How to Grow Stargazer Lilies in Pots | 10 Essential Steps for All Beginners


If you’re a nature lover, stunning flower arrangements for your garden and delicious scents include the Stargazer flower! The Stargazer Lily (Leucocrinum montanum) within the Liliaceae or lily family is an oriental variety of hybrid lily. It’s a stunning addition that will soon be the center of attention in your garden. It’s impossible to dislike the vibrant designs of nature. Up close to stargazer lily blooms. They are pointing toward the stars. Every gardener enjoys watching those initial little buds grow into full-grown flowers that spread their fragrance across the lawn. In this article, we will explain how to grow stargazer lilies in pots.

How to grow stargazer lilies in pots

It’s difficult to resist the stunning flowers of Stargazer Lilies if you find the plants in your neighborhood garden. They appear exotic, so you’d think they are challenging to maintain. However, this isn’t the reality as these stunning blooms are extremely simple to grow in pots. Follow our step-by-step instructions to grow stargazer lilies in pots.

Step 1

Generally, you can put your bulbs of lily within the pot for several years, so you need to pick a beautiful spot where you’re pleased with the display. Be sure that the pot is drained since the bulbs could decay if left in the water. It’s an excellent idea to place some loose gravel or fragments of broken terracotta on the inside of the container to help with drainage.

Step 2

Because these lilies will be growing and living inside your pots for quite a while, you must make sure you purchase the most delicate high-quality potting mix within your budget. You can also purchase mix potting mixes designed explicitly for bulbs. Make sure to choose a slightly acidic one since the lilies are like this. If you are making one yourself, you can try making a mixture of 1 part sand, 2 parts peat moss, and three soil or established compost components.

Step 3

Stargazer lily bulbs can be purchased as ‘cloves,’ just like garlic. If you look at the bulb, you’ll find the central bulb at the center and various smaller bulblets emerging out of the sides. Be careful not to cut off these bulbs, called baby bulbs, because they will take longer to bloom if planted in a separate location. So, it’s recommended to place the entire “clove” into the container. The’ baby’ bulbs will split off under the soil and create their own “cloves.” If the pot is big enough, you may be able to place a couple of bulbs into the pot.

The lily plant itself is upright and therefore isn’t a big problem to grow in. Additionally, they look better when put together. The bulbs should be planted about 4 inches below the soil’s surface inside the pot. Don’t worry when the rest of the potting mix you’ve added will cover the top of your’sprout’. The sprout will grow through the soil quickly enough.

Step 4

Stargazer Lilies are heavy feeders, so it’s recommended to add slow-release granules into the potting mix when you’ve planted your bulbs. It is possible to top up the fertilizer throughout the flowering season and in the spring following to provide your plants with a boost during the flowering season of summer.

Step 5

Once the bulbs are placed in their pots, you need to offer them a good watering. Like we said earlier, do not leave your pots in water for too long. They should be able to drain without difficulty. However, do not let them dry out, either. Make sure that the soil in the pots stays dry but not completely saturated. If you find it difficult to remember that you should water your plants, various slow-release watering tools are available to help keep the soil damp enough that your plants can flourish.

Step 6

The Stargazer lilies flower in the summer months, so it is prepared to enjoy a stunning display when the temperatures rise. At this time, it is crucial to ensure that your pots don’t dry out. Make sure to apply the water at the base of the plant so that it can reach the roots. Do not splash the water on the blooms since this could ruin them.

Step 7

After your lily blooms are done, you can take the blooms that have been discarded but keep your green leaves. Eliminating the flowers that are no longer in color is known as deadheading and must be done to prevent the development of seed pods. The remaining green leaves will continue to photosynthesize, and this will provide nutrients to the bulbs so that they are ready for the next season’s flowers. Make sure to water even after the flowers have finished.

Step 8

When the foliage begins to turn brown, it’s time to remove the plant as it’s no more in a position to photosynthesize. Then, you can move the pots into some more quiet spots in your garden where they’ll remain for the winter. During this time, be sure you maintain the soil’s moisture but not dampness. The pots shouldn’t be allowed to dry completely.

Step 9

As Spring approaches, the time is now to take your pots of lilies back and put them in a higher-profile place within your yard. Lilies thrive in full sun or semi-shade. Add a second dose of fertilizer that slowly releases into the growth medium, and watch until the very first seeds begin to emerge.

Step 10

When your stargazer’s lilies are happily blooming in the same container for two or three years, it’s time to separate them and plant them in a new pot. This should be done in the springtime. Take the bulbs from the pot with care, taking out a small amount of soil first. After that, you can carefully scrub any dirt accumulated surrounding the bulb. Once you’ve done this, you can cut the individual “cloves” and then put them back into one pot. This is also a wonderful moment to refresh your potter’s mix. If you try this, you’ll discover that there are extra bulbs since the lilies grow they are in the soil. You can plant them in another pot, the correct location in your garden, or offer them to someone else.

Stargazer oriental lily plant details

The stunning and delicate Stargazer flower is a hybridized variety of the famed Japanese wild-red Liliumcompared with the well-known Asiatic Lily, which includes a variety of Lilium species as their background. The plant is famous for its beautiful color, stunning white edges of the flowers (a naturally emphasized feature) and sturdy and robust stems. The most intriguing thing is the lovely flowers of Stargazer Lilies are upward-facing, unlike other varieties of lilies. Stargazer lilies that fall under the genus Lilium can only be used to prove that it is natural flowers, not daylilies or water lilies.

Other realistic Lilies examples include the orange tiger flowers, Easter lily, Turk cap lily (Lilium superbum), pink stargazer lilies, etc. The plants are all derived from bulbs, and they have flowers colored (petals) shades of light pink, deep pink, and even red. The blooms are also available in various forms and dimensions. Combining these characteristics makes hybrid oriental lilies such as the stargazer extremely attractive with their stunning display in the garden or as a bouquet cut flowers. Lilies are now grown simpler than in the past, and maintaining hybrid lilies such as the stargazer is also a lot easier.

How to take care of stargazing lily

All plants require some attention for good results, and Stargazer bulb lily plants are no other.

  • Fertilize stargazer the lilies at least once per month, starting in the spring and continuing until they have finished blooming.
  • If you are using a slow-release controlled-release fertilizer or compost, or a liquid plant fertilizer, ensure you use the correct amount and follow the guidelines.
  • Deadhead every flower after flowering to encourage blooms in the coming season.
  • Like most bulb plants, you should not take the leaves off until they become brown. When they turn brown, remove them.
  • Lilies need to be watered in a way that keeps the soil damp. Do Not Overwater! Overwatering the soil causes it to become soggy and can cause bulbs to rot.
  • When Stargazer Lilies flower (Casa Blanca is a well-known species), the top of the plant is weighty and could stretch. Support the plant if you need it with bamboo stakes or wood. Staking can help the blooms appear.

How to grow stargazer lilies in pots: Things keep in mind

  • The pollens of the Star Lily flower can cause stains on clothes, skin, clothing and everything else they touch.
  • If you create a Stargazers flower arrangement, display the bouquet in a vase. Getting rid of the pollen can prolong the life of the flower.
  • Stargazer lilies can be poisonous to cats. Keep them far apart.
  • The Stargazer Lilies are attracted by beetles and can cause damage to the plant. Take them off if you notice some on the plants.
  • Stargazer Lilies draw lots of butterflies and Hummingbirds.
  • Be on the lookout for insects and control any aphids that are infested.


Stargazer lilies offer a beautiful display of huge, dazzling blooms with a heady, fragrant scent. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to grow them by following our advice on how to grow stargazer lilies in pots. Ensure they are maintained but don’t let them be submerged in water because this could cause the bulbs to turn brown. They’ll thrive in a sunny area; however, they’ll thrive in a dappled shade.

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