How to Get Rid of Hiccups For Kids | An Uncomplicated Master Guide


Both kids and adults often experience hiccups. Although it might not seem like a significant problem for adults, it is essential for kids. Hiccups don’t usually last long but can be annoying for kids because they often occur without warning. There are simple ways to stop them, so there is not much to be concerned about. We have some proven remedies on how to get rid of hiccups for kids and we will discuss these remedies in this article. It’s essential to understand why they occur before we get to the easy and safe ways to eliminate hiccups in kids.

What are hiccups?

Hiccups can be funny and happen. I don’t know why. This was my best explanation for hiccups after I did some research on the topic. Hiccups can be described as involuntary contractions in the diaphragm, which is the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen and plays an essential part in breathing. Every contraction is followed by a sudden closing of your vocal cords, which creates the distinctive “hic” sound. I didn’t know why they were called hiccups until I read the description. But you end up making the “hic” sound over and over.

What causes hiccups in kids? 

Hiccups can occur at any time, without warning. But what is the cause? The diaphragm causes it. This muscle is located between our chests and our abdomen and regulates our breathing. Sometimes, however, the diaphragm can become irritated and cause involuntary contractions, spasms, or hiccups. These spasms can occur for many reasons. Eating too fast or too many calories is a common reason. Hiccups can also be caused by sudden changes in temperature, both internal and external. Too much excitement is a common cause for kids. It is possible to teach your kids some simple habits that will help you avoid hiccups. This includes slow eating and drinking, as well as chewing well before swallowing. Hiccups usually stop as quickly as they occur and disappear within minutes. If you have kids, it may be helpful to know a few ways to get rid of hiccups for kids.

How to get rid of hiccups for kids

There are a few proven remedies to get rid of hiccups for kids. These are some possible remedies for hiccups that your kids may experience if they have them often. These remedies may not make your kids’ symptoms go away completely, but they can distract your kids for a while, so they aren’t as frequent. However, if your kids’ hiccups persist for more than three hours or if you notice other symptoms such as vomiting, difficulty sleeping, or fever, it is worth making an appointment with your pediatrician.

Take a deep breath and hold it 

Have a deep breath and let it go for about 15-30 seconds. If it doesn’t work, wait a moment and try again. You might get dizzy if he does this. Make sure he is sitting down on the couch.

Take a teaspoonful of sugar

This remedy works by causing sugar to irritate your esophagus slightly. The brain then receives a message telling it that something is more important. This message causes the diaphragm to relax and the hiccups to disappear. You can do this with a toddler but not an infant. If your kids are experiencing hiccups or have a severe case, you can try placing some sugar under their tongues. Also, you can dip the kids’ Pacifier in sugar before placing it in their mouth.

Use some breathing techniques

Some people hold their breath for as long as possible and repeat the process until the hiccups stop. Some people slow down their breathing by inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five. If your kids are experiencing dizziness, it’s a good idea to have them sit down while you practice these breathing techniques.

Breathe into a paper bag 

Your kids should steady their breathing by slowly inhaling into the bag and then exhaling out ten to fifteen times. You can also have your kids do this while sitting to avoid dizziness.

Let the hiccups go away

Holding your kids upright and gently rubbing his back if they are hiccupping a lot is an option. Move your hand upwards from the base of your neck towards the back of your kids’ heads. This upward motion can relax the muscles of your kids and help with hiccups.

Offer them tea

Kids can drink chamomile, peppermint, and fennel teas. They also help to relax muscles that can cause hiccups. You can give your kids a teaspoon to help them drink tea. You will want to ensure that the tea is not too hot for your kids.

Herbal teas 

Peppermint, chamomile, and fennel are great for relieving the annoying hiccups caused by muscle spasms. These herbs are completely safe for kids, and tea made with them is highly effective in reducing hiccups.

Tickle method 

Sometimes, all that is needed to stop your kids from having hiccups in their minds is to get them off of them. One of the best ways to do this is by tickling your kids! They will be able to shift their attention from the hiccups by being surprised. You must stop tickling your kids if they tell you so.

Change your kids’ bottle nibble

Hiccups may occur when infants drink too fast, as they are more likely to swallow too many airs. You can slow down the rate of your kid’s drinking milk by switching to bottle napkins with smaller openings if you bottle-feed.

Get them to drink water

Hiccups can be relieved by giving your kids water in a cup or kid’s bottle. Drinking the liquid should stimulate vagus nerves, which run from the brain to the stomach and through the face and thorax. The brain sends a signal to the vagus nerve when it is stimulated.

Kneel to your chest

For a few minutes, please have your kids bend forward and bring their knees towards their chest. This will put pressure on your diaphragm and can help to relieve spasms.

Avoid carbonated beverages 

Although this is more than a treatment, it is worth noting. Some people experience hiccups from carbonated drinks. It’s best to avoid carbonated drinks if your kids are experiencing hiccups. Even if your kids do not have hiccups, it is best to limit carbonated beverages like soda.

It can be turned into a tickle time

It’s been said that scaring someone can make their hiccups disappear. You can tickle them, but it doesn’t traumatize them. Massaging your kids can help to calm their minds and get them to stop with their hiccups. Don’t torture your kids. When they ask you to stop, don’t they?

Keep the temperatures under control

Hot drinks followed by cool beverages can cause stomach upsets. Keep beverages at a constant temperature to prevent this from happening. If you give your kids warm milk, then change to cold water, ensure that the water is not too hard.

Keep your tongue out and pull gently

We tell kids not to stick their tongues out. However, if your kids are experiencing hiccups, they can gently pull at their language with their hands. It stimulates muscles and nerves in your throat and signals to the brain that it should relax other parts of the body, such as the diaphragm.

Things you must avoid to get rid of hiccups

Kids can use many other remedies to stop hiccups. Some of these remedies can prove to be risky for kids and should therefore be avoided.

Drinking water upside down 

Many people agree that hiccups can be stopped by having your child drink water while they bend over on their hips. This may be true. However, we can’t recommend it due to the risks. Your kid is more likely to choke if they drink upside down.

Scaring the kid’s

Giving kids fear is another way to stop hiccups. Although this may work as the kids might not be as focused on their hiccups after the sudden scare, it is essential to ensure they don’t become traumatized. Kids are more sensitive than adults and can find even small scares frightening. Surprising them is a better option since it can shift their focus without star tingle them.


Now you’re aware of how to get rid of hiccups for kids and also what to do and not do if your child starts hiccupping after eating. Although hiccupping episodes usually last for a few seconds, they can sometimes be more severe. To be specific, you should consult a doctor in such instances. We hope you found this article helpful in answering your questions about hiccups and the remedies. You can give your child any of the above remedies to get rid of stubborn hiccups.

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