How to Get Rid Of Air Fryer’S Plastic Smell: 5 Unique Methods to Apply


Do you want to know how to get rid of air fryer’S plastic smell? Air fryers are useful appliances loved by everyone because we all love eating greasy and fried food that smells wonderful and tastes delicious. However, we are also concerned about our health and are cautious about the oils and fats used in these recipes. This is a small device that helps mimic the effect of deep-frying but without using oil, and instead utilizes hot air to allow the user to enjoy food without worry. They are proficient at preparing frozen meals designed to be deep-fried, including chicken, french fries, and a myriad of delicious foods. If you’ve recently bought an air fryer and have begun using it, you might notice a strong smell coming from the appliance.

That’s how plastic smells. Everyone loves the smell that food has in its original condition. Nobody would like any other scent or smell, particularly plastic, to impede it. Perhaps you are wondering why your new gadget is acting in this manner. Don’t worry. It is a typical issue, and we’re here to help you resolve the issue. Read this article further to learn how to get rid of air fryer’S plastic smell.

Why does a new air fryer smell like plastic

The first thing to be aware of about the air fryer is that it’s been constructed using plastic. This is because they’re inexpensive and simple to make. However, there’s nothing negative about them as such insofar as they don’t come in contact with liquids or food items. If they do, the situation could be very dangerous very quickly. If you purchase a brand modern air fryer, it’s likely to include some guidelines regarding what it can be used for. This is a crucial issue that needs to be answered as we need to understand what’s creating the issue in the beginning. There are many reasons behind this, but the primary of which is that air fryers are coated with an anti-corrosive coating.

When you first begin using the air fryer, this coating is exposed to extremely high temperatures, causing it to melt and produce an odor of plastic. After a couple of times, the plastic will usually burn completely, and you should not be able to smell any burning. It can continue to burn for a prolonged period. This is mostly an outcome of the fumes trapped within the nooks and crannies. When you use an air fryer, the smells are activated, which continues for a while and creates the smell. Metal air fryers don’t suffer from these issues because they don’t have enough plastic. It is important to realize that the smell of your air fryer does not need to be the case with all air fryers. In addition to the smell of plastic, your air fryer can emit a bad smell in your kitchen.

Another reason why your air fryer is smelling

While an air fryer may emit a smell of burned plastic, it’s not the only odor it releases. There may also be other unpleasant odors coming from your kitchen because of using an air fryer. Many air fryers have an element that is mounted on top of the cooker that gathers food particles and releases an odor that burns as time passes. If you don’t properly wash the air fryer every day, you’ll end up with a foul smell, which is bad for your overall health. This is a significant cause of concern for people who utilize an air fryer because of the unpleasant odor. If dirt builds up on the exterior inside the oven, it could be the reason for the unpleasant smell it releases.

How to get rid of air fryer’S plastic smell

There are numerous ways to get rid of air fryer’s plastic smell. It is recommended to try each option until you have what works best for you. Certain methods work better than others, based on the type of air fryer that you have. For instance, metal-air fryers tend to emit less smoke when compared to those made of plastic. But, even though they emit lower levels of smoke, they emit a smoky smell. Contrarily plastic air fryers typically emit more smoke but have fewer scents. It is important to know the solutions once we understand the root of the problem. Let’s have a look at some possible solutions to this thorny problem.

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Method 1

First, take off the plastic cover from the air fryer you just bought. This could suffice to get rid of the unpleasant smells. If it doesn’t happen first, it could require a few runs before the issue is solved. The pan, grill and basket are all washable components of the air-fryer. After about fifteen minutes, soak the items in hot water using detergent or soap in a tub or sink. Utilize a soft sponge and gently scrub these parts using the same sponge to wash the interior and outside of your air fryer. After drying thoroughly and you’re now ready to use the air fryer. This method can be employed when you’re getting ready to use your air fryer for the first time. This technique is also a good option if your air fryer begins to smell foul after many use.

Method 2

If the method mentioned above fails, you may try another technique that can eliminate and remove the unpleasant smell. Find a safe dish for air fryers and fill it up with lemon juice and vinegar. Put this mixture into the air fryer, and switch it on. Cook for about two hours in an air fryer. If the smell doesn’t disappear entirely, you can repeat the procedure. If you’re looking to permanently eliminate the smell of burned plastic, you can apply these techniques.

Method 3

If you’re looking to clean it up properly, use a strong dishwashing soap with high cleaning power to rid the grime off the tray and basket. The basket in your air-fryer must be cleaned completely before letting it dry. To eliminate the unpleasant smells:

  • Turn on the air fryer and place the tray and dry basket inside.
  • Set the temperature to 350-400 degrees, and cook for about 40 minutes with any food.
  • Let the air fryer cool for 10 to 15 minutes after you’re done. You can repeat the process 3-4 times if you want to eliminate the smoke.

Method 4

If you’ve already completed your second stage, now is the time to spray your grease separator and the basket tray using cooking oils. Grab a towel and regular cooking oil. Cover the basket and the separator tray using the towel submerged within. Switch on the air fryer with the desired temperature at 350-400°F for at least 10 minutes. Let the air fryer cool for 10 minutes following the initial 10 minutes.

Clean it up once it’s been cooled. Then, put it back inside and repeat the procedure. After taking the basket out, clean the oil from it using any dishwasher. It’s crucial to remember that you should not apply any type of spray oil as it could harm the anti-stick coating.

Method 5

Place 1 tablespoon of distilled vinegar and 1 tablespoon of lime juice into an oven-safe dish. Mix to combine, then place it in the basket of an air fryer. Switch on your air fryer, and adjust the heat to 350-400 degrees. Cook for 3 minutes, and then allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes while the dish is inside. This assists with the vinegar and lime coating inside the basket and taking in all the smells. Then, clean the basket.

If you’ve followed the directions below, I’m sure you’ll not smell like the burning smell of plastic when you use the air fryer. Take these steps every day and, every month, at a minimum, make sure you take a vinegar or lime water bath. I would suggest you clean your kitchen thoroughly before every cooking session.

How to get rid of air fryer’S plastic smell: Tips

  • This is a great trick to help ensure that your air fryer is tidy and tidy, as well as your basket’s anti-stick coating lasts you for longer. Aluminum foil can be used, and wrap it around the bottom of your basket to absorb all of the grease, cheese melts, and other items in the aluminum foil. You can turn your foil into a tray and stick the handles out, making it easier to grab it.
  • If you’re looking for more cooked and delicious food, particularly when cooking steaks or chicken breasts. I would suggest that you heat the air fryer operating before cooking. It should be running at the temperature you want for five minutes before putting your food in. Try this and be amazed at the outcomes. It also makes it easier to cook food quicker and more thoroughly.


Air fryers are fantastic tools for people who like fried food but don’t have access to conventional deep fat fryers or other kitchen appliances. An air fryer can greatly benefit due to its small dimensions and expansive cooking capabilities. Air fryers are perfect for small apartments or campsites with a power source, a vehicle equipped with an inverter, or even on the streets inside an RV.

I hope you enjoy and gain something from this blog. There are billions of air fryers available and many recipes that range from healthy chicken wings to crispy oil fries and many more. With all these fantastic options, there’s a bit of maintenance that needs to be taken care of. If you take care to maintain the air fryer properly initially, it will be able to serve you well for many years.

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