flat and align them with the frame, it is possible to quickly put them in cabinet doors with exposed hinges. It doesn’t matter if you are making the cabinet door level or nailing it into place. Let’s look at the steps to hang cabinet doors with exposed hinges. Hinges Do your kitchen appears to be looking dated? A most effective method to transform the appearance in your kitchen would be to upgrade the cabinets.

There are many options to choose from, and some solutions are not as daunting as you imagine. If you want to hang cabinet doors with exposed hinges is relatively easy. The first step is to attach your hinges onto the doors while lying flat. Then, set it up concerning the frame. Make sure it’s level and plumb and then drill pilot holes and screw through the screws to join the hinges. Because cabinets make up an integral part of the kitchen, hanging doors may seem like an overwhelming job! It’s not that difficult, just only a few steps to ensure that your doors are open and shut smoothly.

Types Of cabinet hinges

There are two kinds of hinges on cabinets: visible and concealed. The names are pretty straightforward. If cabinets are closed, the hinges that are exposed can be seen. Hidden hinges link the interior doors to the outside of the cabinet, which is not visible from the outside. For hinges that are typically visible to the outside of the cabinet, one hinge is mounted to the interior of the cabinet’s door. The other one is attached to the cabinet’s exterior, where the door and the cabinet meeting.

Installation is the same for both kinds of hinges. You can choose the one you prefer. Another feature of hinges you may be able to see is a soft-close door. Doors and soft-closed drawers stop cabinets from hitting each other when closed forcefully. This type of door is perfect for angry spouses and children. It’s a luxurious style that’s an integral element of any kitchen designed by a designer.

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How to hang cabinet doors with exposed hinges 

This guide will teach you how to hang cabinet doors with exposed hinges. Follow the directions for the second. You shouldn’t have issues fixing your old hinges or even re-hanging the door entirely. It could be your goal to replace the hinges or to replace the entire cabinet door. The door of your kitchen cabinet may no longer be attractive for long. It’s possible. The best moment to upgrade the hinges is right now. Replace the cabinet’s door using the new hinges. If you do this, you will not have to worry about replacing hinges on the door of your cabinet for an extended period. We’ll discuss the steps to go from the initial material to the final installation.

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Step 1

The following tools, based on the direction your project is expected to follow.

Drill: This device is essential for screw creation and pilot holes. You can select the cordless or a cordless drill. But a cordless drill is more potent for this job and is more practical. There is no card, which means that nothing will interfere with your project, and you won’t have to be tense about walking to a wall socket to connect your drill.

Screwdriver: If you already have pilot holes in the cabinet’s door as well as on the cabinet itself, then you don’t require the use of a drill. A manual screwdriver will complete the task. The choice of a screwdriver will depend on the type of screw you’re using. You could choose Phillips or flathead Philip screwdriver.

Drill bits: The drill bits create pilot holes and push screws into the holes. For that reason, you’ll need two types of drills.

Niveau: A one-foot or torpedo level is an excellent choice in hanging doors to single cabinets. If you’re hanging double cabinet doors, choose more extended groups.

Plumb Bob: This tool is helpful for building projects. It is a great tool to create vertical alignment for the doorjamb while hanging or creating a wall for construction.

Ladder: Drilling at a safe height or eye level will make the outcome more precise and straightforward. This is why you require ladders. It will allow you to access difficult places.

Pencil: Get the pencil instead of a marker or pen. With a pencil, you will be able to ensure your cabinet’s door is fitted well, and you can also make pilot holes. Pencils are also easy to clean if you make mistakes.

Step 2

Place the door in align line with your frame. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time. Make sure that you have the correct dimension. To verify whether the door is the right size, put it on the frame of the door. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an individual or double door. The advice above is essential when looking to replace your kitchen cabinet with a new entry. Suppose the door from your old cabinet is in good shape and is in good condition. In that case, it’s not necessary to determine if it will fit inside the cabinet’s frame. It is already.

Step 3

When your cabinet’s door is in good shape and in good condition, you can install the hinges. It is necessary to place your door down on a flat surface. Put a layer of material under it to shield any damage to the surface of your door. Scratch. Attach the hinge to the interior of the cabinet door. The next step is to put the hinges on which they are supposed to be. If you’re installing the hinges to a brand new cabinet door, be sure the hinges are placed in the proper place. This is important to avoid taking off and repositioning an item you’ve already mounted. If you’re fixing hinges to an old door, you can fix the new hinges in the same position that the hinges from the past were. It is also possible to put the hinges in a new location.

Make sure the cabinet door is in good condition before connecting the hinges. If not, you should replace the whole door. If it’s a double cabinet and both doors are replaced simultaneously. An excellent suggestion to place hinges is to position them at least two from both sides to the door. If you assume that your door needs two hinges, set one or two hinges above the top. The second one should be located about two inches away to the left of the base. Note that if placing a hinge 2 inches above the top, you need to position the hinge two inches away from the bottom. Remember that the dimensions of the cabinet door will determine the position on the hinges.

You may want to position the hinges 3 inches apart from the bottom and top. If you’re having to deal using three hinges, try to put one at the middle of those between both ends (top and bottom). The hinge in the standard must be at an identical distance to the top and bottom hinges. It is essential to take care of two things after that. You must drill your pilot holes with your drill bits. This is done to stop splits in the lumber and make your work easier. When you’ve got the pilot holes in place, your next step is to drill in the screws. Get rid of the drill bits and put them into your Philips heads a bit.

Step 4

Next, determine is to align the door correctly. Attach the entrance to the cabinet and then check for alignment. The door should be level along the vertical axis and on the horizontal axis. It is essential to ensure proper storage for everything you put within the cabinet after closing the doors. Note the reading of the bubble at the middle of the level. If it is square in the middle, you’re in the right direction. If not, you’re not there yet. The problem is that not all people have access to plumb or bob. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t put up your cabinet doors without one. If you do not have plumb bobs, you can hold your level vertically to check its level.

Step 5

After you’ve fixed the door and aligned it into place, it’s time to check what you’ve accomplished so far. The two main areas of focus are alignment and swing. If you want to test your swing, open the door. If it seems stiff, you must make adjustments. Do you think the door will stay closed when shut? Do you have a question to ask yourself? If not need adjusting, then a minor adjustment will solve the issue. The adjustment is usually related to the screw’s location. You may also fix the door entirely if you haven’t already done it.


Hang cabinet doors with exposed hinges could be a significant obstacle for some people, but this isn’t the situation. With the right tools and the ability to follow the instructions for the second, you’ll be capable of hanging doors for double or single cabinets. Double cabinet doors can be difficult, but the procedure is the same as single doors. You must set the doors to the correct position and then place the screws in the place where they are supposed to be.

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