How to Hang a Speed Bag in Garage | An Ideal Guide for All Gym Lovers


Boxing is a great exercise, but you might not be able to commit to the gym to play the sport. It’s good news that you don’t need to. You can easily construct a gym for boxing on your own. The majority of boxing equipment, including speed bags and heavy bags, can be used for training at home. If you’re considering purchasing your own speed bag, continue going through. We’ll cover all you should be aware of when you want to hang a speed bag at home or in your garage.

What is a speed bag

Speed bags are small, lightweight punching bags that have been utilized by combatants for centuries to increase endurance and hand-eye coordination. Speed bags are available in gyms all over the globe in a variety of dimensions, shapes, materials, and hanging positions.

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How To Hang A Speed Bag In Your Garage

Things you’ll need to hang a speed bag

Before you start, ensure that you have the tools you need to hang a speed bag. Of course, there aren’t many tools you’ll need; however, you will need some essential things to hang a speed bag properly.

  • Marker or pen
  • Drill
  • Mount
  • Screwdriver
  • Bolts and screws
  • Wrench
  • Level


Wall mounts are mounted on the wall. Naturally, it is, but how do you utilize the speed bag? The other part of it can attach to the wall. The bar extends to allow the bag to be hung.


The name says it all. It is a mounting device that you can attach to the ceiling. If the ceiling in your home isn’t high enough, it’s an excellent mount that can ensure that your speed bag doesn’t strike any object.

Choosing the right mount 

A single of the crucial aspects of installing the speed bag in your garage will be the mounting. The mount is the one that the speed bag is hanging from. There are two kinds of mounts that you can choose from. Below is a brief description of each type and what distinguishes it from the other.

How to hang a speed bag in a garage

If you’ve got all the items you require, now is the time to hang up your speed bag! In the end, it’s a simple process that almost anyone can complete.

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How To Hang A Speed Bag In Your Garage

Find a good spot 

One of the most ideal places for hanging your fitness bags is your garage. It’s a place you can open up for intensive training sessions. Choose if you would like to hang it from the ceiling or if you would like to put your wall. No matter what you pick, be sure to choose an area that your speed bag can be hung at eye level.

Drill holes 

After you’ve found the perfect spot, now is the time to mark off the space that you’ll be placing the gazebo. Make sure to hold the mount on the surface that you’re attaching it to and identifying the locations that you’ll drill. When you’re done, ensure that your lines are straight. After you have your holes properly marked and level, you’ll be able to mark the holes for the screws.

Secure your mount 

The drilling and marking of holes will enable you to attach your mount. This is the part that sticks to a ceiling or wall and is attached to your speed bag for hanging. Most of the time, they are sold separately from the speed bag. Find the right amount, one that is strong and effective in dimension. This will ensure your speed bag will always be secure and in the right spot.

Hang the bag 

After your mount is secure and you’re now able to hang your speed bag. This is simple since there’s a hook inside the center of the mount that you can put the speed bag on. The bag you are using for punching also has hooks that attach to the connector of your mount. Once you’ve secured it, ensure that it’s straight and is at the eyes or nose.

Test it out 

Your speed bag might be in a limbo state, yet there’s another step to complete. You’re ready to test it and ensure that it’s safe enough and is at the right place. Throw a few test punches, and then observe the way it reacts. An adequately installed speed bag must fly towards the rear and then turn back towards the front. The swing should be fluid. If your balance is off, you need to go through the steps previously taken to find the root of the issue.

Benefits of hanging a speed bag in the garage 

The speed bag may be the most relaxed boxing apparatus. Suppose you’ve ever witnessed professional boxers in speed bag exercises. In that case, it’s incredible how quickly they can strike the ball with just one hand or with both. And that’s not even counting the many techniques and the constant sound it produces. Learn more on how to make workout sandbags.

Punching bag ceiling mount

Hand eye cooridination 

One of the most significant benefits you’ll begin to notice following the use of your speed bag will be the improvement in hand-eye coordination. To ensure that the bag is in motion, you need to establish a rhythm while striking the bag precisely and within the same spot to not create a spin or move off-course.

Injury-free training 

Compared to the workout with a heavy bag, the possibility of suffering an injury is significantly lower. A heavy-duty punching bag is a rigid surface. An improperly executed punch or inadequate hand protection could result in serious injuries. Because this bag is lightweight and light, you won’t suffer any injuries because it’s packed with air. Your fists might be red in spots or maybe a tiny bruise if you strike the bag with your hands alone; however, that’s not the most that you can suffer from the speed bag workouts. No risk at all.

Increased punching speed

The name itself suggests that the speed bag technique demands continuous motion. Although you can begin with a leisurely pace, one of your primary goals is to improve your speed as you work. You will notice your speed of punching increase while you shadowbox and when using your heavy bag. You can measure your punching speed using punch trackers provided by FightCamp. Find out your actual speed of punching with these tiny trackers placed in your wraps. Keep track of your progress and challenge yourself to increase your speed of punching.

Excellent home boxing equipment 

The speed bag platform does not cost a lot, and you can put it on any door frame. In addition, it doesn’t require as much space because it is suspended on the ceiling. The speed bag exercise will be “compatible” with other exercises such as strength or cardio sessions. Another benefit is that enhanced coordination can help you improve in other sports.


Speed bags are smaller and can move much faster than heavier bags which is why they are crucial to increasing your punching speed and precision. In addition, hitting the speed bag in the exact location almost every time will cause it to bounce between two places in a steady motion which allows you to punch it for extended lengths of time.

Shoulder & arm strenghten

Based on the height at which the bag is set and the bag’s height, you’ll be working various muscles. Maintaining your bag’s height at an eye-level can make you feel more relaxed; however, elevating the bag over the shoulder level will make you genuinely feel the pain in your shoulders. This will add to your arm and shoulder strength as time passes.

Get rid of stress

In addition to the physical speed bag’s benefits, it also helps eliminate daily stress. It is possible to turn off your brain in a flash as you’ll have nothing to think about on anything else but the bag.

Improver stamina

It is essential to keep active to maintain the bag moving and keep your hands up. As you begin, you’ll notice your muscles are moving differently. Through practice and routine, you’ll learn to keep pace with the bag more often, which will transfer to other aspects of boxing, such as heavier bags.

Mental focus

The repeated movement of the speed bag helps you stay focused on the work that is at hand. You’ll be in the groove once you have the grasp of it. So put on your headphones and discover your speed-bag rhythm.


Speed bags offer many advantages, from improved endurance to better coordination. In addition, installing the bag in your garage can be much more straightforward than you thought. If you can find a strong bag, mount it with the appropriate equipment, you’ll be able to get one up in just a few minutes.

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