How to Hang Blinds on Vinyl Windows – Vital Planning Advices from Expert


The main goal of this article is to guide us on how to hang blinds on vinyl windows and other crucial subtopics covered in the article’s context. Blinds are a mechanical component hung on the outside or within the door or window to block out heat or light. The blinds are constructed from various materials, but PVC aluminum, plastic, and treated fabric are most popular due to their lightweight and resistance to degradation. The shutter features the double function of opening and closing motion that usually appears as an upward and downward motion.

Types of window

Vinyl windows

Windows are today constructed of various materials such as aluminum, wood, and vinyl. These are all well-liked by builders, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. Today, we will review windows made of vinyl. Vinyl is the plastic component known as PVC. The windows were created in the 70s to be an alternative to more expensive wooden windows. Wood windows are costly, and having windows constructed from wood is expensive.

Vinyl windows and wood windows share nearly the same share of the market that speaks volumes about windows made of vinyl and their speedy development despite their relatively recent. Their low cost is the main reason for their popularity with those who use them. They can price as low as 50% less than wood windows. They last for up to 20 years which isn’t good either. Vinyl windows are simple to maintain and take care of and require minimal maintenance.

Vinyl windows & blinds

Whatever the material of the window, regardless of the window material, they well-dress and properly to alleviate privacy issues and reduce energy losses, improve insulation, reflect natural light, and contribute to creating an inviting and safe environment within the home. Suppose you own vinyl windows within your home. In that case, the most important question on homeowners’ minds is: can blinds fit on windows made of vinyl? Yes, it’s possible that blinds install without harming your windows made of vinyl.

Installation of blinds

Blinds are a very popular type of window treatment. It comes with slats that allow privacy and light control. The slats come in various sizes of slats based on the dimensions of your windows as well as your requirements. Blinds are available as an inside mount or outside mount based on the size of the windows. The brackets anchor to the edge of your opening directly to the trim or the sides for inside mounts. Outside mount blinds screwed on the trim around the window or fixed to the drywall or the plaster.

How to hang blinds on vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are getting sought-after by homeowners who want modern energy-efficient windows in their houses and are trying to stay within their budget. Vinyl windows are stylish and stylish and offer every option available to the environmentally-conscious consumer. Blinds for windows made of vinyl are the same as hanging blinds on windows made of other construction material (metal or wood, etc.) and is not difficult to finish. If you’re not a skilled handyman, hanging blinds on vinyl windows could take longer.

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Step 1

Select the best hanger for the material of the blind. This is a vital consideration because it determines how will you cut the blind and fit it into the window.

Step 2

Install the hanger brackets in the right place (indoor mount or outdoor mount mounting to the ceiling). Make sure you mount them in a way that allows the screws to be able to sink into wall studs, in particular the massive heavy, bulky shades. Draw the position of the holes for support with the help of a pencil. Utilize a tape measure when required to put the brackets in the correct position.

Step 3

Attach the valance clips to the headrail before placing the shade inside the brackets. Then, you can slide your visually challenged headrail into sections. Close the clips that ensure that the headrail is in position.

Step 4

Attach the tool to the tilt mechanism of the shutter. The blind closed and opened. After that, open as well as close shutters to verify that the blind is functioning correctly. 

Step 5

Choose a location to install this line projection. Connect your cable to the wall using screws and the drill. The cord must wrap tightly around the cord to ensure that the wire stays clear of obstruction. Join the valance with the clasps of the valance to keep it away from the headrail.

How to hang blinds without drilling holes

Magnetic blinds

The magnets in both ends of the brackets make installation an easy process. If you live in a home with doors made of metal that require blinds, these kinds of blinds will be perfect for you.

Tension rods

Install these blinds using an adjustable tension rod that can be positioned within the window trim. The rods can also be adjusted, which allows you to install them into the various widths of windows.

Command strips

They are a simple way for hanging your blinds because they function in a similar method similar to Velcro. Make sure you apply sufficient pressure to the strips to create a strong grip and wait 30 minutes before installing your blinds. Learn more about this.

Self-adhesive blinds

Install blinds by using this method. It is similar to a command strip. They are usually made of paper, and you can cut them to fit the exact dimensions of your window.

How to install blinds outside window frame

Hang blinds on vinyl windows outside is an easy task, especially when you’re outside to mount the blinds. The blinds will have all the components required to set them up, but you’ll need a few tools (drill, tape measure, pencil, and level) available.

Check before installation

Take the blinds out of the box carefully and then lay them out for the installation. Ensure you have the right hardware needed, and read the directions to determine the blinds fit specific requirements. Put the blinds up against the window and determine where to put them. Be careful not to place the blinds too high, or they may not completely cover the lower part of the window once fully stretched. After you’ve decided on the final location, make sure that the blinds are level by using the leveler. Make a mark on the outside corners using a pencil before setting them down.

Mark the bracket and drill

Make sure you line them up using the pencil lines you created in the earlier steps. The brackets can screw or drill into the window or wall trim using the hardware that comes with it. If the blinds you purchased came with a center bracket, you’d also have to attach this. Despite their name, centers brackets are usually placed slightly off-center to not block your blind’s central cord. Find from the highest point of your blinds, and determine the best location for your center bracket. Set the bracket with the level to ensure it stays straight. Then, gently mark the position using the pencil.

Install blinds

Attach the valance clips on the top of wooden blinds before placing them. Be sure that the clips aren’t interfering with any mechanism at the top. Place the headrail in the brackets. Close the brackets at the end and ensure that they are in a secure place. Then, you can finish assembling the valance by attaching the smaller sides to the front piece. The valance should snap into clips first at the top, next at, bottom. The valance covers the headrail, giving your blinds a finished appearance. If you want, you can shut and open the blinds to ensure that they are safe.

How to hang blinds on vinyl windows: Tips

  • Hang the brackets in the proper position (inside mount, outside mount, or ceiling mounted). Make sure to place them in a manner that allows the screws to sink into wall studs. This is especially important for big, bulky windows blinds that weigh a lot. Note the locations of the holes for the brackets with a pencil. Make use of a tape measure if necessary to position the brackets properly. Utilize a drill for screwing the brackets into place.
  • Attach the clips for valances on the top rail before placing the blind on the brackets. After that, slide your blind’s headrail into brackets. Then, close the clips on retainers to hold your headrail in position.
  • Attach the hand-held wand to the tilting mechanism of louvers. The blind must close and open. Then, you can open and shut the louvres to make certain the blind functions correctly.
  • Pick a location to place the cord cleat. Connect the cord cleat to the wall using screws by using the drill. The blind cord wrap around the cleat for the cord to keep it clear of obstruction. Attach the valance to clips for valance to conceal the headrail.

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We are sure that you’ve taken into consideration this post on the best methods for hanging blinds on vinyl windows, installing blinds, and recommended methods in hanging blinds from windows made of vinyl, as well as other important aspects covered in the article.

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