How to Hang a Stained Glass Window: Steps to Hang Glass Windows


A stained-glass window could bring joy to your house. It is possible to install windows made of stained glass just like a regular window. This is why we will show the steps to hang the stained glass window. It is, however, difficult to carry the window with you in case you relocate. But, you can still place a stained-glass window as artwork. We know that the bigger your window is, the heavier it’ll be. This is because of the glass and the leads the window comprises. Hanging a huge window is feasible. However, it is important to ensure that your house and the window are secure. Stained glass windows of the past should not be viewed only in churches.

A few of the simpler designs, like stars, are suitable for the windows of a home to add a classy appearance. The art of the glass window is crucial in this case. Instead of installing an unfinished, stained glass window decorated with tiny crystals that make drawings, there is the option of installing windows with rectangular symmetrical rectangles in various shades to provide an eclectic look to the space.

How to Hang a Stained Glass Window

Step 1

The stained glass windows are set behind the glass window to let light through. You can mount them against an object on the wall or the ceiling for hanging inside an area. Hanging is a wonderful addition to your home. A suncatcher is a great addition to your window.

Step 2

If the window frame is steel, it likely has hooks for hanging. Yu’ll have to install a wooden frame or attach some hooks made of metal to the frame’s edge. If you have a wooden frame, bent hooks and roll hooks are a good choice, and both are hooks that are enclosed and connected to the frame using screws. You should use at the very least two stained glass hanging hooks – one at the bottom of each frame and one to each side. But, it’s also possible to utilize more. The more hooks you have, the better the frame’s weight. Use a ruler to ensure that you symmetrically place the hooks so that they hang evenly.

Step 3

It is possible to use a stud finder to tap on the walls or ceiling. In this way, you’ll hear a dull thud rather than the hollow echo from the drywall. The hooks must be installed for your window on strong studs to hold the window. For hooks to be attached to the wall, you’ll use the hooks for hanging your windows. It is important to make holes in the wall. Eye hooks that are heavy and strong are a good option. But, you can also make use of bent, rolled or bent hooks, or perhaps cup hooks. Make sure you use at least one hook with wires on each hook to spread the weight across many stiles. Bevelled glass windows are the best option.

Step 4

The eye hooks and cup hooks are turned to position while the bent and roll hooks are screwed in place. Displaying your stained glass wall isn’t as simple. But, a window made of the chain is often opened using the pliers and does not usually require cutting. It is important to get rid of all the extra window glass in certain situations.

Alternatives to stained glass

Don’t force yourself to replace your windows or consider the complicated installation if you love the stained glass windows design and design. You can instead consider options for stained glass. They’re a fantastic method to express the beauty of stained glass without making an unshakeable commitment. There are other stained glass options you can consider:

  • If you’ve seen stained glass labels and stained glass window film, they are both a reference to the same things. They are both fake window treatments that stick to your home’s windows and create a stained glass appearance.
  • If you choose this option, you could hang the stained glass work in the window. The alternative is to hang this on the floor to create artwork.
  • Instead of glass, it is possible to discover decorative pieces that look like stained glass but are made of resin. The same techniques are employed, and you’ll see these items appear like stained glass when you look through the options.
  • Many people prefer these little works of art. The suncatcher window hanging creates a sense of luxury in your home.

Advantages of the stained glass window

  • It adds colour or interest to existing windows.
  • Enhances the design of your house
  • Adds a splash of colour to the interior as well as the exterior of your house

Disadvantages of stained glass

The stained glass window can provide the privacy you desire and add some flair to your home’s decor. But, that does not mean that they’re the ideal option for every room.

There’s a line of distinction between having too many and decorating elegantly with them.

  • There are several negatives: Do not choose dark colours. There isn’t much light passing through them.
  • Can distort outdoor landscape views.
  • The pieces you choose can alter the environment in your home.
  • If you alter the form of your window, you’ll alter your home’s style.

How to keep clean stained glass window

Cleaning stained glass windows takes patience and empathetic touch. This is particularly applicable when it’s time to clean old stained glass windows. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when it’s time to wash the stained glass window:

  • Use distilled water along with a soft cloth for gentle cleaning.
  • If there is a residue, you can apply a cleaning solution that does not contain ammonia or vinegar.
  • Make sure the products you use for cleaning are pH neutral and non-abrasive.


There’s something unique about using the beautiful look of stained glass in your exterior and interior designs. Whether you pick stained glass windows with striking shades or clear glass, it’s an amazing method to add interest and a sense of history to your living space. Since some stained glass can be fragile and fragile, it is best to work with an experienced installer. If you are not a fan of installing stained glass, there are a variety of options.

They include stained glass window decorations and curtain curtains made of stained glass. Depending on the stained glass style you pick, prices will differ significantly. A lot of people choose to hang an old stained glass window. This adds a touch of class and class to your home. Stain glass on windows will add an individual touch to your house.

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