How to Get Rid of Crickets in Basement – Apply Those 9 Tricky Methods


Crickets are giant insects that can attain as much as one 1-centimeter diameter. They’re colored in a range of yellow and brown and can be identified by their distinctively large bent hind legs and black markings at their head. Crickets can be annoying and loud creatures that invade dark and humid areas in your basement. They are filthy; however, they are a nuisance to your sleep by chirping. This article will show you how to get rid of crickets in basement.

What are house crickets?

There are over nine hundred distinct cricket species, but those likely to make a home at your residence are identified as Acheta Domesticus (Linnaeus). They are widespread throughout the US, especially to the east and west of the Rocky Mountains. People who keep the likes of lizards and snakes may purchase crickets in the home to feed their pets. This kind of cricket is also consumed by humans worldwide for its low-cost source of protein. During warmer weather, house crickets are content outside, consuming rubbish, plants and bugs. When the temperatures fall, they could relocate indoors and prefer warm, humid conditions where they can stay for the duration of time. If crickets in the house reside in your home, carpets and clothing are at risk; the pests love silk, wool, silk and synthetics. Items soiled with sweat are particularly delicious for crickets in the house.

How to get rid of crickets in basement

The last thing you’d like to do after a tiring and long day is to curl up in bed only to wake up by crickets chirping within your home. It’s no surprise that crickets in your basement are very problematic. You have to take care of this as soon as you can, as they’ll keep disturbing you in the middle of the night. Fortunately, get rid of crickets in basement shouldn’t be a significant issue. Crickets aren’t usually harmful insects, and you shouldn’t need to be concerned about them.

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Get in touch with an exterminator

The best and most secure choice is to contact an exterminator at your location. Call an exterminator company and let them manage the problem of crickets for you. They’ll install bait traps and help you eliminate the problem in days. They will also wholly fumigate the basement to ensure that other bugs are eradicated. Crickets are known to hide in difficult-to-reach areas, so it’s likely to be challenging to eradicate them immediately. However, if you contact an exterminator for your home, they’ll take care of everything on their own. When the exterminator completes an inspection of the issue, they’ll provide an estimate for fumigation.

Homemade cricket bait

There are other ways you can try to eliminate crickets residing in your home. One of the most effective ways you could employ is to create a homemade cricket bat and then capture these tiny crickets on your own. It is perfect for luring crickets to hide in corners, nooks, and crevices. It’s also highly efficient. First, grab the molasses and put them in a shallow dish. When you’re finished, it is necessary to fill the bowl to a minimum with water. Then, simply place it in your basement in a place where you can be sure that there is a cricket population. Remember that crickets are fond of the smell of molasses, and they’ll dive into the bowl without giving it a second thought whenever they smell it.

It is necessary to empty the bowl frequently, And before you realize it, all crickets will be removed from your home. In addition, you can also buy cricket chemicals from your local hardware store. This is an effective solution for people who don’t wish to take on the task of making the bait by themselves. It is recommended to purchase the cricket bait chemically and then put it in the bowl. This is the most basic method used to capture crickets. But, if you’re using chemical bait, you have to ensure that your family members don’t get close to the bowl.

Installing traps

Another efficient method you can employ to rid yourself of crickets that have settled in your basement is to install traps. The sticky glue traps are a good option that is generally seen as non-toxic to catch these bugs. They are typically the first choice for those who aren’t keen on using insecticides. You can purchase the traps at any local hardware store and simply put them in trouble spots like the corners of basements. Make sure to protect open paths like doorways or the walls and windows. All of these are frequently utilized by crickets.

The entrances of insects are generally situated nearer to heat and moisture heat. Therefore, you must ensure that the trap areas are near the temperature as possible. You should keep away from the traps for a time so that the crickets have enough room to move about and not get trapped. Once encased within the glue, you can remove them and clean out the traps before setting them back up. Remember that glue traps are usually viewed as a slow method to eliminate crickets. It is recommended to allow some time so that the traps can do to their full potential and capture all the crickets.

Applying to spray

Crickets are similar to ordinary insects, so most insecticides generally work like magic on them. There are many effective insecticides on the market that you could apply to rid your home of crickets that are infesting home. You can choose to use an all-purpose insect spray or pick one made to get rid of crickets in basement. It is essential to apply the spray with care along windowsills, around the corners, and in other areas where you may have observed the growth of the pest.

It also recommends that you wear a face mask when you apply these sprays as they’re laden with harmful substances and poisonous chemicals that can cause many issues. It’s recommended to use appropriate precautions when handling hazardous chemicals.

Eliminating the eggs

The removal of cricket eggs is an essential aspect of the cleanup process. If the crickets discover the perfect spot in which they can hide and hide, it will not be time before they begin to lay eggs in corners or other protected areas. If this occurs, it is imperative to act as fast as possible. Crickets typically produce many eggs, and it’s going to be a while until the entire population is beyond control. You must be proactive before this happens. Eliminating the cricket eggs isn’t a big deal. It is essential to purchasing an air cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter assists in filtering the air. It also boosts the vacuum’s performance and allows it to take all the eggs quickly off the ground. It is essential to ensure that you dispose of everything in the vacuum machine by covering them inside a bag before throwing them away into the garbage bin. Be sure not to spill the contents as you transfer them. Also, wash your vacuum as well as you can before putting it back into the vacuum cleaner.

Another method to eliminate eggs from crickets is spraying for bugs. The majority of sprays contain chemicals that can kill eggs as well. The eggs of crickets are usually laid on the trim and baseboards, so you need to ensure that you spray these areas in a straight line. It’s the best method to eliminate cricket eggs.

Eliminating the nesting areas

Crickets usually enter your home through tiny gaps in walls or windows. First, you must close off all entry points. If you don’t seal them off, the crickets will keep going. The most efficient method to prevent a problem with crickets is to secure your property to avoid tiny bugs from getting into your home from the beginning. You should first conduct an extensive inspection of the property to accomplish this. You must be attentively looking for areas, such as tiny gaps where crickets may be able to enter.

As they are within your basement space, you may need to begin by looking at the tiny windows at the highest point. There may be tiny gaps in the windows that could let the crickets get in. If there’s a hole in the wall and you want to close it, you must complete it immediately. Small crevices within walls can be a significant issue as insects can quickly get into the walls. In addition, If there are doors through which crickets could be entering the home, you can purchase an attachment that could be placed under the door.

The crickets are prevented from getting in through the door. This also protects your basement from the elements. Another potential entry point is the vent that leads toward the basement. In general, it is recommended that homeowners make sure that they have screens installed on all vents throughout the house. This prevents the frightened insects from getting through the vents and stops rodents from calling these vents residences.

Seal your trash

Crickets generally are attracted by particular objects, and your garbage is among the things that attract them. The smell of waste is basically food for these insects, and if you place the trash bins in your yard, you’re effectively offering crickets an opportunity to visit. This shouldn’t be a problem since You should make it a habit to seal the trash before throwing it into the bin. Be sure to tie the plastic bags before deciding to place your container.

Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the bins are fitted with lids that are permanently sealed. It is not a good idea to let these crickets make their way inside your garbage bins. From there, it’s just an easy walk to your home!

Get rid of the vegetation

When did you last properly cut your lawn? Crickets love building their homes on tall grass and generally prefer to hide in the foliage. This will become apparent when you hear the chirping sound coming from your garden. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint precisely where the sound is coming from. It’s the sound of crickets chirping to their friends. To make sure that your garden isn’t overrun by crickets, it is essential to do regular landscaping.

In the ideal scenario, it shouldn’t be an issue. You can simply use the lawnmowers to trim the excess grass on your property and then trim the hedges and trees. It’s crucial not just for keeping your crickets away; however, it is also essential for maintaining your garden. Also, you must be sure to eliminate any wood or compost piles.

If there’s an obstruction in your drainage system or gutters caused by excessive amounts of leaves, it is necessary to get rid of the leaves. These are the areas where crickets can construct their homes, so it is essential to ensure that all these locations are taken care of.

Turn off bright lights

Like bugs, insects like crickets are attracted by bright lighting. If you’ve got bright, white lights throughout your home, you may be looking to eliminate these lights. If you prefer to turn off the lights all night long in your house, You might want to reconsider that. The pesky insects are attracted by light, and you must ensure that the area is as unattractive to insects as possible. Using warm light sources that are green is generally a good option.


Making sure your basement is clean and dry is the most effective way to keep crickets at bay. Close off the area to block crickets out. If you follow the above steps you will be able to get rid of crickets in basement, the basement will soon become a cozy and comfortable space within your home.

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